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Quote Of The Day - The Joke's On Kerry Edition

"He was for the joke before he was against it."

Vice President Cheney, speaking of John Kerry's attempt to extricate his foot from is backside in calling his remarks on the intelligence (or lack thereof) of members of the US military as a "botched joke."


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Comments (45)

Wow - the amount of John Ke... (Below threshold)

Wow - the amount of John Kerry posts has gotten out of hand. I understand why though - we all do.

As it was said last night, Bush (and therefore Wizbang) is too stupid to know when someone is calling them stupid.

Perhaps, but not so stupid ... (Below threshold)

Perhaps, but not so stupid that we can't avoid the Freudian banana peel behind the podium.

And jp2 proves the value of... (Below threshold)

And jp2 proves the value of recon by fire.
When you hear them yell, you must be near the targets.

All you fakers just got cal... (Below threshold)

All you fakers just got called. And by one of your own no less.

"John Kerry is awful, and anything we can do further to degrade his political prospects is worth doing. But really, I saw a clip of him making the much-deplored remark, and it was obvious that the dimwit in Iraq that he referred to was George W. Bush, not the American soldier. It was a dumb joke badly delivered, but his meaning was plain. My pleasure in watching JK squirm is just as great as any other conservative's, but something is owed to honesty. There's a lot of fake outrage going round here,"
- John Derbyshire, NRO

Over the last two days:<br ... (Below threshold)

Over the last two days:
-Pentagon Report, progressing towards chaos in Iraq
-Rummy asks for $1-Billion more for training Iraqi death squads
-Air Force asks for $50-Billion more to fly dead soldiers home
-Nuri Kamal al-Maliki is taking orders from al Sadr
-103 soldiers dead in Oct

And all you can talk about is Kerry? That is why the Republicans will loose this election.

ok JP2 - let me try to be n... (Below threshold)

ok JP2 - let me try to be nice....

At least Kerry didn't have people falling around dead like the Klintons did.

jp2 - My view is that the R... (Below threshold)

jp2 - My view is that the Republican echo-chamber is doing the Democrats a service by dragging this out.

For one thing, it's gotten Kerry off the streets for a while (and that's a good thing). Secondly, it's shows a great deal of desperation on their part - this is the party that 24 hours ago was saying Democrats won't engage on the issues, and here they are acting like children.

I'd LOVE to see a debate be... (Below threshold)

I'd LOVE to see a debate between Kerry and Cheney.... while duck hunting....

To make sure the VP has plenty of buck-shot slong for the debate, donations may be sent to shootthetraitorbeforehanginghim.com

And what has Bush apologize... (Below threshold)

And what has Bush apologized for lately? Cheney? John Kerry was born with a silver foot in his capacious mouth, yes -- but he's a man. He went to Vietnam (which you don't like to hear, do you?), and now he's apologizing for something he said.

Clearly, Democrats are superior in very way.

My ass. Which is another story.

I think the BeeGees wrote a... (Below threshold)

I think the BeeGees wrote a song about this..."I started a joke that started the whole world talking...but what I didn't see is that the joke was on me"

did you see the picture on ... (Below threshold)

did you see the picture on Drudge right now with our soldiers in Iraq? It seems that they know when they're insulted.

Liberals sure make themselv... (Below threshold)

Liberals sure make themselves big targets....

If only they could stop their dishonesty - but until they do, they are simply fools to laugh at....

I hate to even acknowledge ... (Below threshold)

I hate to even acknowledge some of the idiotic comments here. I can only refer you to the number of Dems (including Clinton and Ford in Tennessee) running like crazy away from poor, misunderstood Kerry. So much for this being a Republican plot. If so, why are so many Demo leaders cooperating? As Tony Snow said, it would have all been over if only Kerry had apologized. His arrogance alone has caused and continues to cause the uproar that is obviously hurting the Demo candidates. People can accept an apology. They can't take arrogance and stupidity.

Checkout Barneyg2000, he ha... (Below threshold)

Checkout Barneyg2000, he has been reading the Huffington Post today. That is funny Barneyg, you moron. Back during the Foley scandal liberals were not talking about Iraq, terrorism, security, the economy etc etc. Hey Barney, make sure you come back here the morning of November 8/2006 you jackass.
Lee, you're an idiot...that is all.

Well said Pete.... (esp... (Below threshold)

Well said Pete.... (especially your last sentence)

Normally when someone makes... (Below threshold)

Normally when someone makes a joke, botched or otherwise, he or she will chuckle or a smile or something to indicate it was a joke and then polite laughter usually follows.

