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Ken Blackwell Closes the Gap in the Race for Ohio Governor

Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell is a good man. He's honest, capable, ethical, and a real conservative, so he supports tax cuts and a business friendly environment. Recently he's trailed his Democrat opponent Ted Strickland by double digits, but according to Zogby, Secretary State Blackwell has surged and is now closing the gap with only 7.5 points between him and his opponent.

If you live in Ohio, vote for Ken Blackwell for governor.

Rudy Giuliani also has an ad supporting Ken Blackwell.

Here's a reminder of why you should vote for Blackwell rather than for Strickland:

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As the ad says, Strickland ... (Below threshold)

As the ad says, Strickland doesn't measure up to the office.

Plus, we all know what they say about the measurements of black men.

Moby alert.... (Below threshold)

Moby alert.

Definitely a good man. The ... (Below threshold)

Definitely a good man. The way his campaign, with Hannity, implied that his opponent was gay definitely what this country needs in it's elected officials. All class!

Blackwell is a classic Repu... (Below threshold)

Blackwell is a classic Republican sleeze-ball, according to this report:

Will Ken Blackwell find the ways to steal Ohio 2006 as he did in 2004?

The man who stole Ohio for George W. Bush in 2004 is now trying to steal it for himself in 2006. The question is: who will stop him, and will he also affect the balance of power in the U.S. Congress?

As election day approaches, Blackwell's dirty tricks sink ever deeper.

Blackwell is now using "push polls" made infamous by Karl Rove. True to form, child molestation charges are front and center. He has also escalated the mass disenfranchisement of Ohio voters, trashing the ballots of some ten percent of absentee voters. He has eliminated the state-wide ballot initiative meant to save workers rights and wages. He's even tried to strike the Democratic gubernatorial nominee from the ballot altogether. All of which could affect not only his race for governor, but key U.S. Senate and House races as well.

Blackwell is using Rove's notoriously deceptive push poll device to spread an unsubstantiated smear against his Democratic gubernatorial opponent, Ted Strickland. Push polls were rendered infamous when Rove used them in South Carolina to falsely suggest that Senator John McCain had fathered a mixed-race child. Often the impact of push polls is magnified by callers to talk shows that spread additional street rumors, as in the lie that McCain impregnated a black hooker. The reality in McCain's case: he had adopted a child from one of Mother Teresa's orphanages and prominently displayed her in his campaign literature.

In Strickland's case, the Free Press has obtained a statement from Barbara Mooney of Fremont, Ohio describing in detail the phone call she received from the Blackwell for Governor campaign. On October 23, Mooney picked up the phone and heard: "This is a 45-second survey. Please answer yes or no."

Then came: "If you knew Ted Strickland had hired a child molester would you still vote for him?"

The electronic voice continued: "Are you going to vote for Ted Strickland?" and "Are you going to vote for Ken Blackwell?"

Mooney answered yes for Strickland, so the next question was "Are you black or white?" followed by "If you knew Ted Strickland had hired a child molester who had gone on to a playground and exposed himself to them, would you vote for him?"

A yes answer prompted: "Are you a Democrat?" and "Are you a Republican?"

The push poll then asked: "How old are you?" and "Are you male or female?"

The push poll then ended, identifying the Blackwell campaign as the party responsible for the "survey."

jp,Is Strickland r... (Below threshold)


Is Strickland really gay? Could you provide a link to the story? This could affect the election!

Please note: Lee does not ... (Below threshold)

Please note: Lee does not give the source for the story. My guess is the Daily Kim Jong-Il.

Two words....Tom Noe... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

Two words....Tom Noe
I could care less about moonbat conspiracy theories on the 2004 election...what is obvious is his support from and for Noe...(prior to Noe's guilty thing)...
Along with Taft..Blackwell was arm and arm with Noe..
That Blackwell is behind at all in Ohio shows that maybe they know something us out of staters don't know..

Please note: Lee does no... (Below threshold)

Please note: Lee does not give the source for the story.

The first sentence of the story was a link to its source. Anything else?






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