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2006 New Jersey Senate Race

Well, things are normal in New Jersey. Incumbent Democratic Senator Robert Menendez, leading in the polls by anywhere from 3 to 8 points, has apparently hired a top criminal defense lawyer to represent him in the investigation currently being conducted by the U.S. Attorney.

Republicans need to get this story all over the internet in the morning and afternoon to make sure it makes the news tomorrow night and the following morning. Tom Kean Jr. An ethical Senator from New Jersey.

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I live in New Jersey - the ... (Below threshold)

I live in New Jersey - the fact that Menendez is under criminal investigation helps him in this state - it is expected in this state for its politicians be corrupt.

It's also a known fact that... (Below threshold)

It's also a known fact that the Democrats, led by Torricelli, brainstorm every morning at 9AM sharp in cell 213South to plan their next attack.

Apparently, all is not lost... (Below threshold)

Apparently, all is not lost. Check out this Dino Crocetti post, which reports that 24% of voters in Hudson County, Menendez's home turf, are undecided. The author says, "Bob Menendez is a very worried man and he should be. If you can't count on your own County to be in your corner, who CAN you count on?"






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