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The Democracy Project has posted some disgusting pictures from a Halloween party at the University of Pennsylvania president's home. Not only did one guest show up dressed as a suicide bomber, but he was even photographed with a "hostage," and was also photographed with the university president. You can find contact information at Democracy Project for the university trustees if you would like to let them know what you think of their president.


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Nothing unusual for a usele... (Below threshold)

Nothing unusual for a useless university. Already ask my congress members to do away with all Federal tax dollars being wasted on the worthless higher (actually failed non-educational) education systems. Everyone should do the same.

Liberals are sick.... (Below threshold)

Liberals are sick.


You have some of the best p... (Below threshold)

You have some of the best posts Scrapiron.

There should be a separation between Education and Politics - or NO TAX DOLLARS.

The "academics" over at Vol... (Below threshold)

The "academics" over at Volokh Conspiracy are saying that it was meant in good fun, and who are we to judge, maybe the guy is making fun of terrorists.

I believe the wacademics are too insulated from the real world.

Had a 767 flown into the faculty lounge and killed a bunch of sociology professors comparing notes on how racist white men are, you'd here a different tune.

Wow - slow news day again -... (Below threshold)

Wow - slow news day again - and this close to the election - you'd think Republicans would have something to talk about besides... Democrats.

I guess the Republicans don't have a platform after all - it's all about stay the course in Iraq and "get the liberals"...

No wonder the polls show the Republicans taking a dunk next Tuesday - they are now intellectually bankrupt in addition to morally and ethically bankrupt.

Lee, what the f*(& are talk... (Below threshold)

Lee, what the f*(& are talking about. Are you now just cutting and pasting the same talking points in each thread, regardless of thread content.

No Dem was mentioned in this post.

Just f%&* right off, you idiot. You really are just a big, stupid dick. Pathetic.

[This comment was edited.]

Mitchell, Mitchell, Mitchel... (Below threshold)

Mitchell, Mitchell, Mitchell... No mention of liberals? You didn't follow Lorie's link, knuckelhead.

"An obvious question: would Gutmann have posed with a guest--or even allowed him into her house--if he'd dressed as Adolf Hitler or a Nazi SS officer? A KKK member?

But in modern liberal circles, posing as a Palestinian suicide bomber (see his kefiya) is just fine. After all, he mainly tries to kill innocent Jews."

Ahh, yes - and what makes this a "liberal" issue (besides the conservo blogosphere claiming it is)? Good question - go back and read what I wrote above about intellectual bankruptcy on the part of the Republicans. This post is a good illustration - you feining outrage is another.... are you having a bad news day too Mitchy?

And your language is highly inapproriate.

Fuck off, Lee. I don't need... (Below threshold)

Fuck off, Lee. I don't need a moral imbecile like you lecturing me on anything, much less "appropriate" behavior.

Every day you are on this blog, wasting time, which, in itself, is an inappropriate use of your time, and ours. You are not welcome here, nor are you, or your views, held in anything approaching respect. You seem to be the last one to figure out the joke is on you. So bug off, little prick.

Lori's post mentioned nothing about Dems. or liberals. She was commenting on the "inappropriateness" of the Penn. President's actions.

So, idiot, you have disregarded her post, point, and the relevance of the pictures. As usual, you just don't get it.

Oh, forgot to mention one m... (Below threshold)

Oh, forgot to mention one more time, your are the prickiest prick on this blog, bar none.


Lee is perfect example of t... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

Lee is perfect example of the intellectual and moral sewage of the Dems.


Mideast terror leaders
to U.S.: Vote Democrat
Withdrawal from Iraq would embolden
jihadists to destroy Israel, America

Watch the language guys. I... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Watch the language guys. I don't have time to edit any more comments tonight so I will trust you all to keep it clean.

Sorry, Lori. I'm using my ... (Below threshold)

Sorry, Lori. I'm using my swaggering lawyer language.

It won't work on Lee, but it sometimes relieves the frustrations.

I'll be a good boy.


Lee,You're way off... (Below threshold)


You're way off base here. This isn't about Dems.

It's about how learnin' is evil.

Told you old "pucker puss" ... (Below threshold)

Told you old "pucker puss" (lee lee) is a broken record. Just like a zombie--one track mind--whoops-forgot he don't have one of those-so he just copies and paste the same o same o. Poor thing- it must be awful to be an outcast from the kos kiddies.

Yeah and I heard the Presid... (Below threshold)

Yeah and I heard the President was also seen with a person dressed up as a vampire....she's also a vampire sympathizer....this is serious....

Lee,You're way off... (Below threshold)


You're way off base here. This isn't about Dems.

It's about how learnin' is evil.

Posted by: Robert

Yes it is!! All about those evil academic types. A......MAZING!!! They actually brag of their distain for intellectuals. Very interesting how throughout history the Authoritarian and Fascist regimes always despise the academics and the intellectuals. They are usually the first to be "cleansed".

Sad thing is that these fools don't realize that it's the intellectuals of our society that make us as successful as we are and the lack of intellectualism which makes societies like Iran as backward as they are. Weren't for the intellectuals these guys would be fighting the "islamofascist" with clubs.

If this isn't about liberal... (Below threshold)

If this isn't about liberals why was the word "liberal" used in this context. You guys can read, can't you?

"But in modern liberal circles, posing as a Palestinian suicide bomber (see his kefiya) is just fine. After all, he mainly tries to kill innocent Jews."

It didn't say "modern circles", or "modern collegiate circles", or "modern intellectual circles", it said modern liberal circles.

I know you guys can read, so you're just being dishonest. I knew the Republican administration in the White House were liars, but this proves they aren't the only ones...

And Mitchell's little potty mouth exhibition shows he's emotionally bankrupt as well. tsk tsk Mitchy - feeling kinda bitchy today?

Ah c'mon, yur all jes tryin... (Below threshold)

Ah c'mon, yur all jes trying to follow the title of the thread as if it were directions. Lets see who can be more disgusting!

Lee, why don't you start y... (Below threshold)

Lee, why don't you start your own blog and talk about everything relevant (according to you)?

What else can you ever expe... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

What else can you ever expect from these rotten leftists run collages and universities its getting to be disgusting bunch of rotten prigs






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