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Look! It's John Kerry! . . . oops, no, that's Elvis . . .

Wizbang! Politics has now confirmed that you have a 9472% greater chance of sighting Elvis than of seeing John Kerry in public between now and the election. Our sample included 0 Democrats, who were running away too fast to answer, for a margin of error of 0% with 100% confidence.

Somewhere, Howard Dean is reprising his famous Scream.

Jim Geraghty, who made his bones documenting every stupid thing Kerry said and did in 2004, reports from NRO's TKS that Democratic Iowa House candidate Bruce Braley (Iowa 1st CD, Nussle's seat) has canceled a scheduled appearance with Kerry this week, and Kerry has pulled out of a major rally for Minnesota Democratic candidates later today.

Democrats wish Kerry would just go the heck away.

Cry me a river! I've felt that way for decades . . .

Cross-posted at Wizbang! Politics.

UPDATE 12:38 p.m.: Someone woke up the puppetmaster who pulls Bob Casey, Jr.'s strings in Pennsylvania, and canceled their scheduled appearance with Kerry today.

Good thinking! It's not like they really wanted Casey out in public, anyway. I mean, someone might expect him to, you know, SAY something.


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Comments (7)

Like Elvis, maybe Kerry wil... (Below threshold)

Like Elvis, maybe Kerry will start singing -about all the inappropriate, unethical ways liberals steal elections....

By the way, I thought I saw... (Below threshold)

By the way, I thought I saw Kerry hiding behind a pumpkin somewhere....

The difference is he starte... (Below threshold)
Krusty Krab:

The difference is he started out with a belligerent counter attack.

Had he apologized immediately, it wouldn't ring hollow. Also, there isn't much doubt (to me at least) that this is what he truly believes.

LMAO - great post.... (Below threshold)

LMAO - great post.

Indeed - a fantastic post!<... (Below threshold)

Indeed - a fantastic post!

Sometimes Kerry comes acros... (Below threshold)

Sometimes Kerry comes across as "not-too-bright".

That might have made sense during the 2004 election campaign (trying to siphon off Bush voters), but he's not even running for anything this time.

Have you ever heard the RAY... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Have you ever heard the RAY STEVENS song I SAW ELVIS ON A UFO? maybe aleins should take JOHN KERRY






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