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I think just about everyone else has commented on Kerry's crazy comment but me. I have been busy with a school Halloween party today and trick-or-treating tonight and have yet to get my sugar-filled kids to sleep. I don't know what else can be said, really, but I did want to share my husband's reaction. He is a Marine Corps vet. When I repeated what John Kerry said about those who don't study hard and smart being sent to Iraq, he just stared at me in dead silence with a look of disbelief. He was momentarily speechless. Then he said a few things, which I won't share here. The silence and disbelief is what I remember most though. I am still trying to believe Kerry said it myself. And it is even harder to believe his refusal to apologize. If it were true that those who were not so smart were the ones being sent to Iraq, John Kerry would probably be on his third tour there by now.

Update: Josh Manchester, also a Marine vet, has an interesting post about a family that received a call of condolence from Kerry for their son's death the day before he made the now infamous statement. They think he needs to do more than apologize.

Update II: Thanks to New England Republican for plucking their "quote of the day" from this post.

Update III: Blackfive reminds us why John Kerry is still an "asshat."


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Comments (56)

After about 24 hours, the K... (Below threshold)

After about 24 hours, the Kerry folks managed to come up with the very lame excuse that Kerry left an "us" out of a joke that was already lame in itself ("get stuck in Iraq" versus "get US stuck in Iraq.")

If it had just been a matter of leaving out one word from his speech, they could have just looked at the script and found the correct word. Instead, they spent hours trying to figure out how to ass-cover, then worked out a bad bit of editing to pretend that Kerry meant to say something other than what he actually said.

Semper Fi to your hu... (Below threshold)

Semper Fi to your husband, Lorie (as one former Jarhead to another).

My wife's reaction last night was much like your husband's. After I heard the quote I called her into the room and she was also SPEECHLESS.

She then made me play it again to make sure she heard it right!!

I still shudder when I think how close this back-stabbing moron was to the Presidency!

Please. He was clearly mea... (Below threshold)

Please. He was clearly meant to say us. His entire speech was insulting the President, and he was trying to reiterate what an ass dumb shitbag our Moron in Chief is. Now, having said that, he should have apologized immediately for what he said.

seamus: "He was clearly mea... (Below threshold)

seamus: "He was clearly meant to say us."

seamus, I am Nigerian banker...I need you send me your bank account numbers and some blank checks...it is deal of lifetime. Please respond by return email. You are so smart.

"what an ass dumb shitbag o... (Below threshold)

"what an ass dumb shitbag our Moron in Chief is."

Lee...? is that you?...

Kerry, what an asshole.... (Below threshold)

Kerry, what an asshole.

If he was "clearly meant to... (Below threshold)

If he was "clearly meant to say 'us'", then why did he not correct himself when called on it? Why did he even go on to say that he stands by his comment and would apologize to no one?

If this were a one-off occurence, it might be given the benefit of the doubt. But it's not. Kerry has a history of bashing the troops time and time again, and this is just another example of his true "colors" being shown.

Just like the Mel Gibson episode - except Kerry cannot blame alcohol for his idiotic comments.

unless you are a relative o... (Below threshold)

unless you are a relative of someone serving in the military..lets not go overboard here. Im not in the least offended by Kerry's latest becuase I dont allow myself to be offended by muttering asses. That is exactly what Kerry is, an elitist muttering liberal ass. He and his pathetic party are getting what they deserve

A real man would have apolo... (Below threshold)

A real man would have apologized. He didn't.

In his press conference today for his non-apology, he ended up losing like the sore loser he is and the loser he was in 2004. He feels that he has a divine right to be President some day, but I think he shut the door on that possibility today. Of course, the Dems might just be dumb enough to nominate him again. You just never know.

unless you are a relativ... (Below threshold)

unless you are a relative of someone serving in the military

A lot of us are, or (more to the point) are ex-military or current military.

I've found the original comment Kerry was going to make, by the way:

"You know, education, if you make the most of it, if you study hard and you do your homework, and you make an effort to be smart, you can do well, like be President of the United States. If you don't, you have to settle for marrying into money, so you can be a Senator and vote yes to getting us stuck in Iraq."

