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CBS Projects Webb Winner -- Dems To Control Senate

I have not found a link yet, but just saw this scroll across the television screen on CBS.

Update: Here is a link to the AP story.

Update II: Michelle Malkin says "ugh" to Majority Leader Reid and notes that Joe Lieberman is now in the catbird seat.

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Can't wait to see which cit... (Below threshold)

Can't wait to see which city the terrorists will start 'Reid and Peloshi's' killing fields in. That is what it will be called as soon as they hit.

But remember Scrapiron, OBL... (Below threshold)

But remember Scrapiron, OBL promised not to hurt anyone in the blue states so we can believe him right?

I think there's zero chance... (Below threshold)

I think there's zero chance that Lieberman would decide to caucus with the Republicans. Who would want to jump on board a sinking ship?

Since he is a politician for life, Lieberman is already thinking about his next run in 2012. As a Republican, he would face a one-on-one race against a Democrat in a heavily Democratic state. He would be much better off running as a Democrat against a Republican in that race. He would be almost guaranteed to win.

The real irony about the whole Lieberman saga is why the Republicans did not decide to field a credible candidate for the Connecticut Senate seat. A legitimate candidate could have had a real opportunity of winning a three-way race with two Democrats. That single seat would have made the difference if the Republicans had captured it, and they could have preserved control of the Senate.

But Karl Rove is such a genius. Who am I to doubt him? He did everything he could to reelect a Democrat in Connecticut with an 80% liberal rating. Brilliant.

I expect legal challenges o... (Below threshold)

I expect legal challenges on the Virginia senate race. There's too much at stake for Republicans to just shrug and walk away.

Executioner,Isn't ... (Below threshold)


Isn't it obivous that OBL has way, way too much time on his hands? Have you read the transcripts of his messages? I busted out laughing at the last one. He was talking about our budget deficit and other nonsensical crap like that.

What I take from that is that he is sidelined and desperately trying to make himself relevant. If he thought that he could be a real threat to us he wouldn't be wasting his time spouting Michael Moore-type BS rhetoric. Instead, he would be planning and executing some sort of diabolic attack on us. His public statements would consist of a list of demands, not a bunch of nonsenical commentary.

Stick a fork in him. He's done. Bin Laden, safe in the comfort of his Pakistani villa, isn't a threat to us or anyone else. He will remain in hiding for the rest of his days on this earth.

Whether OBL hides out in ca... (Below threshold)

Whether OBL hides out in cave, or in a condo on the beach in Maui, is irrelevant with regards to our safety and his reach. He needs to be hunted down, prosecuted, and hung by his neck until dead.

Legal challenges???? ... (Below threshold)

Legal challenges????

For God's sake. Are you serious? What makes you think there was fraud that worked to Allen's detriment?

The Real Clear Politics poll averages gave the advantage (slight as it was) to Webb. The poll averages were correct in predicting the winner of every race. Engram explains all this. The exit polls also pointed to Webb as the winner.

George Allen didn't really want to be Senator anyway (he wanted to run for President in 2008). He's not going to contest this. He's going to do the right thing and concede defeat. Which is exactly what Conrad Burns should do too. The people have spoken.

Actually lee, I suspect you... (Below threshold)

Actually lee, I suspect you will get to see how honorable loosers lose. Unlike the previous two elections.

Lee,I couldn't agr... (Below threshold)


I couldn't agree more. I lost a cousin (a NY firefighter) in the collapse of the Towers. I want bin Laden's head on a platter.

Scrapiron, theExecutioner, ... (Below threshold)

Scrapiron, theExecutioner, you people are sick. You "can't wait" for the terrorists to attack again?!

We'll, you've outdone the Dems once again. After years of baselessly suggesting that Dems implicitly want the terrorists to win, you just come right out and state that you do outright! You are just sick.

I suspect you will get t... (Below threshold)

I suspect you will get to see how honorable loosers lose.

You mean like Republicans?

Then, of course, there's...

Republicans losing an election ask for recounts just as frequently as Democrats do. In fact, some of the GOP lawyers criticizing the hand count in Florida have mounted just this kind of legal appeal. In 1994, Bush lawyer Benjamin Ginsberg represented Edward Munster in requesting a recount and new election after Munster lost to Rep. Sam Gejdenson (D-Conn.) by four votes. The state's highest court ordered a recount, but in the end Gejdenson won by 21 votes.
kaz, i agree that OBL is do... (Below threshold)

kaz, i agree that OBL is done. But he and his buddies will still be caught someday and shot - or hung.

There is a big difference b... (Below threshold)

There is a big difference between requesting a recount under the laws of the given state, and contesting results in court. Anyone with a modicum of intelligence should understand that.

Allen will get an automatic recount under Virginia law. However it is very unlikely that a recount would result in a sufficient moving of votes to alter the outcome. In a pool of votes over 3 million, a recount could be expected to change a few hundred votes, but not the thousands by which Allen trails. Plus, there is no guarantee that any adjustment would end up increasing Allen's total instead of Webb's.

