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Checking In

it is difficult to blog from here with so much commotion, and since the information I have is the same as those viewing at home, I decided to post a few pictures and will be posting comments in this thread.

It looks like. we will be here awhile waiting on the Allen - Webb race. I wouldn't be surprised if that one even went into recount country the way things are looking now.

Here are a few pictures..

Betsy Newmark and Mary Katharine Ham


Pat Hynes


Jacki Schechner


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Comments (4)

A few tidbits -- K... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

A few tidbits --

Kevin is doing some serious schmoozing.

Jacki Schechner and Abbi Tatton are even prettier (and thinner) in person than on t.v.

All of the liberal bloggers I have talked to have been really nice to me tonight.

Awe -- Negron just conceded. Bummer.

NBC News has called the Hou... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

NBC News has called the House for the Democrats.

grr cant find you guys on t... (Below threshold)

grr cant find you guys on the pipeline thing.

Anyone grumbling about how ... (Below threshold)

Anyone grumbling about how CNN basically hobbled their strongest online competition?

It almost sounds diabolical; gather a huge group of the most prominent bloggers all in one room, then limit their information flow (I'm guessing FOX, MSNBC, ABC et al aren't on the TVs) and finally cut their internet connection completely.

Glad you all got a nice party and free food, but the web's been unnaturally quiet tonight. Aside from the occasional posts (which are far less informed than usual), we're left refreshing Drudge and CNN's maps.






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