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Somebody (Chris Matthews) Owes Dick Cheney An Apology (Big Time)

I have been trying to go to bed for an hour, but something about this NYT Iraq nuke story was just nagging at me and I figured if I didn't blog it now I would never be able to get to sleep.

When President Bush made his case for the Iraq invasion, he gave many reasons, but the major one was WMD. The two things that stuck in my mind from those speeches he and Colin Powell and others made at that time were the references to Saddam's torture techniques, particularly the "rape rooms", and the point made by Colin Powell about how easy it would be for Saddam to pass off deadly anthrax or other chemical or bio weapons, to terrorists. I don't remember the numbers, but I do recall being shocked at the estimates of how many people could be killed by just one small briefcase full of one of the deadly chemical or bio weapons. Remember that the deadly anthrax mail attacks followed shortly after September 11, so it was still pretty fresh in most people's minds.

Chris Matthews, on the other hand, has repeated over and over and over and over and over and over (get the point?) again that what sold the American people on this war was Dick Cheney and the "mushroom cloud" reference. It may be a product of his generation that the nuclear reference is the one that stood out to him, or it might just be his almost obsessive disdain for Dick Cheney. He has beat Cheney over the head for years now with the "fact" that we discovered that Iraq had no nuclear program and there was no nuclear threat presented by Saddam Hussein. I can't help but wonder, now that the New York Times has supported Dick Cheney's pre-war argument, if Chris Matthews will admit that he owes Cheney an apology.

Okay, I don't really wonder. The guy is a broken record on this subject and won't admit anything. I have seen him interview Stephen Hayes and others presenting evidence of WMD and terrorist ties in Iraq, only to have Matthews end the segment with some statement about there being no evidence of WMD or terrorist ties in Iraq. I could pull up some of the Matthews quotes about Cheney's statements on the nuclear threat from Iraq, or I could just pull up one and then put little "ditto" marks after it about a thousand times for the same effect. Instead I will just go on to bed so I can wake up in time to see that apology. Rip Van Winkle would probably awaken before that one comes through though.

Update: The morning network "news" shows I saw barely mentioned this story, and the ones that did didn't mention the reference to Saddam being so close to having a nuke. Instead, what GMA spent an extended opening segment on was the resignation of some preacher I have never heard of and how all the evangelicals are either voting Democrat this time around or staying home. Have. To. Stay. On. Message. Can't. Let. News. Divert. Attention. From. Democrat. Talking. Points. Same old, same old on the networks. It is up to the new media, once again, to get the story out there. Here are a few bloggers doing an excellent job spreading that message:

Captain Ed who has been posting the translated Iraqi documents for months.

Jim Geraghty uses the headline all the old media should be using, but will never even come close to, and even utters the word "yellowcake."

Doug Ross Journal -- breaks it down with pictures and makes it easy for anyone, even a network news anchor, to understand.

Betsy Newmark has a good roundup of commentary.

Jim Hoft, predictably, has an excellent post featuring some of those Iraqi documents being discussed.

Update II: Hilarious! Dan at Riehl World View has found an Iraqi document sent from John Kerry to Saddam. This is "spit take" funny.

Update III: The Anchoress is brilliant, as usual. " Ohhhhhh crap! And freaking bloggers!"


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Comments (29)

When will Bush apologize to... (Below threshold)

When will Bush apologize to the parents of families and soldiers who have died needlessly in Iraq?

It's all just politics to the Republicans.

Lorrie, I'll make you a bet... (Below threshold)

Lorrie, I'll make you a bet. I ran a medical call last week for an overdose on meth. The man was as purple as a smurf from strangling on his own vomit, (no oxygen) plus whatever else meth shuts down in your body. Thanks to quick care and several shots he survived.
The bet is, you will be more purple than this guy if you hold your breath while waiting for an apology from Chrissie.


Poor old Lee, can't accept ... (Below threshold)

Poor old Lee, can't accept that the threat was real (and could have resulted in the death of millions here in the U.S.) has now been verified by the NYT's. Go cry me a river.

>Thanks to quick care and s... (Below threshold)

>Thanks to quick care and several shots he survived.

Scrapiron... not that it is information I'll ever need or use in life... but what the hell do you give somebody OD's on meth????

And I have no idea why that question struck me either....

>When will Bush apologize t... (Below threshold)

>When will Bush apologize to the parents of families and soldiers who have died needlessly in Iraq?