None of this happened

Kerry went to Vietnam...and... (Below threshold)
The Listkeeper:

Kerry went to Vietnam...and then lied his ass off about it.

My prediction as of now:</p... (Below threshold)

My prediction as of now:

House: We lose a net 9 seats.
Senate: We lose a net one seat.

If Kerry stays defiant:

We win 2008

If Clinton gets a BJ:

I knew Hillary had one down there.

Hilarious. My turn now: <b... (Below threshold)

Hilarious. My turn now:
Bush was going to veto the joke before he was for it.

I know, it may take some context. Like knowing Kerry was for one type of funding for the Iraq War (the kind Bush threatened to veto), before he was against a different type of funding for the Iraq War (the kind Bush was for).

John KerryA two do... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

John Kerry

A two dollar brain connected to a million dollar mouth driven by two bit character.

I get on my knees every day and give thanks to those 135,000 people in Ohio.

Wow, Astigafa---If your def... (Below threshold)

Wow, Astigafa---If your definition (as well as other Democrat voting people) of a "man" is Kerry, that would well explain the difference between Republicans and Democrats, . Not any more needs to be said.

As SCSIwuzzy notes above, t... (Below threshold)

As SCSIwuzzy notes above, the cacophony of shrill shrieks from the moonbat left indicates we have hit them close to home.

Perhaps Kevin could pass out some plastic sheeting of the sort they give the front rows at Gallagher show?

Just in case their heads start exploding . . .

I'll say it.Our sold... (Below threshold)

I'll say it.
Our soldiers are heroes.

No need to point out they are getting their lunch fed to them by a ragtag group of radicals who number in the hundreds.

U-S-A U-S-A U-S-A!!

"I'll say it.Our sol... (Below threshold)

"I'll say it.
Our soldiers are heroes."

It's too bad the liberals don't believe that....

"No need to point out they ... (Below threshold)

"No need to point out they are getting their lunch fed to them by a ragtag group of radicals who number in the hundreds."

That has got to be the DENSEST (for you hugh) comment I think I've ever read.

13 of the last 14 threads u... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

13 of the last 14 threads unbelievably have been about John Kerry and his ten second sound bite ( I still haven't seen the prelogue or the prologue) so don't blame moonbats if they have little else to comment on. It is not as if Kerry won the last election and his woe begotten words have influence on Bush administration policy. The only thing that's worse than being a sore loser, is being a sore winner..that is till next Tuesday.

Ah, yes, the pooooooor moon... (Below threshold)

Ah, yes, the pooooooor moonbats are the VICTIMS here, because there is NO OTHER PLACE on the whole intertubes where they could go.

These guys produce more "whine" than California's vineyards . . .

Steve,OK, brainiac... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:


OK, brainiac. I believe you were going for prologue and epilogue.

And I'll second what Jim Addison said. No one is forcing you to read this blog, or comment on this blog.

...unless of course, reading and commenting on Wizbang is part of your marching orders from DKos....hmmmm.

"Hey Barney, make sure you ... (Below threshold)

"Hey Barney, make sure you come back here the morning of November 8/2006 you jackass. "

Peter this is for you. According to the NRO box score (released today) the Dems are +5 for the Senate and +27 in the House.

See Ya next Wed.

HML Boehner said this morni... (Below threshold)

HML Boehner said this morning that he is going to beat-up Kerry if he doesn't apologise (which Kerry already did). This from same guy that said Rummy was the best Sec of Def this country has had for the last 25-years.

What a joke.

To dumb liberals:Thi... (Below threshold)

To dumb liberals:
This john f ("f" for "fairy") kerry freudian slip is big...and has staying power because he was recently (circa 2004) the biggest dem of the stench-ridden lot. He was once the face of the dem party....how funny is that? Jesus, I'd be ashamed!!

Thanks sheik for correctin... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Thanks sheik for correcting me. I have always had blindspot for the prefex pro meaning pre in this case...I would still like to see a fuller video of Kerry's remarks... where he was coming from and where was going. I rarely look at Dkos. There alot more interesting sites for me than that one. Bush is much more public target than Kerry, so I suppose it is only fair that Kerry in brief return to the national limelight gets criticised for a 'Bushism'. If Bush had said it, he would have been vilified. But if Kerry didn't mean it, it is only a stupid slip of the tongue story, like most of the Bush gaffes. Worse was what Kerry said on November 15, 1988, at a businessmen's breakfast in East Lynn, Massachusetts, when he made a joke about president-elect George H.W. Bush and his running mate, saying "if Bush is shot, the Secret Service has orders to shoot Dan Quayle...He intended that.

