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Just like a bad neighbor...

Having a messy neighbor is bad enough. It drives down your property values, it's an eyesore, and it's just plain gross. But when your neighbor's garbage starts spilling over on to your property and puts your family at risk, it's time to say something.

Well, that's finally happening here in New Hampshire.

Massachusetts has a reputation for being "soft" on crime, and it's a reputation they got the old-fashioned way: they earned it. This first came to national attention back in 1988, when Willie Horton became a household name. Horton was serving "life without parole" for murder when he was granted a weekend furlough out of prison -- a brief respite he used to go commit a rape and armed robbery. This quickly brought an end to the program (along with doing severe damage to then-Governor Mike Dukakis' presidential ambitions), but the general tendency of leniency towards violent criminals continued unabated.

The most recent outrage was when Judge Maria Lopez (now a TV judge, where she can cause far less harm) had Charles "Ebony" Horton (no relation, I believe, to Willie Horton) before her. Horton had kidnapped and assaulted an 11-year-old boy, threatening him with a screwdriver to his throat to perform sexual acts. The boy escaped before the sexual assault progressed beyond the "attempted" stage.

Well, Judge Lopez was very sympathetic to the victim here. No, not the boy, the REAL victim -- Horton, a pre-operative transsexual. Fearful for how other prisoners might treat Horton, Judge Lopez sentenced him to probation and house arrest. She also upbraided and threatened the protesting prosecutor with contempt charges.

Normally, I'd just go tsk, tsk and say that people tend to get the government they deserve. If they keep electing legislators who don't pass better sentencing laws, governors who don't nominate responsible judges, and the like, then that's their problem.

But it isn't just their problem.

More and more Massachusetts dirtbags are meandering north to here in New Hampshire, committing fresh crimes. And since they tend to have minimized or sterilized records that conceal their prior misdeeds, our judges don't have a true picture of just who is before them.

This is being driven home with the case of Michael Addison, accused of killing Manchester police officer Michael Briggs.

Addison has a rather lengthy criminal background, but not all that is reflected in his official rap sheet.

  • At the age of 16, he pulled a loaded gun on another youth and pulled the trigger -- twice. But the revolver didn't happen to fire, so he was let off lightly.
  • Less than a year later, he robbed, kicked, and knifed another boy on a basketball court. He spent three years in prison before being released on probation -- which he promptly violated and went back into prison.
  • He had several other arrests on his record, many of them "continued without a finding."

Briggs is now under arrest in Massachusetts, fighting extradition back to New Hampshire -- where he faces capital murder charges, and our Attorney General has already stated that she will be seeking the death penalty.

We're getting pretty used to taking out Massachusetts' garbage for them. But this time the trash bill was pretty damned high. It's long past time they started cleaning up their own messes.

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What kills me is these libe... (Below threshold)

What kills me is these liberals who get fed up in their blue states, run for the red states, and then continue to support the kinds of liberal politicians who support policies that screwed up the blue state they had to flee. WTF??

As they say, you can lead a lib to greener pastures, but you still cannot make them think....

What really bothers me is t... (Below threshold)

What really bothers me is the parole system. Take for example, the woman in Reno that allegedly set the fire in the hotel that killed 9 people. She had previosly been convicted of murder and given 2 life sentances. After a short stay in prison, she was paroled. How do you explain that to the relatives of the 9 dead?

Can we send you some of our... (Below threshold)

Can we send you some of our serial killers from Florida?

Texas is going through a si... (Below threshold)

Texas is going through a similar situation with the dregs who were let out of jail during Katrina, and those who had yet to go to jail from N'Orleans...the part of the city the cops refused to visit.

I doubt they realized we're a concealed-carry state, but they're learning it. San Antonio crime has skyrocketed by 80-some%, as has Houston, Dallas, and other cities in Texas. It will take some time to get it under control, but the number of these thugs who have had the temerity to break into homes, most have had their butts shot, so it may slow the occurrences down...but it may send the bad guys toward more lenient, less well-armed states.

Keep your piece handy, my friend.

Hey Oyster, you can send yo... (Below threshold)

Hey Oyster, you can send your serial killers up to Georgia. We've run out of them and are back to using paper targets.

lol!... (Below threshold)


Dems:The 'bad hand... (Below threshold)


The 'bad hands' people.

Look what happens when you ... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Look what happens when you have these liberal judges who give slap on the wrist to their crinimals this judge should not only be removed from the bench but be dispeaned and the crinimals should be barred from being able to fight his extradition back to NEW HAMSHIRE

My brother was looking to b... (Below threshold)
not today:

My brother was looking to borrow money to pay off court fines so that he could relocate in another state. A friend of mine, a Mass State Police offered to look up his record to see exactly what was owed and if the amount he asked for would take care of things. When my friend was done, he was quite angry at my brother and the 'justice' system. He indicated that after he read my brother's jacket, he was quite uncertain why anyone should risk their lives to become Police offices when the courts slap the hands of offenders and release them to do more harm. My brother needs to be in jail, but Massachusetts is quit happy to let him run free.






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