Needlessly? Remember Lee... If President Bush hadn't invaded Iraq, Saddam Hussein would still be power and have a nuclear weapon by now.

Lee's comments seldom have ... (Below threshold)

Lee's comments seldom have anything to do with the issue at hand. That's really not the agenda.

He reminds me of a stupid prank we used to play as kids about this time of year called "Head for the Hills": tippy-toe out of the shadows late at night, ring the neighbor's doorbell, and Head for the Hills. Then roll around on the ground giggling hysterically with your buddies. Repeat as necessary until the neighbor starts raving on his front porch.

The difference is that we grew up and nobody's laughing. But he does enjoy the role.

He should get out more with the three-dimensional people. Hopefully, among people who aren't above using the word "asshole" (excuse me) when necessary.

I wonder how a psychiatrist would describe his behavior? Malignant narcissism maybe?

Paul: Narcaine, commonly us... (Below threshold)

Paul: Narcaine, commonly used to purge a lot of different drugs from the system of drug overdoses. Most can be completely out and wake up within 5 minutes. Not quite as pronounced as giving someone in a sugar coma and amp of , well actually sugar water, The wake up, burp, fart and ask what's going on. Life is full of little wonders.

Paul: This is just a part o... (Below threshold)

Paul: This is just a part of Pre-Hospital care provided by all rescue units. Usually done on a dirty floor somewhere, in an alley, or in an upside down car. Tube them, IV them, give selected meds and transport. Wherever the victim is you can find several rescue workers/firefighters, in our area almost all are completely volunteer. I'm getting too old for this stuff but you would be surprised what some to the young (and stupid if you listen to Hanoi John) whiz kids can do. A hospital on wheels manned by young men and women, most no more that high school grads, save a lot of lives.

Paul: This is a real good a... (Below threshold)

Paul: This is a real good article on the use Narcaine. No BS, just a story. You may want to read it for information. It's what happens a lot more than people want to admit.

Weird.. I know nothing abou... (Below threshold)

Weird.. I know nothing about medicine... like nothing. I don;'t even know the difference between tylonol and advil. I know one is acydomedifin??? (I know you love the spellings)

All I know about medicine is that if you make ASA in a chem lab and snif the stuff you get a headache (very ironic) and that 25mg of Phenergan knocks me on my ass, so I ask for 12.5. (kidney stones)

That's almost literally all I know about the whole topic.

thanks, I'll read in AM... ... (Below threshold)

thanks, I'll read in AM... fadeing fast tonight.

Lee,FWIW - From wh... (Below threshold)


FWIW - From what I have heard, when The President meets/calls with the families of our fallen heros he DOES express his sorrow, his thanks, his appreciation, and his apologies. Mother Sheehan first telling of her meeting with the President she said he was very much this way.

Unless you personally have been involved everyone of these meetings/calls you have NO CLUE what was said or not said.

ordi:When addressi... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:


When addressing (Lee) you can just leave it at "you have no CLUE".

Bush has met with a lot of ... (Below threshold)

Bush has met with a lot of grieving parents. One mother said this after meeting with Bush:

"I now know he's sincere about wanting freedom for the Iraqis. I know he's sorry and feels some pain for our loss. And I know he's a man of faith."

I wish I could remember who said that...


My suggestion to Matthews f... (Below threshold)

My suggestion to Matthews for his apology.

Curl your lip, sneer and growl: "fuck you." Mr Cheyney would certainly appreciate and understand that comment.

Narcan (naloxone) works for... (Below threshold)

Narcan (naloxone) works for narcotic OD (opioids)

Romazicon (flumazenil) for benzodiazepines (valium)

Both lead to Scrappy's desciption of response.

There's no specific med for meth, though a mixture of meds is usually needed to counteract agitation, fast heart rate and high blood pressure. The chronic psychiatric impairment caused by meth abuse leads me to think the most cost-effectve treatment might be one or two low velocity 22 cal slugs to the temple.

As for the deLeesional behavior demonstrated in the very first post, I'd say there's no antidote, nor need to treat. Just press the ignore button or write a fun rhyme.

Get back on track: "NY Time... (Below threshold)

Get back on track: "NY Times - Bush Lied - People Died - but Saddam was within one year of building the BOMB!

How will the square that? After all if it is on page one of the times it has to be true!

Any bets as to whether Lee ... (Below threshold)

Any bets as to whether Lee actually read the article before posting or if he simply saw the word 'apology' and posted one of his 'standard' posts.

