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Peggy Noonan on Senator Rick Santorum

"We need his kind," she writes about Senator Rick Santorum in today's opinion piece:

The sense among so many people--including politicians and journalists--is that the Senate needs his sort, his kind.

The other day I called a former senator, a crusty old moderate Republican, and asked him if he liked Mr. Santorum. "No," he said, "I love him." When Mr. Santorum was new to the Senate, in 1995, he, the elder, seasoned legislator tried to mentor him. He wanted to help him survive. Mr. Santorum was grateful and appreciative, "but he kept speaking his mind!" The former senator: "The political scientists all say to be honest and stand for principle, that's what people want. And he was exactly that, and he's about to get his head handed to him." He chuckled then with what seemed the reflexive pleasure of one pol about to see another take a tumble. Then he stopped. It was sad, he said.

I recommend reading all of Peggy's article, especially this part:

I end with a story too corny to be true, but it's true. A month ago Mr. Santorum and his wife were in the car driving to Washington for the debate with his opponent on "Meet the Press." Their conversation turned to how brutal the campaign was, how hurt they'd both felt at all the attacks. Karen Santorum said it must be the same for Bob Casey and his family; they must be suffering. Rick Santorum said yes, it's hard for them too. Then he said, "Let's say a Rosary for them." So they prayed for the Caseys as they hurtled south.

A friend of mine called them while they were praying. She told me about it later, but didn't want it repeated. "No one would believe it," she said.

But I asked Mr. Santorum about it. Sure, he said, surprised at my surprise. "We pray for the Caseys every night. We know it's as hard for them as it is for us."

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Santorum is as nutty as a f... (Below threshold)

Santorum is as nutty as a fruitcake, and had no business serving in a public office.

I've read that the GOP has already written off his race, and I say good riddance to bad rubbish.

Yeah Lee.Faith.<br /... (Below threshold)

Yeah Lee.

Real nutty stuff.
If you yourself are a nutter, of course

Rick Santorum is a great ma... (Below threshold)

Rick Santorum is a great man among men. Pennsylvania will be sorely disappointed once they realize what they have lost.

Lee... your diaper needs changing.

Maybe someday your candida... (Below threshold)

Maybe someday your candidates will be as compassionate as you think they are.

....but wait, <a href="http... (Below threshold)

....but wait, there's more.

Rick Santorum had only been in the senate for a few weeks when Bob Kerrey, then Senator from Nebraska, pegged him. "Santorum, that's Latin for asshole." It was probably the funniest line the grim Kerrey ever uttered and it was on the mark, too.

Such a stew of sleazy self-righteousness and audacious stupidity has not been seen in the senate since the days of Steve Symms, the celebrated moron from Idaho. In 1998, investigative reporter Ken Silverstein fingered Santorum as the dumbest member of congress in a story for The Progressive. Considering the competition, that's an achievement of considerable distinction.

Even Santorum's staff knows the senator is a vacuous boob prone to outrageous gaffs and crude outbursts of unvarnished bigotry. For years, they kept him firmly leashed, rarely permitting him to attend a press interview without a senior staffer by his side. They learned the hard way. While in serving in the House, Santorum was asked by a reporter to explain why his record on environmental policy was so dreadful. Santorum replied by observing that the environment was of little consequence in God's grand plan. "Nowhere in the Bible does it say that America will be here 100 years from now." The reference was to the Rapture, which apparently is impending.

You know -- call me crazy, call me irresponsible, but I think elected representatives should at least have the view that America WILL be here 100 years from now -and work towards that goal, rather than choosing instead to work for what they perceive as "God's Plan" for America.... but that's just me. I think elected representatives are chosen to represent the people, not represent their own religious doctrine.

Pennsylvanians elected Santorum, and now that they know him better they're choosing to not re-elect him.

'Nuff said.

I, for one, am voting for S... (Below threshold)

I, for one, am voting for Santorum. Casey caught my eye for about three days until I started reading up on him for myself. I dropped that idea pretty quickly.

Just out of curiosity, Lee, from what fair state do you hail?

Take a look at places run b... (Below threshold)

Take a look at places run by Dems, such as Detroit, Newark, NOLA, NJ, etc. How any of those top cities on the most dangerous list are GOP led cities?

Does anyone really believe that things run by Dems are run better?

While in serving i... (Below threshold)
While in serving in the House, Santorum was asked by a reporter to explain why his record on environmental policy was so dreadful. Santorum replied by observing that the environment was of little consequence in God's grand plan. "Nowhere in the Bible does it say that America will be here 100 years from now."

