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CNN Blog Party Predictions

As Lorie noted, we're live from the CNN Election Blog Party in Washington, DC. For the last hour I've been circulating the room and checking in with the bloggers in attendance to get their predictions prior to the results coming in.

Surprisingly there seems to be a general consensus in the room among the bloggers (both liberal and conservative) that Democrats will take control of the House and fall short of taking control of the Senate.

Coverage of the event is now live on CNN's Pipeline, with occasional drop-ins on CNN'. If you want to watch, you can get a free trial subscription of CNN's Pipeline here. Come join us online at The Situation Room Blog.

Blogger House Senate
Althouse (Ann Althouse) Democrats take control Republican retain control
Americablog (JohnInDC) Democrats +31 Democrats +6
Ankle Biting Pundits (Pat Hynes) Democrats +17 Democrats +3
Ankle Biting Pundits (Chris) Republican hold Republican hold
Betsy's Page (Betsy Newmark) Democrats +18 Republican hold
Captain's Quarters (Ed Morrissey) Democrats +20 Democrats +2
Eschaton (Duncan Black) Democrats +18 Democrats +4
FireDogLake (Christy Hardin Smith) Democrats +26 Democrats +6
MyDD (Jerome Armstrong) Democrats +32 Democrats +6
MyDD (Nate Wilcox) Democrats +34 Democrats +6
Powerline (Scott Johnson) Democrats +25 Democrats +5
Think Progress (Judd Legum) Democrats +22 Democrats +5
Outside The Beltway (James Joyner) Democrats +20 Democrats +5
TKS (Jim Geraghty) Democrats +20 Democrats +4
Hit And Run (Nick Gillespie) Democrats +18 Democrats +6
Redstate (Mike Krempasky) Democrats +24 Democrats +5
TalkLeft (Jeralyn Merritt) Democrats +20 Democrats +5
Wizbang (Kevin Aylward) Democrats +20 Democrats +5
La Shawn Barber's Corner (La Shawn) Republicans hold Republicans hold
Think Progress (Nico Pitney) Democrats +21 Democrats +5
Lost Remote (Steve Worley) Democrats take control Republican retain control
Human Events (Rob Bluey) Democrats +12 Democrats +2
Marc Lamont Hill (Mark) Democrats +20 Democrats +4
Washington Note (Steve Clemons) Democrats +32 Democrats +4
Pam's House Blend (Pam Spaulding) Democrats +25 Democrats +5

Seats required for Democrats to take House: 15
Seats requited for Democrats to take Senate: 6


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Comments (5)

I think we should stop view... (Below threshold)

I think we should stop viewing the elections as a "sports event" and concern ourselves with the ramifications of the outcome. Such as, if the Democrats have a good evening, with the terrorists believe that their propaganda is working to get us out of Iraq? And will they get their "second win" to escalate the violence? And how many more soldiers will die because they'll think we are now not comitted?

Just some thoughts.

Good job Kevin. I think yo... (Below threshold)

Good job Kevin. I think your prediction is good and it will show Lee, muirgeo, and Hugh et al that you (Wizbang!) are not such Republican homers as to think we will win the election.

I hope you are wrong, but you've given a very fair assessment.

To be fair, Elections are t... (Below threshold)

To be fair, Elections are the Great American Sports event. Years of campaigning, issue argumentation, blog posts, news stories, all boils down to the same orgasmic frenzy of voting.

Why wasn't I invited to tha... (Below threshold)

Why wasn't I invited to that party?
I'm a blogger! I have strong opinions! I even have been to Tryst once or twice.
Here's my prediction: Rick Santorum will be picked up by the police for trying to knock over a 7-11.

Nah, Santorum will be picke... (Below threshold)

Nah, Santorum will be picked up by police after he tries to comsumate his marriage to his dog.






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