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Election Night 2006 At Wizbang

In addition to our election coverage on the main page and at Wizbang Politics, Lorie Byrd and I will be part of CNN's election coverage blog party in Washington, DC. The Los Angeles Times reported on the details last week:

CNN is trying to incorporate bloggers directly into its coverage of next week's midterm elections by inviting them to an "E-lection Nite Blog Party," an event aimed at corralling some of the top online opinion makers in one place to provide instant reaction as the results come in.

The cable news network plans to host more than two dozen bloggers from across the political spectrum - including sites like RedState and Daily Kos - at a Washington Internet lounge where they can monitor the election returns on a slew of flat-screen televisions. (Each blogger will get his or her own monitor, which can be tuned to any channel.) There will be free wireless access - and plenty of food and beverages, natch.

CNN Internet reporters Jacki Schechner and Abbi Tatton have been assigned to cover the gathering and provide regular updates on the air about the topics that are generating the most chatter.

...Subscribers to CNN Pipeline, the network's broadband service, will be able to monitor the happenings at the blog party through one of the online channels, which will be dedicated exclusively to footage from the event.

Beltway Blogroll notes some of those represented include (with links to their announcement posts): Althouse, Americablog, Ankle Biting Pundits, Betsy's Page, Captain's Quarters, Crooks and Liars, Daily Kos, Eschaton, FireDogLake, La Shawn Barber's Corner, Pam's House Blend, Redstate, TalkLeft, Townhall (Mary Katharine Ham), Wizbang. and others.

Coverage of the event will be available on CNN's Pipeline, as well as the occasional drop-ins on CNN's main telecast coverage. If you want to watch, you can get a free trial subscription of CNN's Pipeline here.


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Comments (12)

I wonder if CNN will mentio... (Below threshold)

I wonder if CNN will mention Lorie calling the troops "stupid."

jp2 ~ If you ever have a co... (Below threshold)

jp2 ~ If you ever have a coherent thought, maybe you should press it between the pages of a book, if you own one.

Here's some vintage "Pride"... (Below threshold) Oh yeah, don't miss out on ... (Below threshold)

Oh yeah, don't miss out on the patriotic display of a big inflatable bear humping a black cross dresser driving in a convertible with with "Bush Orwell" election sign.

Here's a link to the bear h... (Below threshold)

Here's a link to the bear humping the cross dresser.

I just noticed there was a "heterosexual pride" counter protest. It was pretty lame and all the girls were fairly skanky. But check out these two kind of cute girls selling t-shirts with the words "flaming heterosexual" on them.


And cops who wear shorts look pretty gay.

Wow seriously, check out Es... (Below threshold)

Wow seriously, check out Eschaton's blog.


The comments in that blog is 100 times as bad as I've read on the DU, and about 10 times as bad at the truthers. It's like they have a bush deranged spam bot is jamming up their comments section. Knowing that people like that exists makes me want to go live in an igloo on Antarctica while eating penguin babies until Armageddon passes.

Where's a good sPam filter ... (Below threshold)

Where's a good sPam filter when yarrr need one?

"Where's a good sPam fil... (Below threshold)

"Where's a good sPam filter when yarrr need one?"

Voting Democratic is a great start. Get the hate mongers out of Washington, and into the mental institutions where they belong.

By the way - I just got an email saying Yarrr is Rove's "October Surprise". Pathetic.

He's a little late to the party because he was busy giving massages to all of the 50 year old men at the recent "Family Values" gathering in North Carolina. But he didn't swallow... it was just a massage, honest -- you can trust him. He's a good, honest Republican just looking out for your best interests... and your money.... and hoping for a date with your father.

"Voting Democratic is a gre... (Below threshold)

"Voting Democratic is a great start. Get the hate mongers out of Washington, and into the mental institutions where they belong."

Do you ever read what you write?

Lee, isn't it a little earl... (Below threshold)

Lee, isn't it a little early to be hitting the bottle? While I usually disagree with you, I've never had a problem understanding what you're saying...until now.

And Yarrrr...just...nevermind.

Hey guys. I am in DC now, ... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Hey guys. I am in DC now, but don't yet have a room. I will be posting later on.

For those who don't know what that first comment meant, I captioned the great picture of the troops in Iraq holding the message to Kerry with "They may be stupid, but they have a sense of humor" and I explained in the post that it was a joke, but anyone who reads me already knew that.

Remember, if the lefties ge... (Below threshold)

Remember, if the lefties get agitated and hinky, you can always hide behind Hynes.

BDP told me to say that.







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