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One final pre-election survey

OK, it's election day. The polls open in an hour here (I'll be voting shortly after 6:00), and I have one last pre-election survey question:

How many close Republican victories will end up in court?

Looking for the over/under here...

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How many close Republica... (Below threshold)

How many close Republican victories will end up in court?

All of them.

fatman beat me to my answer... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:

fatman beat me to my answer.

So, I'll go: All but one.

That's like asking if the s... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:

That's like asking if the sun rises in the east. All of them!

However, to be "fair and ba... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:

However, to be "fair and balanced" you should also ask how many close Democratic victories will end up in court? However, more importantly would be how many of these challenges will have any merit?

More importantly, will the ... (Below threshold)

More importantly, will the next terrorist attack here be before or after the lame ducks are out?

However, more impo... (Below threshold)
However, more importantly would be how many of these challenges will have any merit

Exactly, once Al Gore let this monster out of his lock box, it is never going back in.

One of my favorite strolls ... (Below threshold)

One of my favorite strolls down the dark side was after the 2004 election when I visited the DU threads. Seems some attorneys make some mega bucks from lefties sending their hard earned (non-taxed) money to them to get Ohio overturned.

The lefties were screaming, "we were duped". The attorney's reply was "cha-ching".

Exactly, once Al G... (Below threshold)
Exactly, once Al Gore let this monster out of his lock box, it is never going back in.
Banning partisan lawyers, etc. from the recount process would be good. Probably need to establish a group of trusted 3rd party observers and live with it, despite it not being perfect.
calling jimmy carter,please... (Below threshold)

calling jimmy carter,please come home.

The word was "trusted".... (Below threshold)
Dave in W-S:

The word was "trusted".

As many as necessary for th... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

As many as necessary for them to win.

No election is or ever will... (Below threshold)

No election is or ever will be, 100% perfect.

The 2000 Dem tantrum, has caused far more problems than the initial complaint.

It started out with 'butterfly ballots' and how the Dem spinmeisters started calling up old people and making them think they voted for Buchanan instead of Gore. That created a media frenzy, the appearance of Jesse Jackson (Remember his mantra 'Re-Vote or Revolt!'?).

Then the Dems zeroed in on spoiled ballots ('over votes and 'under votes') which they attempted to mine for a Gore victory.

We had 'chads' and 'hanging chads' and 'dimpled ballots'. All obscuring the basic fact that people either did not follow the basic instructions for voting, which had been in place for years, or they did not want to vote for a candidate in a particular office...Like it or not, there is nothing in election law that says you have to vote for any candidate.

So then came the cry of wanting a 'fool-proof' system...and do it now! So at huge expense, new 'fool-proof' electronic machines were purchased. But what has happened? There are breakdowns, and improperly trained personnel (Gee, that has never happened before has it?); which have INCREASED the charges of tampering.

The 2000 Dem hissy fit proved you don't even have to prove election fraud. Are you losing the election? Well, an army of lawyers will swoop in and try to get a judge to either throw out votes or otherwise change the rules so your people can sweep the neighborhood for some homeless persons who'll vote for smokes.

Efforts to make voting 'easier' have lead to greater chances for fraud, while trying to ask for proof that a person is actually who they claim to be before they cast a ballot, is met with charges of 'racism' and 'voter suppression'.

Eventually, the lawyers and judges will decide who'll 'win' an election, all in the spirit of 'protecting them', and saving them from their own 'bad' choices.

As was said before, "All of... (Below threshold)

As was said before, "All of them".

Why? Because pussies like Lee can't believe that the American people don't trust socialist liberals with the defense of America. They also don't trust them to spend their money for them too. They don't trust them to take care of their children or manage their health care and they surely don't want them killing unborn babies with their tax dollars for some pipe dream of cloning.

Lawsuits are the last and only resort for libs and it only delays and further divdes the people.

Eventually there will be a revolution and the libs will be shot with the guns that they are trying to take away and life will be good again.

I just used the electronic ... (Below threshold)

I just used the electronic machine as this was the first time we've had one at our precinct. OMG it was easy!

I'm going to go with the nu... (Below threshold)

I'm going to go with the number of house races that will help them get to a majority. So, if the Dems pick up 12 house seats today, they will take 4 to court. If they pick up 8 seats, they will take 8 to court, etc.