During the 2004 campaign it... (Below threshold)

During the 2004 campaign it is "possible" that I said an "uncharitable" thing (or 12) about Tereza Heinz...especially on her DRINKING!!

I take it ALL back. Naturally she DRINKS!! Heavily! I feel truly sorry for Tereza...truly.

What does it say about Kerr... (Below threshold)
Proud Kaffir:

What does it say about Kerry when that moron in chief was not only able to get better grades but defeated him in a re-election bid?

What Kerry meant to say:

You know, education, if you make the most of it, if you study hard and you do your homework, and you make an effort to be smart, uh, you, you can do well. If you don't, you get stuck becoming a gigolo and marrying a billonaire widow.

KP, Kerry married both time... (Below threshold)

KP, Kerry married both times for money. His first wife was loaded, too. She remarried happilly and lived her lfe out in Montana.

Clearly you know that John ... (Below threshold)

Clearly you know that John Kerry was NOT talking about the troops. Why are you Republicans making this out to be about the troops?

The Republicans are on edge because the power is slipping from their hands after a 12 year grip. Anyone with just a little common sense should know who John Kerry was speaking about.

The Republicans had their chance and blew it. The American people want change, all you have to do is take a look at the different polls.

There are more important things going on....like a war in Iraq.

Joke?Cirby has it ... (Below threshold)


Cirby has it right, this is beyond lame.

Not even Lee could be stupid enough to buy this.

Justice, why are you Democr... (Below threshold)

Justice, why are you Democrats trying to lie about what Kerry said? It's obvious that he was showing his usual disrespect to the troops.

Democrats are on edge because they've been out of power for 12 years. And you're right, anyone with a little common sense would know what John Kerry was talking about. We do, you don't.

What's your excuse going to be when you lose again next week?

Kerry REFUSES to apologize ... (Below threshold)

Kerry REFUSES to apologize because HE MEANT WHAT HE SAID!!

It's NO WONDER that Teresa Heinz drinks being married to that sleazebag. Who wouldn't?

robert--yes is could ans is... (Below threshold)

robert--yes is could ans is.

whoops "he", "and"... (Below threshold)

whoops "he", "and"

I can just imagine scores o... (Below threshold)
Proud kaffir:

I can just imagine scores of Democratic candidates and operatives watching the Kerry press conference and simultanously screaming, "OMG, what is he thinking?!"

You can expect an apology by Kerry tomorrow because his phone is going to be ringing off the hook.

BTW, I find the joke explanation curious. If you don't study and work real hard, you might wind up becoming President of the US. If he simply botched the delivery, why didn't he quickly apologize and state what he was trying to say? I think more likely he felt he was in a liberal stronghold where he could trash the troops without consequence. When criticism spread, his staff improvised the misunderstood joke defense. I don't buy it.

Even if you misstate a joke, turning it into something offensive, shouldn't you still apologize for being offensive? He just potests way too much.

Astounding,cant even own up... (Below threshold)

Astounding,cant even own up to what you said,even when on tape.Arrogance,stupidity all rapped up in Demorat colors.Thanks for the election EffenKerry,and buy the way keep up the good work,we need a shove to get us over the top.Do you have any more pearls of wisdom to lay on us,nows the time.

How long before he gives us... (Below threshold)

How long before he gives us another sound bite?

"I said the troops WEREN'T stupid before I said they WERE stupid..."

Hey, you all have it wrong.... (Below threshold)

Hey, you all have it wrong. Karl Rowe did it.
It's his October surprise. In the middle of the night, he snuck into Kerry's room and replaced his speech. Poor Kerry was just reading along . . . and bam.

John F'ing Kerry showed Ame... (Below threshold)
Bob Jones:

John F'ing Kerry showed America the real John F'ing Kerry and what he stands for.

An F'ing idiot who's only claim to fame is marrying women who are rich from some other man who died.

Kerry is such a pathetic loser. I hope he gets the Democratic nomination again. Hoo Wee, this is gonna be fun.

Off-topic: What state is Ch... (Below threshold)

Off-topic: What state is Chocola running in? He's your typical maroon Dem., that's for sure.


