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A Conservative Nation

Last night I referred to a comment John McCain made after the results came in about him still believing this was a conservative nation. I agreed and pointed to the fact that so many of the Democrat candidates had to run as moderates and conservatives in order to win. I had a couple of readers question that statement by pointing to some liberal candidates that won. I responded by pointing out that on issues such as the deficit and immigration some Democrats actually ran to the right of their GOP opponents. Also it is notable that Joe Lieberman won so decisively by running to the right of the Democrat candidate Lamont on the war. If anyone doubts that Democrats won by successfully sounding like conservatives while effectively hiding their ultra-liberal leaders like Nancy Pelosi, just look at the picture below.

Photo by Alex Brandon, AP

There was another photo of Ford in front of the Confederate flag at the Little Rebel Bar and Grill which ran in the print version of USA Today on page 8A. (I couldn't find it online and have to leave for the airport soon so I used the one above instead.) In the photo USA Today ran, Ford is giving the thumbs up sign in front of the flag. Ford told a story of God telling him to stop at the bar one day in spite of noticing all the Confederate flag stickers on trucks outside, and being greeted with a big hug.

I know that Ford was running in the South, and that he failed, but Democrats all over the country worked hard to moderate their campaign positions and actively sought candidates that could distance themselves from the national leadership, for instance by recruiting candidates with military backgrounds. The masquerade worked in most races, but now we will have to see if the masks come off as the liberal leadership takes control.


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That picture is almost as f... (Below threshold)

That picture is almost as funny as the picture of Hanoi John in the pink rabbit suit. Now if Fords family would only get into (if they're not) into the drug business big time, confederate Harold, would really be there. LMAO

I'm almost hopeful.<p... (Below threshold)

I'm almost hopeful.

For the past 4 years or so people in the United States have been getting crazier and crazier. There are actually people out there who watch Keith Olbermann, for crying out loud!

I blame the Republican majorities. The children cannot take the adults running the show.

That's all going to change now. CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, all these shows will actually start to report possitive news about the economy. They might even start to report possitive news about Iraq! We actually might start to "win" the war in Iraq now that the Democrats are in control. Not because they do anything to win it, but because the fMSM's team is now in charge of Congress. This will spur them on to shut up the moonbats and wingnuts, supress the negative news and cheer on their team for 08.

The question is, what should bloggers do?

I'd hate to see the right wing blogosphere become like the Kos Kidz playground.

We should support the Democrats when they are doing the right thing for this country. It's a sad situation really. Now we will finally see some bipartisanship in the houses of congress. Not because the Democrats will suddenly grow up, but because the Republicans should still be adults even in defeat.

Last night I referred to... (Below threshold)

Last night I referred to a comment John McCain made after the results came in about him still believing this was a conservative nation. I agreed and pointed to the fact that so many of the Democrat candidates had to run as moderates and conservatives in order to win.

That may be. Perhaps now the Republicans will become conservatives again, and then we will see next time.

for instance by r... (Below threshold)
for instance by recruiting candidates with military backgrounds

Democrats sure are selective on which military voices they listen to.

I would love to see a college campus tour of veterans that have looked evil directly in the eye and understand the consequences of "cut and run".

I wonder if the left would politely listen or storm the stage to silence them.

<a href="http://ne... (Below threshold)
In a triple setback for conservatives, South Dakotans rejected a law that would have banned virtually all abortions, Arizona became the first state to defeat an amendment to ban gay marriage and Missouri approved a measure backing stem cell research.

Doesn't sound like the nation is as conservative as you'd like to believe.

Doesn't sound lik... (Below threshold)
Doesn't sound like the nation is as conservative as you'd like to believe

Brian, how come you didn't mention the states that did ban gay marriage?

Using your reasoning since a majority did ban it, then you actually loose this issue.

Here in Tennessee according to at least by 70% of us, I don't have to pretend that some guy is really someone's wife. I don't care that you called yourself that; I just don't have to officially believe it's true according to the law.

Brian, how come you didn... (Below threshold)

Brian, how come you didn't mention the states that did ban gay marriage?

Well, how come you didn't mention the states that did ban stem cell research? Or that did ban all abortions?

I wasn't making a scorecard. I was just countering the suggestion that a Democrat tidal wave somehow equals a conservative win.

Oh yeah, and Dems also won a majority of state legislatures and governors.

Well, how come yo... (Below threshold)
Well, how come you didn't mention the states that did ban stem cell research? Or that did ban all abortions

How many states had those issues on the ballots? What were the margins?

Just wondering.

But I do believe that banning gay marriage resonated with conservatives, independents, and slightly left of center Democrats.

It is a conservative verses liberal issue and it tilts conservative across the board.

Whereas stem cell is misunderstood when "embryo" is left out. Why did you leave that word out btw? How many states support abortion on demand after the stage of viability? How many states in the past did and how many dropped it over the years?

If abortion on demand were tilting in favor of liberalism, then more states would not have banned partial birth methods.

Why did you leave that w... (Below threshold)

Why did you leave that word out btw?

I didn't. I was quoting the article I linked to. But phrasing and framing goes both ways, such as with the "partial birth" methods you mentioned, also known as "late term".

I'll expect the Repub "Defe... (Below threshold)

I'll expect the Repub "Defenders of Marriage" to charge Ms. Spears the same day Congress makes cheating on your wife illegal.

That would be on the 10th of Never.
Because its not about defending Marriage. It's about making sure their Rights are more important then "the gays".

jumpinjoe,Yeah. B... (Below threshold)


Yeah. Because 2 people of the same sex falling in love and getting married will really effect you.

What's your address? I'll send you some bandages for the wounds gay marriage caused you.

Here's a concept: MYOFB

LMAO That's hysterical...wh... (Below threshold)

LMAO That's hysterical...what's next ...trying to get votes, did he put on a sheet and cone hate?.........

Conservatives of any kind must vote republican, I don't care if Bubba their buddy is a democrat, they get Nancy. And if they think Nancy is going to let conservative democrat Bubba have ANY say, bwhahaha..... they will find out very fast.

Unless a person has NO opinion on an issue (center), that opinion has to be charted as either mostly or slightly LEFT or RIGHT.

Let me repeat ANY issue no matter what the opinion, that opinion IS either LEFT or RIGHT!!

VOTE ON THE ISSUES, along with the BIG picture of getting RESULTS for those issues.--simplified--
Democrat or Republican. ....ya I know Libertarians may cry, and Green party may cry, but c'mon you know you can find a Democrat or Republican candidate that will have you mostly covered on your issues. No one is the (perfect) candidate.
We all have to prioritize out issues and vote accordingly.

So let me get this straight... (Below threshold)

So let me get this straight Lorie, embracing the confederate flag qualifies for running as a moderate?

Geeez, no wonder you guys got your ass kicked.

BTW, Harold Ford, who all of a sudden found God, guns,and moonshine; deserved to lose. That's one less house negro in Washington.

the Repub "Defenders of ... (Below threshold)

the Repub "Defenders of Marriage"

Good one! Of course, we all know that Republicans have much higher divorce rates than Dems. Must be all them gays that are making them divorce.






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