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Some non-election news, Part I

OK, there have to be a few people besides me who are starving for something that is NOT election-related, so here are a few "odd news" stories that managed to squeeze past the political stuff.

On Cape Cod in Massachusetts, a guy is on trial for murdering a fashion writer. A college student was assigned by his professor to attend and observe the trial. When he showed up for court in shorts, the notoriously-rigid judge cited the student for contempt -- and ordered him held in the same holding cell with the accused killer. If that doesn't get the kid an A, I dunno what will.

Meanwhile, over in Plymouth, Massachusetts, a goat farmer and shepherd was tired of coyotes preying on his flocks, so he hired some security. No, not a person. Not even a dog. Phil Cronin got himself a guard donkey. I'll avoid any political allegories here, but I will point out that Mr. Cronin might have made a wise move in acquiring Paikea -- those critters can be real bad asses.

And right here in Manchester, the reputed owner of a popular watering hole is under arrest. It seems that Jose de Jesus Hernandez, who says that the Cinco De Mayo night club is his, might have skipped a few minor details on his way to fame and fortune -- like coming to the United States legally in the first place.

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"...like coming to the Unit... (Below threshold)

"...like coming to the United States legally in the first place."

Well, by golly, if you can vote and drive, why not make it legal to own a pub?

Jay Tea,Let's tell t... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea,
Let's tell the whole story about the kid locked up for allegedly "wearing shorts":

"Barnstable Superior Court Judge Gary Nickerson had court officers lock up the student after he was told to leave the courtroom for wearing shorts but did not."

There is more to it than just wearing shorts.

Those that read the comic s... (Below threshold)

Those that read the comic strip "Pearls before Swine" know that guard ducks can be pretty agressive....

Ah, I had forgotten all abo... (Below threshold)

Ah, I had forgotten all about the joy of "Pearls before Swine". Thanks for reminding me!

Phil Cronin got himself ... (Below threshold)

Phil Cronin got himself a guard donkey. I'll avoid any political allegories here

You mean like that donkeys are apparently better at security than elephants? :-P






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