My favorite Florida re-coun... (Below threshold)

My favorite Florida re-count moment was a photo e-mailed to me of a lefty Democrat holding up a sign that said:

"End The Electrical College"

(hint: Lefties were whining about the electoral college, so this guy not knowing what it was, but was a good goose-stepper said it all in one sign)

Jeff said: "Eventually t... (Below threshold)

Jeff said: "Eventually there will be a revolution and the libs will be shot with the guns that they are trying to take away and life will be good again."

How many challenges? As many as it takes to give America back to the People again, and out of the hands of the sick, twisted creeps like Jeff.

All of them indeed. <... (Below threshold)

All of them indeed.

Lib mantra - "If we didn't win, you cheated"

Jeff:I hate George... (Below threshold)


I hate George Bush and all that he stands for, despise his cronies and acolytes, disdain his supporters, etc., etc., etc.

Oh yes, and I own just about every small-arms weapon in the Soviet arsenal (being somewhat partial to the Simonov SKS and Makarov 9X18), as well as a Springfield 22, a pristine 10/22 with a paratrooper stock, as well as a couple of shotguns and black-powder pistols -- with maybe 3k assorted rounds in the fireproof.

When you get around to launching this revolution, let me know.

Then come see me, sweetie.

OMG it was easy!... (Below threshold)

OMG it was easy!

Nobody said they weren't easy to use Oyster, but just where did your vote go?

As many as were lost becaus... (Below threshold)

As many as were lost because voters didn't believe the Dems lies.

Preparing for the sour grap... (Below threshold)

Preparing for the sour grapes I see. Can't face the facts eh? We don't need no stinkin courts to win this one.

By the way you'd think you hypos would be all in favor of courts determining elections!!!

As many as it takes to give... (Below threshold)

As many as it takes to give the Dems a victory.

Awwww geez, thats to easy, ... (Below threshold)

Awwww geez, thats to easy, all of them is correct.
Any election result the Democrats don't win will be contested, it's just their nature to bitch and moan about being cheated by the electorate.

OysterYes electron... (Below threshold)


Yes electronic voting machine's are easy. But that is irrelevant if You are a lib and You need an edge to win an election. Look for plenty of fictitious made up voter fraud scam's mixed in with the key district's.. Not that it will help though.

5... (Below threshold)


Regardless of who wins, it ... (Below threshold)

Regardless of who wins, it is never, NEVER in the best interests of our democracy to have a fradulant vote.

Regardless of who wins...

It's been a long tough election cycle. I for one am looking forward to getting it over with.

Happy election day, folks. Best wishes for your candidates.


How many close Republica... (Below threshold)

How many close Republican victories will end up in court?

All of them.
Posted by: fatman

You forgot to add that the left will fight tooth and nail to keep all close Democrat wins OUT of the courts. It works like this:

Close (or any other) Republican win = Fraud! SUE! SUE! SUE!
Close Democrat win = The will of the people... and don't you dare question it!!!

I thoguht you might want to... (Below threshold)

I thoguht you might want to check out Compete.com's blog today that features information from a survey of people who have visited popular political websites in the past few months. It compares their claims to party affiliation to what their internet behavior says about them. There are some interesting trends.


I have a feeling here in ST... (Below threshold)
eddie bear:

I have a feeling here in STL, we will have a bunch of lawsuits over attempts to keep William Tecumseh Sherman, Scooby Doo, Lassie and my dead granfather from voting.

After the NRCC pays New Ham... (Below threshold)

After the NRCC pays New Hampshire for all the illegal phone calls, will they be able to afford to pay lawyers to defend their candidates.

At least if NH collects the fines, they can use the money to cut your taxes.

All Republican victories wi... (Below threshold)

All Republican victories will be contested. I hope that all close Democrat victories will be contested as well. I don't see defending the integrity of the process as whining.

Regardless of who... (Below threshold)
Regardless of who wins, it is never, NEVER in the best interests of our democracy to have a fradulant vote.