BobThe women obvio... (Below threshold)


The women obviously liked what John Kerry had to offer! Why are you complaining? Jealous?

Hanoi John Kerry should res... (Below threshold)

Hanoi John Kerry should resign immediately. He has killed enough American Soldiers and civilians in the war zones with his lies. The DNC should demand his resignation. Will they?

All anyone has to do it go back to the congressional record and read what he 'testified' to in the halls of congress about the Soldiers in Vietnam. I served in Vietnam and I did not do one thing he claimed we all did. Almost every word after 'I'm John Kerry' was a total lie and it's well documented. Even his witnesses were phonies, only one had been in the military (the rest got their uniforms at Goodwill) and none had served in Vietnam. The one X military who testified had spent almost his whole military time in the Stockade. This is just another act of an idiot.

What scares me is he's not the only one. Seventy Five Percent of the democratic party politicians are exactly like Hanoi John. Liars and anti-American hacks living on old money without ever holding a job of any kind.

I see the Republicans/Right... (Below threshold)

I see the Republicans/Righties are still the tough-guy party.

Enough with the crocodile tears about what Kerry said.

You crybabies are going to be the ones who win a war against terrorists?
I don't know how ANYONE can think that after watching this reaction.

There is no denying that Ke... (Below threshold)

There is no denying that Kerry has made a *** MAJOR *** political blunder, and I believe it will cost the Democrats the election. Truly astonishing...

agreed.KKKerry is ... (Below threshold)


KKKerry is one of our best spokesmen....

KKKeep blabbering KKKerry!!

To Off-Topic Mihow:<p... (Below threshold)

To Off-Topic Mihow:

Chris Chocola is running for the House in the 2nd district-Indiana. He is a conservative Republican and worth re-electing.

The youtube ad is well-done as far as touching the audience. However, it leaves out anything to do with research using embryos, and the speakers ask if Chocola is a doctor (to make a good judgement)---are the speakers doctors? Why are they good judges of what & how to research?

I still don't understand th... (Below threshold)

I still don't understand the lame "left out us" excuse. Others have said it better than I can, but doesn't that mean he was saying "if you don't, you grow up to be President of the United States"?

Wa-BAM! You got me there John! Educated=do well. Uneducated = POTUS. Yep, that excuse makes so much more sense than the comments just being an insult.

BTW - my Father had a BS degree in accounting, a Masters in Economics, retired as a Brig. General in the Air Force and served in Korea and Vietnam. He's one of the smartest men I've ever known.

And at 74, he could beat the crap out of John Kerry without breaking a sweat. Dad Rocks! So do the men and women serving in our armed forces.

From <a href="http://hotlin... (Below threshold)

From the Hotline Blog:

We believe that Kerry was referring to Bush because he's used a similar formulation in our presence before and quite clearly meant to call Bush a dummy.

Don't the bloggers who are pushing this worry about losing whatever credibility they had remaining? Is it right for the president of the U.S. to intentionally misinterpret something someone said? Wasn't Bush lying when he did that?

I want to be neutral and tr... (Below threshold)

I want to be neutral and try to analyze how Kerry's joke was supposed to have been told, but the explanation doesn't make sense. Think about it...

JK: "You know education, if you make the most of it, and you study hard, and you do your homework and you make an effort to be smart, you can do well. If you don't, you get stuck in Iraq."

Is he implying that Bush did not study hard, is not smart, became president of the U.S. (beating Kerry in the process), and got us stuck in Iraq?

That's non-sensical. Do you see my point? The only account that makes sense is Kerry warning a bunch of liberal college kids to study hard and avoid the military. Kerry just got wrapped up in the moment, forgot his surroundings and spoke naturally. This is the real John Kerry.

Once again, John Kerry open... (Below threshold)
Bill M:

Once again, John Kerry opens his mouth and places his foot, clear up to the hip joint, right smack dead center. Does that guy have any sense at all? Talk about giving the Republicans all the ammo they need!

And then saying he doesn't have to apologize! That's even dumber. A quick apology, and a cut at the president would have saved the day. But no, Kerry has to make it even worse.