I seriously believe that a script who's behavior would be nearly indistinguishable from Lee's wouldn't be difficult at all. Count the frequency of certain key words 'apology', 'scandal', 'weapons', etc and hash it into a predefined set of responses...

Matthews has become Keith O... (Below threshold)

Matthews has become Keith Olbermann Lite.

I used to watch him religiouly, now I can't abide the sight of him.

One day all these sad liberals will rue the day, when they see a "mushroom cloud" rise over a major city in the U.S. Do we really want to wait around for that to happen, or continue to fight?

I think Lee is on a Meth OD... (Below threshold)

I think Lee is on a Meth OD. Quick, spare the Narcaine, more Meth!!!

Scrapiron: you're a good man for taking care of the sick, even if it's self-inflicted. Must be tough to be a conservative, and dealing with the "not responsible for myself" crowd. Frustrating, I know.

I had a client for whom I was court-appointed who had her baby taken from her when a cop saw her feeding the infant beer, to make her stop crying. Kid was drunk. It's hard to help someone who is so far gone.

Didn't I just read on this ... (Below threshold)

Didn't I just read on this site that WMDs was not the reason to start the Iraq War? I completely agree. WMDs weren't the reason, they were the excuse.

Back to the old drawing boartd, Lorie.

Re: the Kerry joke.
The Right-wing PC Police strike again.
Someone MAY have been insulted so you HAVE TO apologize.

Finally, I vow not to vote for any Dem that calls the Iraq War a quagmire.
If you can't tell the difference between a quagmire and a clusterfuck, you shouldn't be representing anyone.

If I offended anyone by using that word above, just have the Right-wing PC Police contact me to demand an apology.

Sorry - the program had bee... (Below threshold)

Sorry - the program had been dismantled by the time the Dear Leader invaded:

Um, are you that stupid? D... (Below threshold)

Um, are you that stupid? Don't the documents CLEARLY state that all of this nuclear technology was PRE-1990? And all that stuff was dismantled after the first Gulf War?

Which, ahem, is why we did not find any WMD. LMAO!!! WOW, you guys really are idiots.

Pre-1990? Ahem.... (Below threshold)

Pre-1990? Ahem.

Chris Matthews owes the ent... (Below threshold)

Chris Matthews owes the entire country an apology - if only for his pollution of the public airwaves for so many years!

So the documents the Bush a... (Below threshold)

So the documents the Bush admin released, are

a) pertaining to Saddam's PRE-1991 WMD program. NOT post-2000. So they really have no relevance to the WMD's we supposedly invaded for.

Understand? None. No one questions if Saddam had a WMD program in 1991, before the 1st Persian Gulf conflict - the question is, was there any reliable evidence that he had them right before we invaded, in 2003?

b) the documents were apparently not vetted, and not at all redacted. They apparently contained actual information and secrets on how to build atomic weapons - so now, thanks the Bush Administration, Iran, Syria, and terrorists of other nations all over the world now have easy info on how to do it.

c) so, to give those who still believe Saddam had WMD (even though the Bush administration has abandoned all efforts to find them), the Bush administration has endangered the safety of this nation.

Bra. Vo.

And you still support these guys because...?

jim----"because"--idiots li... (Below threshold)

jim----"because"--idiots like you might get elected. Get it?

"jim" ~ you moron, can you ... (Below threshold)

"jim" ~ you moron, can you not read the New York Times own report, which speaks of what Saddam has in 2002?

2002 was long after the Gulf War. Buy a freakin' calendar. While you're at it, pick up a clue.

It would be a good idea to ... (Below threshold)

It would be a good idea to take the chips off your shoulders, that way it will be easier to admit you are wrong.

You are looking at what Iraq had done before the Gulf War in 1991 and confusing it with the years right before the 2003 war on Iraq.

Jonathan Schwarz is blunt about what you guys are doing, "making this mistake is remarkably stupid to start with"

Are you guys overlooking the fact of what a screw up was made?:

"Last March, the federal government set up a Web site to make public a vast archive of Iraqi documents captured during the war. ... the site has posted some documents that weapons experts say are a danger themselves: detailed accounts of Iraq's secret nuclear research before the 1991 Persian Gulf war. The documents, the experts say, constitute a basic guide to building an atom bomb."

by the way, someone is manipulating the view counts at YouTube to make sure that facts I point out don't get widely seen. (no way in hell did the video only get 258 views. I have seen that even after someone adds a comment, the counter remianed the same.






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