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Is There No Limit?

Ms. Underestimated has the video of Amy Richards on The O'Reilly Factor last night defending a truly dispicable baby killer. I saw the interview late last night and was shocked not only by Ms. Richards' words, but by her cavalier attitude. If you are an abortionist, some people will give you a green light to kill under almost any circumstance. It is truly shocking and although O'Reilly got a bit animated, I think he did a pretty good job keeping control considering what she said. It helped that they were not in the same studio.

Update: The Anchress and Phil in the comments section reminded me that this is the same woman who aborted two of her triplets so that she wouldn't be condemned to a life of shopping for big jars of mayonnaise at Costco. You can read that story here (registration required).

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Lorie, by describing her at... (Below threshold)

Lorie, by describing her attitude as "cavalier" you have PERFECTLY captured her!

She considers ANY unborn child...even MOMENTS before birth as just so many cells in a clump. Utterly unworthy of her notice or ANYONE'S concern.

She was the calm face of evil, rationalizing her disregard for human life with ease.

Confronted with the FACTS that the DEATH FACTORY she is supporting is not just aborting fetuses in their first weeks of life (bad enough)...but actually snuffing out the lives of REAL CHILDREN days or weeks before birth, when they are FULLY VIABLE. All the "mother" need do is say that she feels some aspect of health (including "mental", "financial", etc) is threatened.

Jaw dropping outrage...jaw dropping!

I had the same thought. I'... (Below threshold)

I had the same thought. I'm not an outspoken anti-abortion person, although I don't like it, but when I see someone so morally blind that she can't even concede some sort of reasonable restriction on the right basically of others to abort a 10 or 12 year old's fetus (I can't recall the age, but it was damn low), then it is clearly an outrage.

My wife, who was nursing our 3 month old baby, and is from a foreign country of conservative family values, was shocked out of her shoes, to say the least.

Something that just occurre... (Below threshold)

Something that just occurred to me. Nicaragua last week just passed a complete abortion ban with no health exception for the mother, no exceptions. Now, that's a bit extreme, I concede.

However, it passed with the support of Danny Ortega and his band of Sandinistas. I wonder if the NARAL and Dem. crowd gets wind of this, it will undermine their support of the socialists in Nicaragua. Violation of the cardinal rule in the Church of the Holy Abortion.

"it will undermine their s... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

"it will undermine their support of the socialists in Nicaragua"

Ha! The twists and turns they go through may rip open the space-time continuum, but they will always support the socialists in Nicaragua.

Who's Anne Richards?... (Below threshold)

Who's Anne Richards?

Abortion is their highest a... (Below threshold)

Abortion is their highest altar, but they are smart enough to know that what goes on with that one issue in Nicaragua will not affect them -- they just want to have more communists and terrorists in control (see their support of Islamics even in light of how Islamics view and treat women).

As our great President said that we cannot negotiate with terrorists, we cannot negotiate with abortionists and liberals. It is not going to work by talking to them and trying to convince them. We are a nation at war -- the secular humanists and those they've deceived -- they have launched a coup d'etat. We have a choice to embrace them as our leaders, or stay loyal to God who will soon return. We HAVE to make a choice.

I apologize if somebody alr... (Below threshold)

I apologize if somebody already made this connection, but this woman is the one who bragged in the NYT about aborting 2 of her 3 triplets because she didn't want to be "one of those people buying mayonnaise at Costco".


Phil...thank you, no one ha... (Below threshold)

Phil...thank you, no one had connected her.

I'm disgusted all over.

Ms. Underestimated has t... (Below threshold)

Ms. Underestimated has the video of Amy Richards on The O'Reilly Factor last night defending a truly dispicable baby killer.

Ending abortion will take more than demonizing its supporters, and shooting its practitioners -- nice way to show your reverence for life, BTW: creating martyrs for the cause of abortion. (The people who have shot and bombed those abortionists feel the way you do; therefore we can safely paint you with their colors. Please don't pretend that you do the same thing to liberals.)

If this were an actual forum for solving human problems in the world, we would be reaching for ways to convince abortion's fans that the lives they're taking are human and precious; instead, what we've got here is the polarization of the issue, another brick tossed through another window.

I have never been convinced of anything in the heat of an argument in my life, and neither have you. Calling me names will not change my mind; convincing me of the fact of a proposition by enlisting my sympathies will win me over.

Tell me, Lorie, do you think the hippies calling soldiers "baby killers" are convincing those soldiers not to serve their country? Would you feel closer to my point of view if I said that your are a goddamn neocon hypocrite, and that those babies are the only lives in the world that you would not take?

You support the war in Iraq, therefore you are in league with the baby killers in uniform, right? Therefore you yourself are a militaristic baby killer.

What? You don't accept that? I'm thoroughly convinced of my proposition and I'm sincere -- and I'm calling you the worst names I can think of. Why don't you agree?