Lee, can you provide a link to a reputable source that says that? The site you link to is about as unbiased as Daily Kos; their "reporter" could be like that guy who kept insisting that Karl Rove was under triple-super-secret federal indictment. The quote just sounds too much like a parody of a religious conservative from a liberal perspective, rather than an actual quote.

Prove he didnt say it!... (Below threshold)

Prove he didnt say it!

Hahahahahahahahaha - you re... (Below threshold)

Hahahahahahahahaha - you republitards are very funny. Rick Santorum is a "man amoung men"? The country is in the shitter because of men like Rick Santorum, but you think he's great! Sorry, but how stupid are you people?

Gotta go. Enjoy the weekend!! Probably the last one that your right-wing thief heroes will rule the houses of congress.

Oh, one last thing - that Rev Dick Haggard (and his boy toy) did you all a big favor 3 days before the election, didn't he?


Lee,Prove you're n... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:


Prove you're not a prevaricating pedophile!

Again, the Lee troll is bus... (Below threshold)

Again, the Lee troll is busy - that wasn't my "prove it" remark above.

John AnnArbor - Here's a link at Salon.com. For some odd reason, I couldn't find the quote at Fox News - imagine that...

At the Salon website you have to click the sponsor link and sit through an ad to see the article for free.

JohnAnnArbor - <a href="htt... (Below threshold)
Like Silverbubble I am from... (Below threshold)

Like Silverbubble I am from Pennsylvania. I will vote for Rick Santorum. I've listened to Bob Casey. I've listened very hard to Bob Casey and I dropped the idea (as did Silverbubble) to vote for Bob Casey. I am not sure what Bob Casey feels strongly about. Unfortunately, I also do not think that Santorum is a great man - at least not yet. When I have written to his office about issues like illegal immigration his replies (form letters I guess) were just off point. Anyway, I am expecting he will lose on Tuesday and I think Pennnsylvania and the US Senate will survive. But PA won't be sending anything of improved quality in his place.

Slate is as unreliable of ... (Below threshold)

Slate is as unreliable of a source as ABC CBS NBC etc

I also will be voting for R... (Below threshold)

I also will be voting for Rick, although having Casey would be about like having a second Senator Anal Sphincter.

several disclaimers...I do ... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

several disclaimers...I do not live in PA..so i will not try to assume what PA folks have gone through...the lefty Dem sites are not fans of Casey...however.; PA is in the rustbelt and being laid off counts...also Pa has lost over 150 citizens in a sacrifice to fighting them over there...Bush etc...
They realize that a Pa. life lost over there is no different than a PA life lost over here..
Rick S. is being caught in the voter tide....
If Democracy speaks will some of you howl like the lamebrain Dems in 2000 and 2004? If Rick is voted out...Are you willing to admit PA folks are looking for change?

actually the reason america... (Below threshold)

actually the reason america is in the crapper is because of the leftwing being more concerned about having oral sex, whether they be hetero or homosexual.

I for one think the homosexual and heterosexual free sex revolution has made our country a whole lot better in the long run: less american citizens being born and therefore the need to hire illegal aliens, more disease, more bombing by muslim fascists unanswered for 8 yrs....the list goes on and on....

You can pick on Santorum all you want. But he has more conviction than clinton, whether the hillary or bill version, has had their whole political career. And unlike the clintons, Santorum has never broken the law.

Pennsylvania has always been a very liberal state. Hey, if they want a liberal senator thats their problem not Santorum's. a prophet is never welcome in his own country...

Also, its not over til its over. Libs & Dems can be so impatient, especially when they havent won in such a long time. Lick your bloody political knives all you want, but it doesnt mean your a winner folks.

Kim, why didn't you ... (Below threshold)
sean nyc/aa:

why didn't you promote Peggy's last column?

Here a part:
Republican political veterans go easy on ideology, but they're tough on incompetence. They see Mr. Bush through the eyes of experience and maturity. They hate a lack of care. They see Mr. Bush as careless, and on more than Iraq--careless with old alliances, disrespectful of the opinion of mankind. "He never listens," an elected official who is a Bush supporter said with a shrug some months ago. Along the way the president's men and women confused the necessary and legitimate disciplining of a coalition with weird and excessive attempts to silence Republican critics. They have lived in a closed system. They now want to open it but don't know how. Listening is a habit; theirs has long been to suppress.

Yet here she is promoting a Senator who has bought into every one of Bush's policies. There's a logical dissonance here, I hope you can see it too.