We presume the absentees are already included in the total, of course.

I would definitely urge Allen - and Burns - not to go to court to fight the results if the normal course of counting and recounting means they lose. They should be counseled to take the view of Nixon in 1960, not Gore in 2000, and think of the good of the country and the integrity of the system rather than their personal ambitions.

He needs to be hunted do... (Below threshold)

He needs to be hunted down, prosecuted, and hung by his neck until dead.

Therein lies the problem. OBL is not a criminal, OBL is an enemy combatant.

Brian, i've always said tha... (Below threshold)

Brian, i've always said that if the dim's win, the terrorists win. May as well welcome them back to the U.S. of A. and Reid and Pelosi's killing fields. They aren't as stupid as democrats, they know they can attack if the dim's are in charge and get away with it. They did several times bofore, killed hundreds, and nothing was done, except bomb an aspirin factory and kill an old sick camel.

As for Usama, i've read the dim's preaching for years that there was no proof that Usama was involved, (even after he bragged about it on TV) now you want his head on a platter. Flip, Flop, Flip, Flop.

You can pick up the body parts this time. I'm still a firefighter and I won't.

If Republicans had won in M... (Below threshold)
Proud Kaffir:

If Republicans had won in Montana or Virginia by simiilar small margins, I suspect you would have seen tons of Dems claiming the election was rigged, or full of irregularities, or the ballot was confusing, or the counting system erroneous. They would demand recount after recount, investigations, and lawsuits.

However, since we are talking about two Republican Senators, I expect them to bow out graciously and not prolong the inevitable.

Can't wait to see which cit... (Below threshold)

Can't wait to see which city the terrorists will start 'Reid and Peloshi's' killing fields in. That is what it will be called as soon as they hit.

Posted by: Scrapiron

Oh so it's the Senate and House's responsibility for protecting us is it. I guess that makes the 2002 Congress and Senate responsible for 9-11?

Scrap...Grow UP!!!...Oh...you already did?...Never mind too late for you I guess. Well stay bitter and old and unreasonable then.

Don't take it wrong about t... (Below threshold)

Don't take it wrong about the election. I'm a republican but i've been smiling and laughing all day. Don't you think it's funny that a bunch of stupid people would actually vote to raise their own taxes by $400 to $4,000 per year, and that's just doing away with the tax cuts. Further tax increases will follow in rapid order to fulfill the pledge "we're going to take from you for the common good". The problem with that is the rich democrats are renaming themselves the 'common good'. ROFL
Makes me happy when people prove without a doubt that i'm smarter than over 50% of the people in the country, and a large percentage of these dummies are college graduates. Although from a failed education system at some worthless liberal college, it still counts.

If you are a member of the military. Get out now.
If you are thinking of enlisting. Don't

Victory, victory!Now... (Below threshold)

Victory, victory!
Now we can proceed with the plan:
Federally mandated cost increases for small business.
Artificially increase demand on an already loaded health care system.
Tax increases for the middle class who are now known as "wealthy".
Prove to the world the applicability of the "Iraq is Vietnam" meme by doing exactly what the '68 gang demanded, abandon friends when things get tough.
And guess, what? They will get to blame the oncoming recession caused by the tax increases, and self imposed inflation (not to mention the interest rate rise to fight that inflation) on an outgoing lame duck president.
The thing is Americans don't really understand simple economics, and if you are a politician, ain't that a great thing!
We can stick our heads back in the sand and go back to the party now.

Best of luck to the incoming congress, and YES I really mean that. I think they'll need more than their share.

Jim AddisonJust to... (Below threshold)

Jim Addison

Just to be clear, Gore did not go to court to have himnself declared the winner. He went to court to force the Secretary of State to follow the law. Gore requested a recount in four counties, as was his right. Katherine Harris, in a transparent move to throw the election to Bush, declared that she would certify the vote bfore the recount was finished, unless the four counties could convince her that they needed more time. All four counties provided her with reasons why they needed more time, and she rejected all four requests. So the final decision as to whether the recount should go forward was left to Harris, Bush's state campaign chairman. Gore only went to court to force her to let the recount continue. Please don't try to tell me that a Republican candidate would let an election be decided by their opponent's campaign chairman. The Supreme Court suit was brought by Bush.

It would be interesting, in... (Below threshold)
Proud kaffir:

It would be interesting, in light of new politcal realities inherent within the Dem takeover of Congress, to have a thread contemplating what should be done regarding Iraq. This is especially vital considering what the election communicates to our alllies, enemies, and to our troops.

The message to the troops is clearly that Americans do not support the mission, seeing the entire war as a mistake. Some conservative bloggers are suggesting the conservatives should now push for an immediate withdrawal as it is unfair to ask anyone to sacrifice their life for an unsupported mission which will soon have the plug pulled.

