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CNN Projects McCaskill The Winner In Missouri

This is a heartbreaker, not only because of what it means for the balance of power in the Senate, but because Talent is such a good and decent man. I also can't help but wonder how much the misleading ads about Talent opposing stem cell research and votes from some of those ACORN workers affected this result.

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Missouri is a true "battleg... (Below threshold)

Missouri is a true "battleground state" - perhaps the most consistently one - over the last several decades. Statewide and national elections tend to be close affairs. The rural areas and smaller cities are conservative Republicans, while the urban concentrations in KC and St. Lou are liberal Democrats. Politicians who thrive and survive there tend to be closer to the middle than the rest of their national party. Danforth was a moderate-conservative, and won repeatedly. Mel Carnahan was a moderate-liberal, and had a big following. Except for maybe Bond, conservatives don't last so long. Ashcroft got beat by the deceased Carnahan, and now Talent bows to the brain-dead McCaskill.

If Republicans always won, or commanded an enduring majority, it wouldn't BE a "battleground state."

We lost this one, in Missouri, and across America. It's not the end of the world. In baseball, a mark of a very, very good team is winning 100 games in a season. Most World Series Champions didn't win that many; the Cardinals only won 83 this year. So 100 wins is great - but a team that wins 100 also loses 62. What made them great is that after they lost one of those 62, they went back out determined to win the next one.

The principles we fight for aren't a means to winning an election, they are ideas which deal with the future course of our country. That argument continues, whether we are a majority or minority in the Congress. We'll miss Jim Talent, but no one Senator is indispensable. And one more dunderhead, more or less, among that crowd will hardly be noticed. McCaskill will fit right in.

Massive turnout here in Mis... (Below threshold)

Massive turnout here in Missouri. People super fed up with fundy anti science christian right and failed incompetent lying incompetent republicans. People at the polls were very angry.

It is time to put down the ... (Below threshold)

It is time to put down the kool aid and drop the defiance.
The voters of this country have sent a clear message to King George and his gang of merry fools: James Dobson, Tony Perkins and Bill Frist.
This administration has been a disaster, a debacle and slap in the face of decency and those Christian values they love to parade around.
There is a message here: we are tired of the failed policy in Iraq, tired of a government who panders to the extreme right (think Schiavo) while turning their backs on the increasing poverty rate right under their noses, and sickened by a government who endorses torture and a President who has systematically ensured that our civil liberties are being betrayed.

Do I sound angry? I am angry. For the first and (I hope) only time in my life, I voted a straight Democratic ticket. I am a registered Republican, but I no longer recognize my party.

I'm not sure that the Democrats will be any better, but I am positive that they will not be worse.

For the first and (I hop... (Below threshold)

For the first and (I hope) only time in my life, I voted a straight Democratic ticket. I am a registered Republican, but I no longer recognize my party.

Right. And I'm Britney Spears' next husband.

And a big thank you to Rush... (Below threshold)

And a big thank you to Rush Limbaugh for pissing off a huge amount of voters in favor of the Missouri stem cell initiative. They went out and fought against a huge campaign waged by the anti-born already fundamentalist groups. These anti-stem cell groups featured robo calls talking about the "dead babies...don't let them kill the babies...please help save the babies"

People in Missouri, the Show Me State, allowed idiots like Rush Limbaugh, with his Michael J Fox slams, and the super self involved on the religious right, to show us what absolute hipocrites they actually are and we rejected them.

Thank you Rush Limbaugh you did a heck of a job!!

Lorie - This shows that wha... (Below threshold)
Mark Blahut:

Lorie - This shows that what you write is always a lie - You have lost BIG - Please go away - If you
stay , I will expect the truth from here on out .
NO MORE george bush lies to pass around.
You and yours were always wrong - Please go away.
Wizbang needs to start telling the truth , I hope it starts with you .
Its a good feeling knowing that I have been right all along and you have not .
Today is a great day for America, The true path to freedom is here . Try to hitch a ride
Love and hugs . Mark

Fatman:You doubt tha... (Below threshold)

You doubt that I'm a registered Republican or you doubt that I voted a straight Democratic ticket? Or you doubt that I hope it's the last time I have to do this? (To prove my registration credentials, I'd be happy to quote to you from the dumbass plagiarized emails that Mean Jean Schmidt (my local congress-psycho) sends to me, or the thank you email that Ken Mehlman just sent to me, thanking me for my efforts to support "our Party."

Regardless, it looks like you will become Britney Spears' next
husband because both are true.






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