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Saddam verdict: Death by hanging

Saddam Hussein has been found guilty of crimes against humanity and sentenced to death by hanging, according to the BBC, Gateway Pundit reports.

The former Prime Minister got life in prison, three other officials received 15 year sentences, and one was acquitted for lack of evidence. Read the details and link to other reports at the link above.


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Comments (16)

Would have saved a lot of t... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:

Would have saved a lot of time, trouble, and probably lives if the soldier who found him had just tosed a grenade into the hole.

USMC Pilot you must not hav... (Below threshold)

USMC Pilot you must not have heard of the Bush "November surprise."

You know the one where Bush plans a Saddam escape in the early hours of Monday before the election and as Saddam flees Rumsfeld, in country secretly, shoots Saddam in the back.

Images released later show Rummy foot on Saddam's neck holding a sign that reads "Mission Accomplished."

(close satire tags here____)

It's nice to dream isn't it? I wish I could supply the rope.

The Dems are in mourning to... (Below threshold)

The Dems are in mourning today.

You'r right the dems are in... (Below threshold)

You'r right the dems are in mourning. But it's mourning that the country is full of idiots who make idiotic, ignorant, stupid statements like yours.

But, what will Chomsky have... (Below threshold)

But, what will Chomsky have to say?

I guess Saddam isn't a year... (Below threshold)

I guess Saddam isn't a year away from a nuke NOW...is he?

The Democrat party is popul... (Below threshold)

The Democrat party is populated by more people like Ramsey Clark than dupes like Hugh will ever care to admit.

"Idiotic, ignorant, stup... (Below threshold)

"Idiotic, ignorant, stupid statements," Hugh?

Bullshit. And you know it. If you've got the stomach, go troll through the swamps of DU, Kos, MoveOn, Oliver Willis or any other mainstream lefty blog (and don't try the dodge that they're not 'mainstream' left. When a former VP candidate's wife, a former VP and a former POTUS post at your blog or your blog is the power behind a candidate for US Senate, you're pretty damn mainstream).

Go on, I dare you. Thanks for the verdict? Hope Iraqis will soon move on from this verdict to a united country? Nope. "I question the timing," "more BusHitler lies," "sure, Saddam was bad, but. . ." and the inevitable "goddamn red state Rethuglikkans are going to use this to steal the election!"
Listen to Howard Dean, George Stephanopolous, Bill Clinton, George Soros, Michael Moore - nothing but sorrow. What's good for America is bad for the Democrat Party. That lousy dry drunk frat boy Bush just got handed another "mission accomplished" sign to strut around with and all those knuckle-dragging Jeebus-freak homophobe red staters will eat it up, the whole bunch of idiots.

But cheer up, Hugh. Election Day is in two days. You nuanced reality-based folk might just get to impeach Chimpy yet. If you've got any other plan, I don't know what it is.

Justrand,I gues... (Below threshold)


I guess Saddam isn't a year away from a nuke NOW...is he?

If there were a rating system for comments I'd have to rate this one somewhere around...perfect.

Wow cmd you need a tranqili... (Below threshold)

Wow cmd you need a tranqilizier....just remember that on Tuesday:
Happy Days Are Here Again!!

Go through Kos et al....hell I gladly belong to them all!!!

Hugh Pot - Mr. Kettle on li... (Below threshold)

Hugh Pot - Mr. Kettle on line one.

Looks like someone got unde... (Below threshold)

Looks like someone got under hughie's (thin) skin. snicker snicker.

As so much else.......Sadda... (Below threshold)
civil behavior:

As so much else.......Saddam's "nuclar" power was eliminated in 1991. That was when he might have had the power to pursue "nuclar" which of course the Reagan/Bush politicos were ever so happy to provide him. THAT is what the NYT areticle was stating, that is of course if one bothered to read the whole thing and not simply run away with some republican talking points.

Republicans are unwilling to admit that the reason Saddam had the power he did was because he understood what centuries of Tribe and Clan meant in keeping order in a country like Iraq. UNSCOM had performed the most intrusive inspections in all the sites proffered by the US intelligence agencies and stated that there were no wmd's. What the US has come to find out that it actuality it would have been better to keep Saddam in opwer to control the tribes and clans of Iraq but then there was the oil Bush and his buddies needed. Republicans will NEVER admit to that but it has always has been about the oil. Not wmd's that an exposed penny ante dictator sdidn't have but about the oil. It was all about the oil.

We have managed to have 600K plus Iraqi's killed, over 22K of our own kids maimed or killed and $380 billion dollars wasted when a targeted covert operation by a jackal would have sufficed. It was all about the oil idiots and where the money flows.

Foolish Americans.............

OK civil, so how come with ... (Below threshold)

OK civil, so how come with 8 years to try it, yur ol' buddy Bubba didn't git 'er done with a jackal?

civilDon't call ou... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:


Don't call our armed forces 'kids', or stop commenting here.

Well, Marc and USMC Pilot, ... (Below threshold)

Well, Marc and USMC Pilot, according to Frank J. over at imao.us, Rumsfeld is more prone to bare-handed strangulation than shooting a person in the back. I suspect that Rumsfeld will think that rope is a waste of money and do the whole "hanging" thing manually.






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