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Bad 80's flashback

Over on Drudge, I saw a link to a story that read " Shots fired in Turkey pope protest."

My first thought was isn't it the wrong time of year for reruns?

My second thought was yet more affirmation that Islam is, indeed, a religion of peace and tolerance and acceptance and love -- and if you say otherwise, they'll kill you -- but in a peaceful, tolerant, accepting, and loving way. Like sawing off your head.

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Maybe it was a typo, and w... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:

Maybe it was a typo, and was supposed to read "shots fired at turkey, pope protests". It could have just been the start of turkey season.

Just like the head of Islam... (Below threshold)

Just like the head of Islam in Australia, saying that women who don't wear the Muslim dress deserve to get raped.


Neal Boortz will invariable... (Below threshold)

Neal Boortz will invariable, at least once a week, say something that pisses of those who go to the Mosque down the street from the radio station he broadcasts from. Then they all get together and protest outside the station. Neal, in his loving way, immediately calls the pizza place down the street and buys them a dozen cheeze pizzas for snacks while they protest. They happily eat the pizza, none the wizer.

I call it the Religion of Pizza now.

er...invariably.... (Below threshold)


John Hinkley too too bad so... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

John Hinkley too too bad someone did,nt decide to do to him what JACK RUBY did to oswald DRILL JOHN HINKLEY RIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES

Well, you know, if I was-a ... (Below threshold)

Well, you know, if I was-a da Pope, and I was-a bent on-a going to Turkey, I'd-a be-a sure ta take-a da Popemobile wid me. [/sarducci]






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