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Disingenuous Headline Of The Day

I'm pretty sure that's not what "shocks" evangelicals about the Ted Haggard story...

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Eww... And I don'... (Below threshold)


And I don't mean WHAT happened. I mean how what happened was released.

First he says it's ALL untrue. Then 24 hours later, well... some of it's untrue, but I didn't do all of it. OK well, I bought some meth, but I just held on to it.... Then I threw it away. OK, OK, I admit I bought it from a male hooker, but I didn't call... OK, I guess I did call him to buy crank, but I didn't do the wild thing with him, etc, etc, etc...

OK, let's skip to the chase.

This guy, Haggard...

Was buying illegal drugs, yes?
Paying for sex with a hooker, yes?
...and getting a little "manley" love, yes?

This is sick and repressed. And I don't mean the last item. Two out of three, IS bad.

By all means, if you're into the manley men thing, go for it, my brother. Just be honest about it.


Ted who?I know thi... (Below threshold)

Ted who?

I know this will shock - shock! you, since I know everyone of consequence, or at least I know who they are, and I never heard of this dude until this news.

My feelings are identical to the cop in the old South Park episode, when Barbra Streisand demands, "Don't you know who I am?"

He replies, "Well, you ain't Fiona Apple, and if you ain't Fiona Apple, I don't give a rat's ass."

Whoever this Ted guy is, he ain't Fiona Apple.

Ive never heard of this guy... (Below threshold)

Ive never heard of this guy either and i'm a regular over at Joe Carters website.

This is a pretty sad story though. This guy is obviously in the public eye in Colorado, a teacher, and now he's trying to lie his way out.

I guess I can understand that if you've been hiding this sort of stuff for a long time from your family, friends and congregation its difficult to stop denying your sin and just fess up. But lying is just compounding the trouble.

Hopefully he'll come forward, admit he has some serious problems, and get help.

This guy is finding out the hard way that those who teach are held to a higher standard.

When did politics degenerat... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:

When did politics degenerate to the level that the actions of one practicaly unknown (on the national level) person become of any importance in national ellections? As the Dems keep screaming about Kerry, "He's not running for anything", nor I might add is he likely to be giving campain speeches for anyone who is. Are his action hypocritical in light of his profesion?
Most definately, but that seems to go with the territory these days. Those that should be the most outraged are the ones that he has taken money from, and the rest of us need to get on with something important.

This topic came up last nig... (Below threshold)

This topic came up last night at Bible study and no one there had heard of him either, before this. I agree with Baggi that it's difficult to stop denying your sin but lying is compounding the problem.

Anyone not from Colorado or... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

Anyone not from Colorado or an evangelical christian probably wouldn't know him....his mega church has 14,000 members...but more importantly he was President of the Christian Evangelical Association..with millions of members...

Let's see have you heard of Donald Rumsfield..?
Check your monday copy of Army Times..Air Force..Navy Marine..The editorial calls for him to resign...
Looks like you can either support our troops OR our President. Here is the link..

Let's see have you heard... (Below threshold)

Let's see have you heard of Donald Rumsfield..?


Have I ever heard of Robert Hodierne before today?


Best I can tell, Mr. Hodierne is the editor of the Army, Air Force, & Navy Times and he is calling for Rumsfeld's resignation. I don't subscribe to any of these publications so I don't have access to the editorial. However, I can tell you that I don't agree with most of the editorials in the Louisville Courier Journal even though it is my local newspaper. Therefore, I cannot accept this statement:

Looks like you can either support our troops OR our President.

It should read:

Looks like you can either support Robert Hodierne or our President.

I choose our President.

Not being into TV preachers... (Below threshold)

Not being into TV preachers, who the he** is Heggard and who cares about him. Sounds like another Jim and Tammy show to me. Send money, send money, hey, that's the DNC. I truthfuly had never heard his name until yesterday.
Was he the victim of another homosexual outing by the democrats? Must be to get on the news. Do the democrats really hate homosexuals that bad. At least the republicans are live and let live, leave me alone and i'll leave you alone.

Ted who?... (Below threshold)

Ted who?

Ive never heard of this guy either and i'm a regular over at Joe Carters website.

Right, the Rev. Ted Haggard, president of the National Association of Evangelicals, an organization wtih 30 million members. Never heard of him. Evangelical? What's that? WMD? Iraq? What?

Tell me, what does denying knowledge of this guy's existence get you? I'm trying to understand the neocon mindset.

Haggard wasn't the fire and... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Haggard wasn't the fire and brimstone preacher that other well known evangelists are. I just think he succumbed to what atheists call human temptation..Switching tootpaste brand didn't give him enough of a thrill. What was it that Oscar Wilde said "The best way to get rid of a temptation is to give into it."
From a Harpers profile. "New Lifers," Pastor Ted writes with evident pride, "like the benefits, risks, and maybe above all, the excitement of a free-market society." They like the stimulation of a new brand. "Have you ever switched your toothpaste brand, just for the fun of it?" Pastor Ted asks. "Admit it, he insists. All the way home, you felt a "secret little thrill," as excited questions ran through your mind: "Will it make my teeth whiter? My breath fresher?" This is the sensation Ted wants pastors to bring to the Christian experience. He believes it is time "to harness the forces of free-market capitalism in our ministry."