Try it on, think it over. I am odd, but not evil.

astigafa...I am one of thos... (Below threshold)

astigafa...I am one of those who concedes that ADULT women (I'll include 17 and over) should be able to choose to have an abortion in the 1st tri-mester. I don't like it when they so "choose", but I will concede it.

For GIRLS, especially 15 and below, I am absolutely of a mind that their PARENTS should AT LEAST be informed of the matter. At least!

For ALL pregnancies I am convinced that abortions BEYOND the mid-point of the 2nd tri-mester should be forbidden EXCEPT in cases where the child (yes, "it" is a HUMAN at that point) has NO CHANCE of survival, or the mother's PHYSICAL LIFE is medically shown to be threatened.

In the 3rd tir-mester there is ZERO rationale to murder a human baby when ot could just as easily be delivered, by c-section if necessary, and given up for adoption.

For the moron that was on O'Reilly last night to callously dismiss BABIES who are within DAYS of being born as below her consideration was absolutely horrid!

This bitch (with apologies to canines everywhere) is as morally repugnant a person as there is. How would YOU like to be her son, and find out she TERMINATED THE LIVES of your twin siblings with you right next to them in the womb?? (from her interview)

Whether you believe in God, karma or just flat out "what goes around comes around"...this worthless collection of human-like cells deserves the worst life and beyond has to offer!!

So, it's now radical chic n... (Below threshold)

So, it's now radical chic not to shop at Costco. Shit, I thought I only had to avoid Wal-Mart. But, Costco? They just built one down the street that we HAVE to join, because my wife is excited, and therefore, so am I.

What a f'n BITCH she truly is. Has she killed her husband yet? Maybe he killed himself (if he now realizes what he married).

Hey, a fetus here, a fetus there, WTF. I don't want to buy mayo at Costco. If it weren't true, it'd be a joke for us anti-abortionists.

BITCH reference to abortion... (Below threshold)

BITCH reference to abortion-lady, not wife. I just want to get that straight lest Lee or Pew! jump on that one.

astigafa - I wasn't even tr... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

astigafa - I wasn't even trying to make a case for or against abortion. I wasn't trying to convert anyone in this post and I didn't call Richards names as you proposed calling me a "G__D____ neocon hypocrite" and whatever else you said. I did call the baby killer a baby killer and dispicable because I think that is what baby killers are. If I were trying to convince someone that abortion is wrong I might have described the procedure or shown them a sonogram of the baby the latest stages in which abortion is allowed. I did not feel it necessary to convince anyone that partially delivering a full term baby so that a needle could be inserted into his or her head in order to kill him or her was necessary. I guess I was wrong.

There is a difference between accidentally killing an innocent when aiming at a bad guy and partially delivering a baby so that you can stick a needle into the back of the baby's head and kill it.

I was just commenting on a truly shccking statement by what appears to be a member of the human race. It shocks me when people think it is okay to kill babies seconds before birth. Why not seconds after birth? Heck, it is just a matter of a few seconds, and the mom is having a bad day so what the heck? I find the attitude shocking (that is the only word that really fits) and have to wonder if she would support the killing if it was being done by the Republican husband of the woman. I don't think she would. But the same act, done by an abortionist is something to be defended. Sorry, I am not buying it and I will not stop pointing out stuff like this just because it hurts someone's feelings. I am shocked anyone would defend this position. Shocked, I tell you.

Justrand:Don't kno... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:


Don't know if your still around, but I'm glad to see that someone realized that some compromise must be reach over abortion. I agree that, although I personally don't care for the notion of abortion, it is highly unlikely that I'm ever going to have to face the problem(to old and wrong gender), and I don't like making value judgements about what other people do with theit own bodies. That being said, I see no reason that putting a time limit, say end of first trimester, on abortions would at least, although making neither side happy, create a momentary situation that everyone could live with, except perhaps the first tromester featus. Abortion is tearing this country apart, and I see no end other than some compromise.

Actually, Bill was not aski... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:

Actually, Bill was not asking Richards about abortion, but about the clinic being forced to turn over the name of the rapist. She refused to even answer this question, and dodged it again and again. Her failure to condemn the rapist of an under age girl cost her any possible credibility that she might have had with the viewing audience.

I am shocked anyone woul... (Below threshold)

I am shocked anyone would defend this position. Shocked, I tell you.

Strange. You set it up.

Baby killer.

USMC Pilot...I agree comple... (Below threshold)

USMC Pilot...I agree completely. Compromise, and rationality are absolutely called for in the case of abortion. thx!

oh and astigafa...WTF???