There has to be a mental problem in there somewhere. This is not the first time he's put his foot in it and each time, he hunkers down and refuses to admit that he's human and makes mistakes sometimes. I don't think he is capable of admitting error. He has this overblown image of himself and any little admission of imperfection will puncture the entire ballon. I kind of feel a little sorry for the dumb klutz.

I'll bet the Dems wish they could box ole John up and seal him in a closet until after the elections are over...in 2020!

Finally I'm angry enough to... (Below threshold)

Finally I'm angry enough to send money to the Republican National Commitee

Ya know, I have no doubt th... (Below threshold)
The Listkeeper:

Ya know, I have no doubt that Kerry intended to make a joke about the President...

It's just too bad that Dr. Freud had to show up and throw that banana peel of truth down....

First Kerry - and NOW RANGL... (Below threshold)

First Kerry - and NOW RANGLE!!! I just heard Rangle call V.P. Cheney a S.O.B.

You know Liberals are REALLY getting desperate when they resort to name-calling!!!

....and don't expect any apology from him either.

The best thing we can all d... (Below threshold)

The best thing we can all do doesn't cost one red cent. Call every democrat in your area running for office and ask them to make a public statement on Hanoi John. Then write a letter to the editor tomorrow, no later, and point out that you have asked the democrat running for every office for a comment. Point out that their comment or lack of, will show where they stand in the hate the American Military Crowd.
That will put them on the spot and they will have to either stand still and admit they are anti-military or speak out, asking Hanoi John to apologize. Want to bet that 75% of them won't have the guts to speak out and this is not the type of person we need in any office.

>>>Ya know, I have no doubt... (Below threshold)

>>>Ya know, I have no doubt that Kerry intended to make a joke about the President...

It's just too bad that Dr. Freud had to show up and throw that banana peel of truth down....

But please explain then, how was the joke supposed to go? I can't see how any other explanation makes sense other than warning the kids to stay out of the military and avoid being caught in a war.

Bush owes the soldiers who ... (Below threshold)
Can't be fooled again:

Bush owes the soldiers who died or are injured, who are or have served, the 650,000 Iraqis killed and their families, all Americans, and all people of this world one huge apology for his incompetence, ricklessness and his absolute failed policies of pre-emptive war on dead-wrong intelligence.

Bush needs to end his hiding behind the soldiers, the flag and the Bible. Come out and try speaking the truth you coward.

Kinda hard to tell, Junglem... (Below threshold)
The Listkeeper:

Kinda hard to tell, Junglemutt, since what he said was what was in his mind instead of the joke.

Like I said, it's just TERRIBLE that he stepped on the banana peel of truth that way...


Somewhere the Swiftboat Vet... (Below threshold)

Somewhere the Swiftboat Vets are smiling......

Hanoi John may not have sai... (Below threshold)

Hanoi John may not have said what he wanted to say but he sure said what he was thinking. The brain sometimes does that, tells the truth when the liar doesn't want to. I don't know if Hanoi John or the nuts defending him are the bigger fools. All democrats have let BDS drive them to insanity.

I understand what you're sa... (Below threshold)

I understand what you're saying Listkeeper. I believe Freudian slips are common. I'm just surprised that the political pundits haven't focused more on the original intended material (if it is in fact different) than what Kerry actually said.

Obviously, Kerry wanted to tell the college kids to study hard, but throwing Bush in there as an example of an unsuccessful person, because he's the presiding president during a controversial war, simply does not make sense. Uneducated individuals do not normally become Presidents of the U.S. (Harry Truman notwithstanding), so I have trouble accepting Kerry's damage control explanation.

Poor moonbats! They are try... (Below threshold)

Poor moonbats! They are trying to spin this so hard that they are about to black out. Sorry, there ain't a can of "nuance" big enough to cover the stench spewing forth from Kerry.

Kerry had his chance today to try to nut it up, be a man, accept responsibility for his stupid comment and rectify the damage, he did not. Instead he chose to throw gasoline on the fire. Not surprising considering that he has no clue. Not only does he have no clue but he is lacking in the manliness department. Decades of being a gigolo will do that to you, John.