I don't know anything about... (Below threshold)
J Smith:

I don't know anything about this guy and i go to church twice a week. It seems like the gay mafia is working hand in hand with the DNC to sway folks away from voting so that they can teach children how to be gay like they are now doing in Mass. public elementary schools since gay marriage has been legalized in Senator Kerry & Ten Kennedys state. It's more able bodys for the Man/boy love associations if gay marriage is legalized.

I've heard of Ted Haggard, ... (Below threshold)

I've heard of Ted Haggard, but only vaguely. Now that it's mentioned, I think I also heard that he was president of the NAE. That's about the extent of what I knew of him before this scandal.

I suppose it doesn't matter how well-known Mr. Haggard really was. What matters is that the world will think he was in the inner circle of Christian leaders, so they'll paint us all with the same brush because of it. Such is life, I suppose.

Mr. Haggard fought against homosexual marriage. Mr. Haggard turns out to be an alleged homosexual. Mr. Haggard is a hypocrite. Therefore, all Christians who are against homosexual marriage are hypocrites.

That may not be everybody's reaction, but I can guarantee you that some people will draw such conclusions. I know because I've already talked to some of them.

What matters is th... (Below threshold)
What matters is that the world will think he was in the inner circle of Christian leaders

The world will be correct, then.

I've heard of Haggard. ... (Below threshold)

I've heard of Haggard.

When caught in a bind, human instinct usually leads one to deny those things that will cause them to be scorned. So the fact he denied the allegations from the get-go is not a surprise, even for a Pastor who would preach about false witness being a sin. Pastors are mortal, just like everyone else. The problem is that their indiscretions shed a negative light upon Christ.

And it's not a surprise that after consultation with his peers in the church, he admitted his wrongdoing. That's called accountability. If he has told the whole truth with the disclosure about the speed and the "massage" (whatever that means), then that's the end of it IMO. The real trouble would come if he continued to lie.

My truth-o-meter has him pegged as a guy who is telling the truth right now. Who knows what his intentions were except God and Ted Haggard?

Finally, this is not a political problem, this is a religious problem. Christianity gets knocked all the time because of the "practice what you preach" doctrine to which the public holds Christians. And the Media loves to exploit a situation like this.

Our brave President, the on... (Below threshold)

Our brave President, the one who doesn't get swayed by popular opinion, never heard of him either.
Nor Abramhoff, nor Kenny Boy.

Looks like the White House will have to order another bunch of buses for our brave leader to throw his friends under.

Bush, resolute?

He's as resolute as he is accountable.

More people have heard of T... (Below threshold)

More people have heard of Ted Haggard than Keith Olbermann. Yet today Wizbang has a whole post dedicated to attacking Keith Olbermann.

You may not have personally heard of Ted Haggard, and I believe you. But don't pretend he's a nobody. Unless nobodies get weekly conference calls with the White House.

On the news here in Denver.... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

On the news here in Denver...his church just fired him officially...what is wrong is that he rose to very high power by telling people what they wanted to hear even though he himself did not ascribe..it is like Foley...his actions would not be so wrong if he had not headed a Committee and push for laws that he himself was breaking...
as the great Jimmy Cliff sings(some of you may have heard of him..he is a great Jamaican musican) "The harder they come..the harder they fall, one and all"

I know the idiotic moonbats... (Below threshold)

I know the idiotic moonbats think all "evangelical Christians" are part of some unified movement, but of course that is ridiculous. Larger church groups may affiliate loosely in some form, which remains mainly irrelevant to local churches and their members.

Now, this guy may CLAIM to somehow represent "30 million" people, but I can pretty much guarantee you that anyone who did speak for 10% of the total population, and a subgroup with a high voting percentage, would be very well known, not only to evangelical Christians who are politically active, but to pretty much everyone who is politically aware.

Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson became household names with far fewer followers.

So, I call "BS" on the whole story. This guy is at some group that asked evangelical congregations to "register" for a clearinghouse or something, then claimed he is the leader of 30,000,000 people who never heard of him.

Believe if you want to. Democrats are usually more creative in their lies. Guess they are getting desperate?

Yes, I have heard of Robert... (Below threshold)
Proinsias Faulkner:

Yes, I have heard of Robert Hodierne, and have also read his resume online -- thanks, whoever posted that. Outstanding credentials. He is a U.S. Army veteran and a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist known for thoughtful reporting and thorough investigative work.
Let's not be shallow and confuse the messenger with the message. These four military publications are not one person, but try to report accurately on the state of the U.S. military.
I am a veteran of Vietnam, Panama and the Gulf War, who believes all opinions should be aired and not just limited to Rah-Rah for Our Team!






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