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Quote Of The Day - Kerry's Coattails Edition

"I guess Kerry wasn't content blowing 2004, now he wants to blow 2006, too."

Unnamed Democratic Congressman, commenting to ABC News on John Kerry's "botched joke."

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It's kinda like wa... (Below threshold)

It's kinda like watching that film clip of the Hindenburg going down in flames.

Everyone should ask the Dem... (Below threshold)

Everyone should ask the Democratic nominee in his or her district for an opinion on the comments of the man who was the party's standard-bearer just two years ago.

Democratic Rep. Chet Edwards has not responded to my request for a comment on Kerry's comments. His seat is being sought by Republican Van Taylor.

No surprise there diffus. ... (Below threshold)

No surprise there diffus. My 2 Democrat Senators NEVER respond to me. One of them (Feingold) missed my appointment.... He was out of state - but didn't have the time to have his staff person call and postpone. I NEVER did get to see him. Just another typical inept liberal.

They only SAY what gives them the most votes - but then do ANYTHING they want.

Hanoi John did not make a j... (Below threshold)

Hanoi John did not make a joke, Hanoi John is a joke. First the slandered the Vietnam with a host of lies and now he's slandered every person in the military and their families.
He should not apologize, he should resign and move to France where stupidity is normal and popular.

Make that 'Vietnam Vets' I'... (Below threshold)

Make that 'Vietnam Vets' I'm so P.O.d I can't think. After spending the past seven hours on standby at the local fire department it makes me wonder if there are many Americans worth saving from a house fire or vehicle crash. Can we brand a 'D' or an 'S' for stupid on their forehead so we can ignore all of those over 18 years of age?

Man, ya just gotta admit it... (Below threshold)

Man, ya just gotta admit it: that Karl Rove guy is good.

Reeeeaal good.


Yes, it was a master stroke... (Below threshold)

Yes, it was a master stroke when Karl got Kerry on the payroll.
I still say they aren't paying him enough though.






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