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Dewey Beats Truman Redux?

Bruce Kesler thinks it is possible we might just see something similar happen this time around. I love the thought of President Bush holding up that stack of papers predicting the "Blue Tsunami" the day after an election where the tsunami turned to a trickle. It could happen, but not if you all don't do your parts. If you haven't voted, VOTE. If you have voted, call every right thinking person you know and make sure they vote. Then pray really hard.

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At 10 AM today, when I vote... (Below threshold)
Tim in PA:

At 10 AM today, when I voted, the poll workers were all commenting that they had already had as many voters as they normally see during an entire election day. Or, in their words, "someone is going to be real surprised come tomorrow".

There was a short line of voters. Older voters -- the kind who tend to be veterans and whatnot.






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