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This Is How The MSM Helps Voters

Bruce Kesler has a post about how the media "helps" voters sort through news prior to an election. He quotes examples from a couple of newspapers admitting their shortcomings.

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It's probably too late for ... (Below threshold)

It's probably too late for the antique MSM but by the paid ad's they're running on the blogs they now know they are up sh** 'creek' without a paddle. More and more people are cancelling their subscriptions daily. That has to hurt the egotistical bast***s where it hurts most, in the pocketbook. Now everyone can cancel any subscriptions to the military news (sic) papers which have became nothing more than left wing progaganda sheets over the past few years. I jumped them a year ago and they're still at the biased reporting. Dump them like a rotten fruit, in the garbage where they belong. No news is not near as bad as the wrong news.

Apologies like "We're sorry... (Below threshold)

Apologies like "We're sorry if readers chose to take offense at our coverage and somehow saw bias in our writing..."? Kinda like Kerry's "apology"...and just as convincing.

I never miss the monthly opportunity to send back an empty business reply envelope when the New York Times begs me to sign up for a home delivery subscription. Well, not always empty. Sometimes I mention that my parrot died and my puppy grew up, so I have no use for the Times.

bobdog, I had to read that ... (Below threshold)

bobdog, I had to read that a couple times before I got it ;-)






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