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Meanwhile, on the lighter side...

Recently, the Air Force announced it was instituting a new Command. The former 8th Air Force would now be known as the Air Force Cyberspace Command, tasked with fighting our enemies across the internet.

Wizbanger Emeritus Timmer, now found at Sgt. Stryker's, figured that the new Command needed a designating patch, and decided to hold a contest for what it should look like. He's posted an update with all the entries so far -- all three of them. (I find myself favoring Cowboy Blob's entry, but Richard's has a certain SkyNet flavor that seems suitable for the Air Force.)

Come on, folks. We can do better than this. The Air Force needs YOU and your Photoshopping skills. Head on over there, grab one of the entries for a template, and have at it.


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Comments (4)

This is the best they could... (Below threshold)

This is the best they could come up with??

Thanks JayTea. My GMail in... (Below threshold)

Thanks JayTea. My GMail inbox should be overflowing by the time I get back from work.

Moonbeam, you can do better, throw it to me.

Wow...nuthin'.That... (Below threshold)


That's so sad.

I favor Paul's for the A/S/... (Below threshold)

I favor Paul's for the A/S/L. The Apple logo on Cowboy Blob's just violates all sorts of heraldy rules regarding colour on colour... I'm thinking a better choice would be party per wavy cross Guiles, Vert, Or, Azure, a bend sinister Sable, and with Tux as the crest on top of a barrel-helm Sable. A pair of the BSD Demons for supporters. For a motto, I think Age/Sex/Location translated into Latin would be suitable. Pity I have trouble drawing a stick-figure, much less putting this mishigoss together on the PC.

The over-all effect would be reminicent of the Windows logo with a Bend Sinister across it. (Folks who deal with network admins can guess what that's for... ;-) )The Sable barrel helm holding the Tux crest refers to Monty Python's Black Knight. Tux & the BSD Demon represent the UNIX/Linix side of the equation.






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