The Democrats are running scared, you an tell by their actions. Democratic candidates have told Kerry they do not want him anywhere near him. The Democrats and their MSM tools are trying to spin this or bury it and it isn't working. Their LLL nutroot trolls are out in force like the thralls of Mordor trying to do their best to spin or squash the story and they are getting clubbed like baby seals with the Clue Bat(TM). You can tell by the increasingly shrill shrieking coming out of them that they know it isn't working.

And the piece de la resistance will be coming soon to a TV or radio near you. I expect Kerry's comment to be the centerpiece of a massive ad blitz 72 hours before the election. It is just the right length to allow district specific content to be added for extra effect. There will be no way for the Democrats to reply to it without highlighting every negative point being made about them.

It probably was a botched j... (Below threshold)

It probably was a botched joke intended for President Bush but Kerry needs to realize this is no longer about his botched joke, it is about the troops. I don't care if he meant to say what he said or not, an apology should have been the first thing out of his mouth. He was so focused on his hatred for President Bush that he missed the point of this whole arguement. An apology at this point would just look insincere and contrived.

Is it any surprise the Kerr... (Below threshold)

Is it any surprise the Kerry story has made AlJazeera?

According to them "A Democratic congressional candidate in a close race in Iowa has cancelled a campaign event with Kerry, saying the senator's comments were inappropriate."

Kerry has also cancelled an appearance for a Democratic candidate in Minnesota.

I guess that will kill the Dem meme about Republicans running away from Bush.

They also claim, according to Kerry's staff, he meant to say "Just ask President Bush", which he omitted.

Ah-huh. Loves the Troops but thinks Bush is uneducated. Riiiiight. What a sack of manure!

Someone needs to remind this dunderhead that Bush matched or exceeded Kerry's grades in college.

Nahanni ~ Excellent comment... (Below threshold)

Nahanni ~ Excellent comment! Four paragraphs, four insightful and unassailable observations.


wonder where lee lee and hi... (Below threshold)

wonder where lee lee and his group stand on this...havent heard anthing...hummm!

Kerry is history....... (Below threshold)

Kerry is history....

....but not living.... (Below threshold)

....but not living.

The Republicans are demandi... (Below threshold)

The Republicans are demanding Kerry apologize.

I hear if he doesn't, the Republicans are going to bog down our troops in an intractable war that will cost billions of dollars and thousands of soldiers lives.

That'll show old war heroes what we think of their remarks about our troops!!

mark at 12;42,That... (Below threshold)

mark at 12;42,

That's it. Reward incompetence.
That'll show 'em.

mark, you're a Jenius, with a capital J.

I know thiw would require y... (Below threshold)

I know thiw would require you to dosome work, and lord knows that an anthema to republicans, but check out the speech. He had been talking about what a dumbass the president is. He was following up with what would have been a clever insult if he had gotten out. Again, having said that, what he DID say was offensive to thr troops and he should have apologized immediately.

What does it say about Kerry when that moron in chief was not only able to get better grades but defeated him in a re-election bid?

It says that we need to change the election laws so that ignorant, poorly educated white trash like Kaffir and his family can't vote.

He had been talking abou... (Below threshold)

He had been talking about what a dumbass the president is.

...and many other things, for the previous several minutes. Here's a question: if he was originally supposed to have only been going after the President, then why did his camp spend most of the next 24 hours refusing to apologize for his remarks? If he screwed up and left out that magic disappearing "us," then why didn't he say, "oops, my bad, I didn't mean to say that?"

However, even taking that silly after-the-fact rewriting adding the "us," he sorta needs to explain how not getting an education (about the same as Kerry's own college work) and not doing anything with it can land you a job as the President of the United States.

...and the real kicker, the one the "moderate" Dems won't address, is the huge number of left-wing Democrats who think that what Kerry actually said (pre-editing) was "the truth," and that he doesn't need to apologize for it. In other words, there's a helluva lot of Democrats who do think that people in the military are dumb and uneducated (despite the known truth that says just the opposite).






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