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Dumb criminals know no nationalities

In this morning's Boston Herald, there's the story of a US Marine who has returned from Iraq. And he brings with him a tale that ought to warm the cockles of anyone's heart who enjoys a good dumb-criminal story.

It seems that T.J. Kearney Jr, USMCR, was manning a checkpoint in Fallujah. A car approached. Kearney noted that the license plate showed it belonged to a wanted insurgent leader. They stopped it, ready to nail the guy, but no such luck -- just a hapless car thief.

As they were questioning him, though, another vehicle pulled up. A man jumped out of the truck and demanded that the thief be arrested. When asked, he promptly showed his ID proving that he was indeed the registered owner of the car.

And he was just as promptly arrested.

I wonder if they put him and the thief in separate cells, or if the thief was given a reward for helping capture the terrorist?

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Proving once and for all th... (Below threshold)

Proving once and for all that terrorists don't THINK....

That story is an absolute c... (Below threshold)

That story is an absolute classic! Thanks for sharing.

Perhaps the thief could arg... (Below threshold)

Perhaps the thief could argue that stealing the car was his only way of ensuring that the terrorist be captured and that he was actually trying to have the man arrested. He was only doing his civic duty by driving to the checkpoint, counting on the fact that the car's actual owner would follow.

He does deserve a reward.

I guess they hadn't caught ... (Below threshold)

I guess they hadn't caught all the stupid ones yet.

I remember reading last year that the insurgency had gotten much more difficult to fight because the US troops rounded up the stupid ones early on ... you know, the sorts who would rush out to attack a Humvee with a loudspeaker blaring insults to the insurgents' manhood.


You missed the real point: ... (Below threshold)

You missed the real point: the presence of all these American Troops has now caused not only a wave of violence but also car thievery - we're not only breeding terrorists but car thieves. I say pull out now before Bahgdad turns into another Detroit!

Make that two realy dumb cr... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Make that two realy dumb crinimals i mean their IQ must be below that of a fleas which makes the flea more intellegent and come to think of it a turkey is smarter






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