Astigafa, you are an idiot ... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Astigafa, you are an idiot and a fucking asshole. STFU. Stick your head back up your ass where it rests comfortably most of the time. For a slime sucking scumbag like you to call Lorie a baby killer puts you in a special catagory of asshole. I have a question for you. Why don't you do us all a faver and perform a post natal abortion on yourself. Leave pictures on YouTube for all of us to enjoy. For you to call our troops Baby Killers makes you a liar and a traitor. But we already knew that did we not?

Women are now bragging abou... (Below threshold)

Women are now bragging about their abortions. In a few years they will be begging for welfare to pay for their mental health care as they will have lost everything, including their sanity. It's happening by the thousands already and is covered up by mental health workers.

astigafa,may many ... (Below threshold)


may many abortions happen in your family. I don't try to convince any liberals anymore. They are my enemies and I treat them as such. May you and your family go to hell.

I am against late term abor... (Below threshold)

I am against late term abortion unless the mother is truly in danger.

But there are WAY MORE issues at stake here and I WOULD NEVER vote Republican - N E V E R .

What do you say we start taking care of fully grown people, not only "fetuses" - even if they happen to be Iraqi civilians.

Lets' use our brains here - a 25 year old has WAY MORE VALUE than a 6 month fetus.

But a 25 year old should be... (Below threshold)

But a 25 year old should be able to take care of himself a majority of the time. A 6 month old fetus can have much more value than the jobless father of 7 by 5 different women and can't pay for the children and uses his government money to buy weed and x-box games for his 360 on his 27" TV.

By chance I happened to see... (Below threshold)

By chance I happened to see that O'Reilly segment with that vile and repulsive female creature.At one point O'Reilly asked her if she approved of that particular abortion clinic's policy of not naming rapists to police-and she did! Who made that crack about the banality of evil? Astigafa, it would greatly help the cause of ending abortion if every American was to see that exchange.That monsterous woman demonized herself-thoroughly.If you think anti-abortion people haven't made an effort to convince people that those aborted are human you've been living under a rock for the last 43 years.Complaining that showing what this woman said last night is polarizing is a sure sign that you worry it would undercut support for abortion-no doubt it would be divisive too.Interesting that you brought up that old beloved-by-leftists "baby killer" slur again.Was that because you felt like it was a good thing to bring up in defense of the ACTUAL living, breathing baby killer right there before your eyes-or was it just a Fruedian slip?

Yeah Greg, right.A... (Below threshold)

Yeah Greg, right.

A fellow Democrat once pointed out that conservatives only care about the unborn and then once the baby is born they're entirely on their own - even if their screwed.

It took me about a second to think about it and I realized that it is true.

Absolutely wrong, Timmy. N... (Below threshold)

Absolutely wrong, Timmy. No, I don't think gov't programs should carry people, and I think gov't programs should be more strict as to who can get help and under what terms. I know many people who just don't give a fuck that they are screwing the system. They know it, they love it. I don't want my tax dollars supporting their lazy asses, I will tell you that straight out. I'm glad however to help anyone, ANYONE who wants to better themself and needs a hand up. You ignorant liberal jerks who think conservatives don't care about people have your heads so far up your asses. You have no idea what I give, what I do to help, but just assume I don't give a shit. How many homeless friends have you let live with your family? How much food and clothing have you given to those in need? Or do you just spend your time bitching about those greedy careless conservatives? Fuck you and the horse you rode in on.

I'm sorry, anyone that plac... (Below threshold)

I'm sorry, anyone that places the value of a fetus over an Iraqi or an Iranian - ie. anyone eager to go to war and bomb and kill - before our governments have attempted any REAL dialogue and diplomacy - is just not right in the head.

Timmy, I doubt you have muc... (Below threshold)

Timmy, I doubt you have much experience in this world if you are relying on some liberal to tell you have "we" on the right are. You must be an academic, or about 20 years old.

It is my experience that most conservatives are more complex in their thinking--it takes a bit more thought and logic to see that you can help a man by giving him a proverbial fish, or better, give him a fishing pole and teach him to fish and feed himself.

The "straight line" reflex to try to shove other people's money at problems to make you feel morally superior about yourself is a liberal trait that is not moral, superior, or intellectually thoughtful.

You have only to look at the human wreckage of the Great Society programs of the 60's and 70's to see how foolish the Left's approach truly is.

But it takes experience, and responsibility and work in the real world to figure it out for yourself. Just look at history and what has happened to the socialist movements all over the world. They are either dead or dying, and completely discredited.

And the same type of thinking undergirds current liberal thought. It's not really "liberal" at all when you consider what it has done throughout modern history.

Timmy, your ludicrous argum... (Below threshold)

Timmy, your ludicrous argument about Iranians and Iraqis doesn't really deserve a response. Except, I would say, were I an Iraqi or Iranian, which you know nothing about--the suffering under muderous dictators and radical clerics--I would want my family to at least get a chance to do better under a U.S. led military mission to free me and my family from those who oppress and murder.

