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Completely Unrelated to Election Day Humor

How to prank a telemarketer. It's hysterical.

Be aware that there's a little swearing in case you're at work or have small kids around.

Hat tip: The Corner.


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Comments (19)

Typical of you guys to lau... (Below threshold)

Typical of you guys to laugh at someone elses expense.

That was bee-yoo-tiful. C'... (Below threshold)

That was bee-yoo-tiful. C'mon, Lee, you know you're laughing too.

But, you make it so easy Le... (Below threshold)

But, you make it so easy Lee.

No wonder Lee seems offende... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

No wonder Lee seems offended. Trolls and telemarketers have a lot in common: They interrupt peaceful discussions by trying to sell you poor-quality garbage.

If you don't like telemarke... (Below threshold)

If you don't like telemarketing calls, than register at the Fed DNC website. It is so simple even an "old coot" can do it.

All most all telemarketers are honest and hard working. Most call centers are in rural "red state" areas of the country, so you Pubs should not mock your own kind.

The only downside is that b... (Below threshold)

The only downside is that by describing himself as "Officer Clarke" he probably could be charged with impersonating a police officer. It would have been better if he just had the aside coversations that might lead one to believe they just called a murder scene, without doing so directly.

If you got the question "Are you with the police" you could start down the line of questions ("You have a lot of experience with the police?", "You have a reason for wanting to avoid the police at this time?", etc.)

This is better than the other one I heard which had a guy pretending the female telemarkter was returning his 1-900 call for lonely men. He couldn't keep her on as long, but he kept turning her sales spiel into some sort of fanatsy encounter.

One of the better ones. I w... (Below threshold)

One of the better ones. I was laughing out loud at the part with "what would I have to put on an envelope..."

Correction: Almost.... (Below threshold)

Correction: Almost.

Lee, Barney ... sense of hu... (Below threshold)

Lee, Barney ... sense of humor anyone?

Geesh. That was funny. I mean like real, honest to goodness laugh out loud funny.

If anyone should be offended, it'd be the mexican midgets.

Having formerly worked at a... (Below threshold)

Having formerly worked at a place that dealt with telemarketing and thus been placed on outbound calling, I must say that's one of the most hilarious things I've ever heard that's even remotely related to my former employment situation.

Eghads, I'm a Republican who did telemarketing and wasn't offended by that bit. Does that still make Kim evil?

I think Lee and Barney ARE ... (Below threshold)

I think Lee and Barney ARE telemarketers. That's why they don't like the joke.

My comment was directed at ... (Below threshold)

My comment was directed at Old Coot which I thought was unfair. Call centers have brought greatly needed jobs to rural America.

Besides, I am in a great mood today. I have a nice bottle of wine and good cigar to enjoy later tonight (about 9PM).

B'google--we will give them... (Below threshold)

B'google--we will give them your #---lol

I'm in a good mood because ... (Below threshold)

I'm in a good mood because Britney is available again. Woo-Hoo, I'm going to L.A.

I have a nice bottle of win... (Below threshold)

I have a nice bottle of wine and good cigar to enjoy later tonight (about 9PM).

So the far leftists now even celebrate coming close??

Good one! I was almost in ... (Below threshold)

Good one! I was almost in tears . . .

I think the telemarketer may have BEEN Lee, hence his irritability. Also, the "closet" remark may have hit too close to home.

I was in t... (Below threshold)

I was in tears. Wonderfully funny. Thanks so much for posting it Kim...

Barney,Phoenix Ari... (Below threshold)


Phoenix Arizona is the "call center capital of America". Phoenix has more call centers than anywhere else in the USA.

Phoenix is also the 5th largest city in the US and therefore, I don't think it qualifies as
"rural red state".

First you make fun of telem... (Below threshold)

First you make fun of telemarketers. Then gays. Then Mexican Midgets. And then Old Coots.

No wonder Lee was offended. He's an old gay Mexican midget who works as a humorless telemarketer.

You guys should be more s-s-sensitive...







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