It's also NEVER in the best interests of our representative republic to falsely claim that the vote was fraudulent.

astigafa, so basically you'... (Below threshold)
Robert Modean:

astigafa, so basically you're proud to be a liberal with a small arsenal of Soviet era weapons. Well color me unimpressed.

For every gun-toting liberal like you there are a hundred of your fellow travellers that not only hate guns but are terrified to even touch one. When that revolution comes you and yours will find out that the millions of us average Joe gun-toting red staters not only out number you, but out gun and out shoot you as well. See y'all on the firing line, and if you're in the midwest, the gent shooting the Springfield M21 Tactical at ya' might just be me. :-) Happy Trails.

astigafa, How many of the j... (Below threshold)

astigafa, How many of the junk weapons you claim to own are legal and safe to fire. ATF will be by today to check them out, for your own safety. LMAO

Real American weapons are Winchester, Remington, Colt, Ruger, and throw in a foreign Browning for balance. A half dozen registered hand guns (with a CWP) makes a good group.

For the anti-war crowd.

US 'suburbs more violent than Iraq'
By Jonathon Moran

November 07, 2006 02:32pm

Article from: AAP

MORE fighting goes on in parts of suburban US than Iraq, according to Australian filmmaker George Gittoes who has just finished a documentary set in a Miami "war zone".

Gittoes' latest feature, Rampage, contrasts life for a family living in the blue-collar community of Brown Sub, Miami, with ongoing fighting in Iraq.

"It is much worse in Miami than it is in Baghdad," Gittoes said in Sydney today.

"There is a sense of people with guns, drug dealers glairing at you ... and being there, I knew I was in a war zone."

This is without the foreign terrorists that will be allowed by the dim's.
This is defiantly true, just not reported by the antique MSM.
I think I'll just stay away from all large cities. Think they're dangerous now, wait until all the terrorists defensive (homeland security) laws are killed.

The Dems have been so thoro... (Below threshold)

The Dems have been so thoroughly convinced by the MSM and their own cooked polls that they are going to win every single office for which they are running - EVERYWHERE - that they will be shocked, I tell you, shocked when that doesn't happen. And in true AlGore fashion, they will scurry to the courts where they WILL lose whilst wasting the courts' valuable time and resources.

Loser is as loser does - and that would be the leftwing BDS idiots!

Shorter Whiztards:... (Below threshold)

Shorter Whiztards:

Nobody has a right to challenge through the legal system no matter what! That's not Patriotastic!

When the looney left wins, ... (Below threshold)

When the looney left wins, this country loses. And the irrational and completely baseless hatred of our President is inimical to our country's best interests.

I loathe and despise William Jefferson Clinton and believe that both he and his wife are morally defiicient and utterly corrupt, and of course, I did NOT vote for him, nor will I vote for her. BUT, once he took that oath of office, whatever my feelings for him might have been, he was still MY PRESIDENT and I did not wish him ill. Still don't. Wish him to shut the hell up maybe, but other than that, I actually do wish the man well.

6.With two possibl... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:


With two possibly occuring right here in Washington between incumbent Maria Cantwell and Mike McGavick (R) , and Dist. 8 reps. Darcy Burner (D) and Dave Reichert (R). Why do I think this? Two words: Dino Rossi.

Let's not forget the <a hre... (Below threshold)

Let's not forget the Republican lawsuits.

So let's see... if a Republican loses, then court's a reasonable next step. But if a Democrat loses, then they're sore losers for going to court.

And of course, Republicans would never give Democrats a reason for going to court, such as a massive deceptive robo-calling campaign, or hacked voting machines.

And before the accusations ... (Below threshold)

And before the accusations start, I would be interested to hear why you would oppose keeping the polls open a little longer in this district.

<a href="http://ww... (Below threshold)
Republicans losing an election ask for recounts just as frequently as Democrats do. In fact, some of the GOP lawyers criticizing the hand count in Florida have mounted just this kind of legal appeal. In 1994, Bush lawyer Benjamin Ginsberg represented Edward Munster in requesting a recount and new election after Munster lost to Rep. Sam Gejdenson (D-Conn.) by four votes. The state's highest court ordered a recount, but in the end Gejdenson won by 21 votes.
Rodney Dill: Are you sure ... (Below threshold)

Rodney Dill: Are you sure you know where the paper ballot goes?






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