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My Voting Experience

I voted earlier today after picking up my son from preschool. Although there were a ton of cars in the school's parking lot, I only had to wait maybe 2 or 3 minutes. And I had to show ID, which I was more than pleased to do. We have touchscreen voting machines in Ohio and as far as I could see, there were no problems at all.

I forgot to mention that it's a miserable day here. When I voted, rain was coming down in big drops and my kids and I were soaked simply walking from the parking lot to the school.

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Showed voter registration c... (Below threshold)

Showed voter registration card but no ID was asked for. This has been true for every election in the last 6 years.

Touch screen also.

Kim,Are you feelin... (Below threshold)


Are you feeling suppressed? Do "we the people" need to take to the streets to protest "the man" suppressing you by asking for an ID? Just say the word and by the millions we will storm the bastille for you.

I had to show an ID to get my son from summer camp this last summer (and have preregistered all the people elgible to pick him up). A paper trail and secure voter ID would be two great things for improving the trust in our elections.

I've never been asked for m... (Below threshold)

I've never been asked for my voters card or any form of ID in almost 30 years of voting...

OTOH my registration was stamped early/absentee as the judge marked mine instead of my son's. That took awhile to straighten out.

I'm in a small town... they... (Below threshold)

I'm in a small town... they didn't ask for ID, just looked my name up in the register, gave me my paper ballot, sent me to a booth. I checked the boxes and put the ballot in the box. Such simplicity. I wish they had asked for ID... I hoped, before I got there, that they would.

"We have touchscreen voting... (Below threshold)

"We have touchscreen voting machines in Ohio and as far as I could see, there were no problems at all."

But isn't it true that the machines in Ohio do not generate a paper trail, so how could youknowif there was a problem?

I couldn't resist...I put a... (Below threshold)

I couldn't resist...I put a big booger on the button for bob menendez (I live in Jersey).

Voted after lunch in my sma... (Below threshold)

Voted after lunch in my small community outside of Indianapolis (not one of the highly contested US Rep districts).
--Heavy turnout according to workers, especially for mid-term election.
--Was asked for ID, even though workers knew me, good sign!
--Had to wait for 4 people in front of me to vote.
A line for a different precinct was backed up--not sure why.

I couldn't resist...I pu... (Below threshold)

I couldn't resist...I put a big booger on the button for bob menendez (I live in Jersey).

EEwwwwwwwwwwwwww, yuck!!!!!!!!

I was at the polls at 7:03 ... (Below threshold)

I was at the polls at 7:03 am. Had to wait 30 minutes. I used one of those Super Secret Evil Diebold/Rove® "convert every third Democrat vote to a Republican vote©" electronic voting machines. Good early crowd. Even though it's rainy and foggy and miserable in Atlanta today, maybe "real America" will get off their butts and do their obligation to the country.

Many people have died to give us this freedom; to sit home and bitch and moan is to spit on their graves.

Georgia should keep a Republican Governor, our two Republican Senators are not up for re-election this year, but we could send a few Leftists to the House. At least we got rid of Socialist Jihadist Cynthia McKinney this time.

We also had a State Constitution amendment on the ballot to stop Eminent Domain abuse - I hope it passes. Damn US Supreme Court.

I'm really going to be in a piss-poor mood if Pelosi is Speaker of the House tomorrow.

The economy is booming, unemployment is lower than it was during Clinton's tech bubble, the DOW at an all time high, and tax cuts remain intact. Why again do some people want to send Democrats to Congress?

In my district, the electio... (Below threshold)

In my district, the election workers compare signature. I'd be happy to show ID, though.

Here in Pennsylvania, there's an bond initiative for veterans. THAT will bring out the veterans, and I hope they will vote for Santorum while they're there.

Yea Rain!Libs are to... (Below threshold)

Yea Rain!
Libs are too big of wusses to brave the rain,
it's worth +5 to GOP I bet :)

I voted this morning. The ... (Below threshold)

I voted this morning. The place was empty (I live in a Republican district). The judge asked if I wanted to vote electronically (you have the choice) and I said, "No, I want my vote to count". The judge gave me a dirty look. I proceeded to vote straight Democratic (except for Gov, I voted Green).

Unemployment levels are exc... (Below threshold)

Unemployment levels are excellent, but they're not as low as at the tail end of the 90s.

Does anyone know of one cas... (Below threshold)

Does anyone know of one case where a person's vote was stolen because someone came off the street, impersonated a registered voter, forged that person's signature and voted?

The point of the problem is at registration and not at the polling place, so photo IDs solve nothing.

BarneyG2000, Still a nut. ... (Below threshold)

BarneyG2000, Still a nut. 1. Throw away a vote for a greenie, was that the only vote you got? 2.How many people are going to steal an identification card, know where to vote, and actually risk jail by doing it? Only a democrat would do it and only a dimwit would think more than half a dozen nationwide would do it. Too many easier ways in democratic controlled area's. Go to the registar and they'll issue 25-30 voter cards with dead people's names on them and put them on the rolls. Just travel poll to poll and vote. Less chance of getting caught that way, besides with a democratic city attorney and sheriff who's going to investigate.
This is one election that the Fed's should spend the money to physically verify (in person) every vote within 60 days. See how many democrats get kicked out of office and how many prisons we have to build, i'll help pay for them.

Scrapie, thanks for proving... (Below threshold)

Scrapie, thanks for proving my point. If you can produce fake documentation to obtain multiple registrations, you can provide fake photo Ids to vote, so photo Ids at the polling stations does no good.

Darn they switched voting p... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Darn they switched voting places on me this time i had to walk a little further but it did and i voted no regrets

Shamalama, goddess, and yog... (Below threshold)

Shamalama, goddess, and yogurt...wrong, wrong and wrong! So sorry! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Adios Santorum. And hopefully that bond failed also.






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