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The Lucky 13

Check out Rick Moran's post at Right Wing Nut House. Rick has identified 13 House races that, if Republicans win them, would allow them to maintain control of the House.

The first seat of the 13 that he listed is in Ohio:

1. OHIO 18

Joy Padgett is running a good race in the District Bob Ney disgraced with his guilty plea associated with the Abramoff scandal. Strong Dem challenger Zack Space has a huge lead in the polls but given this is a very red district (Bush 57% in 2004) and some late help from the RNC, local newspapers believe Padgett is closing.

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I don't hardly think so. I... (Below threshold)

I don't hardly think so. I'm from the district and normally vote straight republican. There are a lot of bad feelings amongst the local republicans about Bob Ney, and his hand-picking of his successor, Padgett. Granted, there was a primary vote, but little time to sort out the candidates. Padgett is a weak candidate, who failed to adequately answer what happened to over $700,000 in a SBA loan, that she defaulted on within a year. The whole think smacks of cronyism. The RNC ran a stupid campaign against Space, accusing him of doubling his salary as law director of the City of Dover. Everybody here knows the reason was that he went from a part-time position to full-time. Stupid, stupid, stupid on the part of the republicans. I predict a huge Zack Space win. I crossed lines and voted for him.

It's amazing how these new ... (Below threshold)

It's amazing how these new names all end up being Republicans voting for a Democrat.

You guys should try to be more convincing dendato.

Hey, I did my duty on the o... (Below threshold)

Hey, I did my duty on the other races. Just pointing things out from a local point of view (which on this blog can be a nice change of pace from all the Massachussets news, don't you think?). Too bad if you can't handle it.






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