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Letters from War

Mark Schultz has a music video that I love and really affects me every time I watch it. I thought of it again after hearing John Kerry's comments. Yes, I know he apologized for his "botched joke," but his words still hang in the air like a bad stench. Mark's video is so refreshing in its support for our troops.

And I saw Mark perform this song live, too. He gave a fantastic performance.

And by the way, Jay at Stop the ACLU writes that a number of people and organizations have rejected Kerry's apology outright.


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Comments (11)

No, I'm not crying.<p... (Below threshold)

No, I'm not crying.


Me neither... (Below threshold)
Brian The Adequate:

Me neither

Great video! But John Kerr... (Below threshold)

Great video! But John Kerry's a great guy too. Botching a joke doesn't make you a bad guy. Botching a war and lying about does. Lot of guys aren't coming home and that has NOTHING to do with John Kerry and a lot to do with a inept chickenhawk administration.

Are you talking about the m... (Below threshold)

Are you talking about the most inept non-apology, apology in history? Did the non-apology, apology include his lies in 1971 and 2004 that slandered the American Military as a whole? I can't say what i'd like to see done tomorrow because one of the millions that are P.O.d at the idiot might do it and he's not worth 3 minutes in jail much less life. He (Hanoi John) is now nothing more that a bag of stinking garbage in a $5,000 suit that should be buried deep in the landfill never to be seen or heard from again.

muirgeo, be honest, you kno... (Below threshold)

muirgeo, be honest, you know that 75% + of the deaths in Iraq are directly due to the support of the terrorists displayed by the entire democratic party and especially the leadership. The same turkeys (democrats) killed thousands of American troops in Vietnam and millions of civilians. The terrortists in Iraq know they can only win by the same tactics the communist won in Vietnam, turn the democratic party into traitors (not a hard task). It worked 100% for the communist and the terrorists know it will work for them. I don't know one freekin democrat politician I would trust with my safety and not one that I would trust out of my sight with one of my children/grandchildren.

next to "Pittance of Time" ... (Below threshold)

next to "Pittance of Time" the best and most powerful video I have seen.

God bless and protect our splendid and men & women in uniform. I spent 8 years in the Marines, but the year deployed was the most tense for my family...God bless them too!

That was powerful!Br... (Below threshold)
Melissa In Texas:

That was powerful!
Brought tears to my eyes.
God bless all of our troops and the families that wait for them.
As for the "K" man:
May his political career rest in pieces.

I've looked at scores of pi... (Below threshold)
La Mano:

I've looked at scores of pictures and videos from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and have never seen an emblem that says 'Republican Army'. Or, Marines, Air Force or Navy. They all say "U.S."

Republicans are not fighting this war; Americans are!

It's a disgrace that the Democrats have politicized this war and our brave soldiers and air men are caught in the middle. War should NEVER be politicized!

We have a very long slog ahead of us. God help this country. The Democrats insist on putting their weakness on display to our enemies.

No need to turn this thread... (Below threshold)

No need to turn this thread into a troll beating exercise. The song is another powerful example of positive emotion in a non-partisan fashion regarding military service and sacrifice. Something since Winter Soldier that Kerry has repeatedly not only shunned but derided. This was no botched joke. Unless you are referring to the sorry excuse for a man still living with the initials JFK.

Thank you so much for posti... (Below threshold)

Thank you so much for posting this video.

I love our Men and Women in... (Below threshold)

I love our Men and Women in Uniform and the Nobility of these Military Heroes. American Soldiers and their Families are the sweetest fruits of this Great Country. The USA in spite of "Global Citizens" like 2.0 GPA Kerry is truly the only HOPE left in a World because the Cradle of Occidental Civilization is in need of intubation and respiratory support....My mind's eye contrast the Mother and Son in this touching video to those Quislings at the UN and my heart is warmed by the emotion it stirs in me for our Military. Jon Cari is really a Sin-nut-ter of the UN(Unholy Nations)! My eyes well up for the lovely poetry captured in this video. In particular when I think of the UN"s Poster boy,Kofi Anans and his words "We all in the same boat"! Then do something noble Sir! Kofi, you can't so do the World a favor and go back to Ghana with your son Kojo and work to improve the plight of your failed homeland and leave us Americans alone!

No worries World the American Soldier will and if we fail at least we go down fighting with our dignity in place. The Europeans go down because the Jihadists simply pull that RESPIRATOR'S Plug.....Thanks for the Video and your Site.....Doc






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