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Governor Results

Bad news in Maryland. R. Governor Ehrlich has been defeated by Mayor Martin O'Malley.

And in Michigan, R Gov. Jennifer Granholm has defeated R. Dick Devos.

Kansas: D. Gov. Sebelius will hold her seat holding off challenger R. Barnett.

Update: Rep. Charlie Crist will win the Florida governorship. Woohoo! He defeated Dem. Davis 53%-43%

Update II: Rep. Mike Rounds, incumbent governor of SD will hold onto his position of Governor.


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Comments (4)

in MI, there are under 10% ... (Below threshold)

in MI, there are under 10% precincts reporting. I won't believe their crap projections until 100% of precincts and absentee/early ballots are counted.

Exactly, Dave. I feel the ... (Below threshold)

Exactly, Dave. I feel the same way about Maryland where there's only 7% reporting.

Here! Here! I'm getting fru... (Below threshold)

Here! Here! I'm getting frustrated with the political pundits calling the races with 1% of the precincts showing results.


Uh, let's not look now, but... (Below threshold)

Uh, let's not look now, but with 33% reporting in Maryland, Ehrlich's up 3%. Someone should really tell him that he's already lost...






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