It's another instance of your moral vanity and the making judgments for others whom you don't really think much about. I would love to see you spend one day of your miserable life under Saddam or the Iranian Mullahs. We'd see your lousy attitude change pretty quickly when you and your family were marched into a field somewhere and shot, I would bet.

Lorie Bird,You had... (Below threshold)

Lorie Bird,

You had said...

"There is a difference between accidentally killing an innocent when aiming at a bad guy..."

I too believe that this is true.

I heard an interview this morning with a gentleman who was on the team for high value targeting during the Iraq invasion.

In his interview he describes what he calls the "magic number". To paraphrase, the value of human life that we put on accidentally killing an innocient when aiming at a bad guy is set by our government at exactly 30 to one.

It's (thirty) 30 to one. Exactly.

So, with respect, next time this comes up, you can quote the exact number.

Our government is willing to accept the murder of 30 innocient men, women, and children to kill one bad guy.

I'm not attempting to dispute the rest of your article, or pick a fight with you.

I just wanted people to know that our administration has already done the math. And it has set an exact value on human life. We can work it out on a calculator now.

It's the "magic number".


John,A high value ta... (Below threshold)

A high value target does not always = 1 person.
HVTs can be a person, a position (like an entrenched mortar), a power plant, a bridge, etc. Anything that the opposition command either needs to succeed, or would find success very difficult without.
While I would love a citation or a name to go with your recollection, I'll still address it: Based on what you said, the context is the invasion. No the current situation. Not a targeted strike. Not a sniper hitting 30 people to get the one they really wanted.
What you are describing is a conscious decision on the part of the US military to not hit an HVT if they thought there was decent chance of killing civilians beyond a random sample (ie, the unpredictable pedestrian factor).
Look back at previous wars.
What was the math there? A lot different than >30, scrub the mission.
Also keep in mind, where Saddam and company liked to put their HVTs. Right in the middle of civilians. Because they knew the US'd do their best to minimize civilian deaths.

I've noticed that some of y... (Below threshold)

I've noticed that some of you have carefully avoided voicing your own opinion of Ms. Richards and those who think like her while you are eager to criticize those who have made their opinions known. Can one assume by your careful omission that you agree with her ideas? Not necessarily. But that doesn't stop you from making other assumptions. There is no comparison between the Iraq war and late term abortion. None. No matter how far you have to stretch things.

Even Mitchell's and Justrand's candid observations and realism were ignored by Timmy, Astigafa and John.

Is it that hard to accept that many are willing, albeit reluctantly, to concede that if abortion must be a reality that it be done in the first trimester?

It's never enough that a pro-life individual might acquiesce to the ugly reality of abortion, yet still hold the opinion that it is basically wrong. Pro-choicers want more. They want you to actually embrace it as acceptable or you will be subjected to even further criticism.

I personally do not see a d... (Below threshold)

I personally do not see a difference between abortion in the first trimester and abortion at late term. A baby is killed in both circumstances. Parsing out at which point in human fetal development it's "okay" to snuff out the human is a most bizarre exercise, in my humble opinion. It is a farce and a false deliniation. Like "Okay, chop off the arms and a leg but for God's sake don't chop off the head!" Stupid rationale.

Plus everyone has their panties in a twist about making sure little girls and grown women get those abortions if they were raped. Do you realize how few pregnancies are actually the result of forcible rape? The number is miniscule. Minute. Menstruating human females are fertile for about 8-24 hours in a monthly cycle. What are the chances that the rape is going to take place EXACTLY in that 8-24 hour period? Exceedingly more miniscule. Very, very, very few pregnancies are the result of forcible rape.

And somebody needs to explain how murder improves sexual assault. If you did any kind of research you would find that for a "normal" person, abortion is a deeply wounding event in a woman's life. One from which many never recover.

But the limp liberal men and the feminist skanks of the world don't want you to know that.

O'Reilly may have stepped i... (Below threshold)

O'Reilly may have stepped in it. Patient confidentiality is nothing to mess with.


My point, SAHMmy, is that e... (Below threshold)

My point, SAHMmy, is that even though some are willing to concede the allowance for abortion at an early stage, that's never enough to make some people happy.

For the record, I am against abortion. But I can understand some extreme curcumstances.

curcumstances? Doh.... (Below threshold)

curcumstances? Doh.

Great dialoque on his topic... (Below threshold)

Great dialoque on his topic! Here's a new, short play I've created about this thread:

Bill enters left
Bill: Yeah, well Rex is a real @$$h0!e, and he wants to shoot Buffalloed termination-assistance doctors!

Rex enters right
Rex: Yeah, you're almost right, I want to shoot you, you f^[email protected] @[email protected]!

USMC Pilot quickly enters from the center of the orchestra pit.
USMC Pilot: Here I come to save the day!

Audience applaudes.

How much would ms richards ... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

How much would ms richards have defended them it they had killed a dog or gopher?






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