Iraq Fraud Prevention Offic... (Below threshold)

Iraq Fraud Prevention Office to be closed.

The GOP Congress, with their finger on the pulse of American Values strikes again!!

Gee, you'd almost think they like corruption.

Nice job boys. How to show America what your real values are!!

"Iraq Fraud Prevention Offi... (Below threshold)

"Iraq Fraud Prevention Office" sounds like a Dem Lib forgery to me....google it folks...

ps support oral sex, the liberal democratic method of birth control and promoter of disease, illegal immigration, and jihad distractor.

from Slate.com, the home of objective and well-rounded reporting:

"Sen. Symbol, R-Pa.
Rick Santorum's pathetic grandstanding.
By Jacob Weisberg
Posted Sunday, May 25, 1997, at 3:30 AM ET
Rick Santorum, the pudgy-faced freshman senator from Pennsylvania, is a hero among social conservatives this week for producing a big majority vote in favor of his proposed ban on partial-birth abortions. Even pro-choice pundits have declared themselves impressed that Santorum got five more votes than he did the last time his bill came up, and that this year's converts included Minority Leader Tom Daschle of South Dakota (who emitted a stream of gobbledygook when asked to explain his flip-flop)."

"But it may be worth noting that thanks to his victory, Santorum will be responsible for more, not fewer, abortions in the United States. Here's why: As the debate heated up last week, Daschle offered a compromise that the White House was apparently willing to support. Daschle's alternative would have gone far beyond what Santorum has proposed, banning abortions by any method once a fetus is "viable." The point of viability is now as early as 22 weeks into a pregnancy (and seems likely to be stalled there absent some huge scientific breakthrough--see Slate's "Gist"). But Santorum rejected Daschle's proposal in favor of his own narrower ban." ????

...in terms of Santorum's quote, it doesnt show up anywhere except Slate.com, so take it for what its worth. The only original source for this quote is the objective news site, Slate.com...go figure???...with a source like that no wonder the Libs dont show the hyperlink unless asked.

....you know, to come to think of it, thats a common trait i noticed lately about Dem Libs: they NEVER show their web sources unless asked....makes one wonder what they have to hide from everyone...hmmmmm????? hahahah

Well the voters in PA. know... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

Well the voters in PA. know the score...when they vote Rick down are you going to say they are Soros' tools...I anticipate the same finger pointing from many here as I saw from Dems in 2000..2002..2004..
Losers blame everyone but themselves..

Oh I like the gay guy who o... (Below threshold)

Oh I like the gay guy who outed this christian pastor Haggard. He seems like a real moral guy. to quote:


"Jones sat in his sparsely furnished Capitol Hill apartment and considered what lies ahead. "

"I don't know how all this will end," he said. "If he had been honest with me and told me who he was, if he had said, 'Look, I may say some things in public about gay people that you're not going to like,' I might have made a different decision. But I had to catch him being a hypocrite."

sooooo... if the pastor had said the above comments, the gay drug dealer/prostitute (who failed a lie detector test in regards to the sex issue btw http://www.denverpost.com/ci_4597552) would have let the pastor promote his anti-gay agenda?????!! whats up with this blackmailer??? I guess when you want to get away with living a double-life with a gay-drug-dealing prostitute, you should admit to him that you actually promote anti-gay marriage legislation, say two times, "please dont get mad," and said gay hooker will let you off the hook and not blackmail you? !?!? hah! this guy is as morally outraged as a mafioso hitman who lets you off the hook if you pay him enough $$ to shoot the other guy. But this gay hooker just wants to hear the right words, and he will let you off the hook, because your "not a hypocrite?" this guy has proven gays are as good at being hypocrites as straights.

Soros is playing the PA residents for all they got, although, being from the northeast me-sef, I know many PAers are really quite liberal anyway. Its been a miracle Santorum lasted this long.

oh, another BTW: if I were the Dem Libs I would anticipate the same finger pointing from them as in 2000..2002..2004..Losers blame everyone but themselves. They will be eating each other like sharks go after raw bloody meat in water. one big political mess. Already the Lib Dem knives are out in Connecticut because Joe L kicked their can.

Losers blame everyone but t... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

Losers blame everyone but themselves..
Are you projecting again from your own sewage? Did the dems admit that the voters reject them in 2000, 2002, and 2004.

Can you be intellectually honest just once?

Honesty is only a political... (Below threshold)

Honesty is only a political plus if you're not batshit crazy.






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