US Iraqi security force goa... (Below threshold)

US Iraqi security force goal was 325,000. They reached that goal, but now Gen. Casey wants 100,000 more and Rummy will ask for an additional 1-Billion for training. Are you telling me that Iraq does not have one goddamn soldier that can stand up, so one of ours can stand down?

Meanwhile, over 14,000 small arms are missing, and the civil war keeps getting worst.

Sounds like "stuck" to me.

(which Kerry already did)</... (Below threshold)

(which Kerry already did)


Please link to the transcript of his apology. All I've heard is the same old JFnK horseshit where he blabbers on in that "I can do no wrong" condescension of his.

The man can't admit to anything. SF180, anyone?


Liberal Nutroot Moonbats ca... (Below threshold)

Liberal Nutroot Moonbats can't get over the fact that this is not going away. I find it hilarious.

I love it when John F'ing Kerry opens his mouth. More, JohnBoy, More! Tell us about your secret hat.

Tell us about all those purple hearts you got from being wounded from enemy fire....Oh Yeah, that's right, there was no enemy fire, just your own incompetence.

John F'ing Idiot. Liberal Dick Head from Taxachusetts. Junior only to Teddy Kennedy (D-Chivas). Hic.

Please link to the transcri... (Below threshold)

Please link to the transcript of his apology.

Here it is:


If that does not work, check out Imus at MSNBC

"Of course, I'm sorry about... (Below threshold)

"Of course, I'm sorry about a botched joke."

You call that an apology?


What he should be "sorry for" (or, to put it correctly, what he should apologize for) is what he said and the effect that what he said, botched or not, had.

He's trying to hide behind this "oops. I slipped. I'm sorry for the ice which made me slip."

He's just a big ol' pussy, and if you buy into his garbage, you're a friggin' sympathizing idiot.

To all you appeasing idiots... (Below threshold)

To all you appeasing idiots on the left--lets see his script--oh there was none--until he shit in his and the democraps nest-then they had to rewrite it so a script is worthless. Admit it-this excuse for a human is nothing more then a traitor to the troops now and when he was in Vietnam (4 frigging months). Not only that he met with the ones he socalled fought against as soon as he returned. Go ahead and make excuses for this piece of shit--it only shows what the democrap party if made of.

So here is the apology:... (Below threshold)

So here is the apology:


Meh ... whatever.

LMAO. Way to go, Mr. Cheney... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

LMAO. Way to go, Mr. Cheney!

If I was ever so unfortunat... (Below threshold)

If I was ever so unfortunate as to be in the presence of Dick (The Prince of Darkness) Cheyney aka Shotgun Cheyney I would respond to his stament in a way he would understand and appreciate. With a curled lip and a sneer I'd say "fuck you." heh heh heh says little Prince George.

Diane:Wow, Asti... (Below threshold)


Wow, Astigafa---If your definition (as well as other Democrat voting people) of a "man" is Kerry, that would well explain the difference between Republicans and Democrats.

Well Diane, let's put it this way. Back in the '60s, we were at war with communism -- actual war, with guns and everything.

The men -- the patriots -- who went to fight that war were manly in a way that those who did not go to fight that war were not. See?

And there's also something about being able to admit a mistake that says something about facing facts, a thing that grown-up males (i.e. "men") will do.

Your boys have done neither of these things; George Bush did not go fight in that real war with real communists who were trying to kill us all, perhaps ultimately with (gulp!) WMD. He couldn't face up to it, Diane, because he wasn't what we call a "man." Bush will continue to deny his very costly mistakes until he finally faces his god -- because he's not a man; he's a facade, a fake, a failure, the worst president in the history of the United States.

I can explain further, should you so desire. You seem to need a lot of help understanding things, and the remedy for ignorance is ever my golden standard, dear.

There has never been a moment since I became aware of John Kerry's existence that I did not actively wish that he did not exist. Kerry is a hack and a bullshitter and (I'm fairly sure) something of a drunk.

However, he did actually go to the actual war with actual people who were actually trying to kill John and you and your mommy and whoever else was standing around back then.

You do suppor the troops, don't you?

Actually it should read... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Actually it should read

"He was against apologizing before he was for it."

He was an ass, before he wa... (Below threshold)

He was an ass, before he was a jackass.

You got to know, you libera... (Below threshold)

You got to know, you liberal weinies,that the comment hurt real bad.How else do you explain the Demdonks throwing him under the bus.Every dem candidate tells him stay away,how come if it was just a joke gone bad.You people are just born prevaricators.The over night focus groups and polls must have really been bad.






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