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"24" Season Six Preview

Jay at Stop the ACLU has a preview of the sixth season of "24." Anyone who has read me for long knows that I have been a huge "24" fan since the first episode of season one. For some reason the preview did not really give me that "I can't wait" feeling I usually get though. Not enough clips of Chloe, I guess. It does look as action packed as ever and as dependent as ever on Jack to save the day. Jack will be asked to sacrifice himself. Hey, don't they know he has already died a couple of times. I did like the inclusion of the guy from Ally McBeal and Numbers (I don't know his name). A couple of other things I noticed -- Jack gets a crazy ZZ Top beard for part of this season and someone in the White House is prepared to "shred the Constitution." Okay, now I am starting to look forward to it. Go watch the preview for yourself.

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When does season 5 come out... (Below threshold)

When does season 5 come out on DVD, does anyone know?

Funny line I read somewhere... (Below threshold)

Funny line I read somewhere recently.

-- Superman wears Jack Bauer pajamas.

Hell, I wear Jack Bauer und... (Below threshold)

Hell, I wear Jack Bauer underwear, on the outside of my pants!

Of course, you know, if there were a real Jack, he'd be frog-marched by Joe Wilson and Pinch Sulzberger down to a hearing before Al-C Hastings, new Chairman of the House "Intelligence" Committee, and made to 1) renounce all effective measures to fight terrorists, and 2) give up State secrets in open session, Pinch scribbling notes furiously.

Then, I'd like to see one of his patented get-aways, leave a few bodies on the floor, after extracting info, of course.

For some of the best '24' c... (Below threshold)

For some of the best '24' commentary check out Blogs4Bauer.

Live blogging, kill count contests, lots of fun for a great show!

.....and I'm sure we can co... (Below threshold)

.....and I'm sure we can count on the "24" live threads? Right? RIGHT? :)

Lorie, it's thanks to you t... (Below threshold)

Lorie, it's thanks to you that I'm a 24 fan. I read your posts two years ago and started watching season 5. I then borrowed seasons 1-4 and got caught up.

I can't wait...

"When does season 5 come ou... (Below threshold)

"When does season 5 come out on DVD, does anyone know?"

It's been out since June I think.

Does anyone know when seaso... (Below threshold)

Does anyone know when season six comes out?

Does anyone know when seaso... (Below threshold)

Does anyone know when season six comes out on DVD?






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