I can understand the logic but we still have a responsibilty to those who stood by us in Iraq, regardless of the fact they are unlikely to feel any confidence in our troops staying and hence unlikely to cooperate with the US any longer. We need to set-up a definite timetable for withdrawal so everyone understands the game rules, to at least give our allies a chance at survival.

There is no longer any advantage to not announcing a timetable as our enemies will expect,and our allies will fear, that the Dem Congress will cut funding at any time.

Yeah, what Chris said! Also... (Below threshold)

Yeah, what Chris said! Also...

There is a big difference between requesting a recount under the laws of the given state, and contesting results in court. Anyone with a modicum of intelligence should understand that.

Well then you're missing a modicum, because you apparently didn't understand that Gore stayed entirely within state law, and Bush was the first to bring the matter to federal court. And you didn't' understand that Republican-valued "states' rights" suddenly went *poof* when Bush's power was on the line.

Really, Jim... it's fine to debate and disagree, but you really should stop continually phrasing your points as if you're always right and everyone else is stupid. When you're wrong (Saddam was a year away from a nuke in 2002, and anyone who didn't know that is a moron?), it really doesn't make you look great.

The message to the troop... (Below threshold)

The message to the troops is clearly that Americans do not support the mission

Well, seeing as the troops themselves no longer support the mission, that's a reasonable message to send.

Yes, you're witnessing how ... (Below threshold)

Yes, you're witnessing how people with class act when they lose. With dignity. Unlike the whining complaining conspiracy obsessed democrats.

Like Malkin said, what about Diebold? Ooops. Never mind. Seems their Diebold concerns cleared up in a matter of hours. LOL.

Looking forward to retaining the presidency in 2008.

A Zogby poll of our troops?... (Below threshold)

A Zogby poll of our troops? You've got to be kidding me. You do realize who his brother is, don't you?

Brian, you're so amusing. Keep it up. Seriously. My sides are splitting.

"For God's sake. Are you... (Below threshold)

"For God's sake. Are you serious? What makes you think there was fraud that worked to Allen's detriment?"

I didn't suggest that there was a vlid reason for a legal challenge, just that there is so much at stake that I suspect the Republicans will make one up, just to drag things out.

Pompous ass Lee, still at w... (Below threshold)

Pompous ass Lee, still at work...here's a clue, there's no grand GOP lawyer swarm happening right now either, like it would under a donkey loss the past 3-4 elections.

I just laugh at the fraud you and your fellow donkeys are trying to foist on people...run as conservatives just to get your power back. Good job.

Thanks Steve, your inside i... (Below threshold)

Thanks Steve, your inside information on the subject is... uhm, non-existent.

Well, thanks for trying anyway! Always nice talking to you. You're such a bright guy - knows exactly what the GOP is up to all times, yesirree.... I look forward to your next troll attempt.

Proud Kaffir,You s... (Below threshold)

Proud Kaffir,

You seem to have forgotten that John Kerry did not challenge the Ohio results in 2004 when there were many indications of irregularities.

Yes, Al Gore did challenge the Florida results in 2000 but he clearly had basis for doing that. The majority of voters in Florida intended to vote for Gore but the count didn't come out that way because of the butterfly ballot in West Palm Beach that confused voters so much that Pat Buchanan received an impossibly large number of votes in that county. Those people intended to vote for Gore, and had they correctly cast their ballots he would have been elected President in 2000. He also received a majority of the popular vote.

George Allen and Conrad Burns should stand up like men and concede defeat. The poll averages (at Real Clear Politics) confirm that both men lost. Stop being sore losers for God's sake.

Kaf,You are aware ... (Below threshold)


You are aware that just recently Kerry was still talking like the Ohio votes were stolen from him. Let me repeat. He's STILL talking about it.

RFK Jr. can't give it up either. He just wrote an article in either Vanity Fair or Rolling Stone how Bush stole the election. The democrats can't let it go. Of course now that it's shown Diebold isn't rigged, I guess you whiny dems will have to admit we didn't rig them in 2002 or 2004 either.

Nice try though. C for effort.

The above is to the clueles... (Below threshold)

The above is to the clueless Katz. Sorry.

There were a lot of irregul... (Below threshold)

There were a lot of irregularities in Ohio 2004.

Thank God both sides were able to agree that voting irregularities is something America should never, ever look into.

It's not like america is a representative democrracy or anything.
(Sarcasm off now)

Comeback Joe in the catbird... (Below threshold)

Comeback Joe in the catbird seat. Did KOS slit his wrist, set himself on fire and leap off a tall building?

My sides are splitting.<... (Below threshold)

My sides are splitting.

Mine too, but not as much as they were Tuesday night.

there's no grand GOP law... (Below threshold)

there's no grand GOP lawyer swarm happening right now either

You're naive if you don't think there are cadres of both Dem and Rep lawyers filling up Montana and Virgina hotels right now.






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