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Joementum Prevails

Joe Lieberman was just projected the winner and surprisingly there were no hisses to be heard from the liberal bloggers in the room. I think this one has been a done deal for so long that the level of emotion is somewhat played out. I am guessing that we will be seeing some emotion when that Virginia Senate race is called.

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Remember, this was the key ... (Below threshold)

Remember, this was the key to whether Americans were for the fight against terrorism (including terrorism inside Iraq).

What is so hard about under... (Below threshold)

What is so hard about understanding that the traitor, my ex party, republicans ignored the fact that 76% oof all Americans wanted better border security.

They turned their backs on 76% of law abiding citizens, turned their backs on the laws of this land, and more importantly, turned their backs on the constitution and the voters who voted them in to listen to what they had to say.

Remember Republicans, Bush on down:

For the People, By the people.

Ha Ha, republicans, you lose

Rob is happy because Lamont... (Below threshold)

Rob is happy because Lamont got slaughtered????? He was your fair haired boy, the great hero. Not a man of conviction are you Rob.

It may be good that the dim's win now. With the economy at the top of the mountain there is no way to go but down and the dim's are good at that. They can't keep 1/1000 of their promises so it will be a wholesale slaughter in 08 by the republicans, again.






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