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Punch Foley for Negron

Watch this one right away and share it with all your friends in Florida! I just wish I could punch Foley for Negron, too!

Ha! I'll bet Democrats today are wishing they could punch John Kerry in similar fashion.

Crossposted at Wizbang Politics.

Comments (12)

Perfect!!Hillariou... (Below threshold)


Hillarious and PERFECT!!

I don't know anyone in Florida...but I'm forwarding it to lots of folks anyway!! :)

ditto!You never sa... (Below threshold)


You never saw the liberals do that to Studds - and he ACTULLY DID IT!!

While I will NEVER respect ... (Below threshold)

While I will NEVER respect Dimocrats on the issues, I would have had a morsel of respect IF they had treated Studds the same a ss Foley....

BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! the "R" behind the name made the difference....

Lorie: How about a fund rai... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Lorie: How about a fund raiser tied to the theme of "Punch a Wizbang Troll"? (A figurative punch, of course.)

Think of the money that Lee and his ilk could inadvertently raise for a good conservative cause.

Any way to punch Kerry, Ken... (Below threshold)

Any way to punch Kerry, Kennedy, Reid, Pelosi, Boxer, Waters, Kerry, Okinawa Jack, etc etc etc

According to Kerry, all Fol... (Below threshold)

According to Kerry, all Foley had to do was Studds'y harder....

That is fantastic! I'm for... (Below threshold)

That is fantastic! I'm forwarding it to my relatives in Florida.

Now THAT is making lemonade... (Below threshold)

Now THAT is making lemonade out of lemons in a creative and humorous way. And things learned through humor tend to stick better. At least that's always been my experience!

"Foley, you're doin' a heck... (Below threshold)

"Foley, you're doin' a heck of a job".

Remember Katrina? Bush asleep at the wheel. Babies not taking baths for days on end at the Superdome. Good job.

Remember that little conflict in Iraq over what? Another good one. Keep it up George, you are going to go down in history as an incompetent President.

Should I continue?

Did the Democratic Undergro... (Below threshold)

Did the Democratic Undergrounders just get let out for recess?

Remember kids, get your edu... (Below threshold)

Remember kids, get your education, or you could end up stuck on stupid like Sjano12!

Well, at least W was at the... (Below threshold)
Sandy P:

Well, at least W was at the wheel, Nagel left the buses to flood.

And that comment just shows a misunderstanding of how the US is set up.






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