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Is it Really All About the Children, Nancy?

Speaker-elect Nancy Pelosi (ewww) said in her press conference today that the Democrat's win is all about the children. However, her home district doesn't seem to care that much for "the children." Proposition 83, aka Jessica's Law, was passed in California yesterday, without any help whatsoever from San Fransisco, Nancy Pelosi's district, which was the only area in the entire state that did not pass it.


What's that all about, Madam Speaker-Elect?

Hat tip: The Great Satan

Added: I would just like to clarify that I do not think this is Nancy Pelosi's fault. Rather I think it says a whole lot about the folks who live in her district and who voted her into Congress. She talks about the Democrats' win being about the children, yet the voters in her district had no interest in a bill that would severely punish molesters and predators who harm them. I wonder how she explains her constituents votes.

Update: Reader T. Price in San Francisco emails:

To go with your Nancy "For the Children" Pelosi theme... As someone who lives in San Francisco with a newborn, I can tell you it is a Herculean task - cost of living notwithstanding. We were recently voted most kid-unfriendly city and our children population is below 15% - lower than New York. And don't get me started on the public schools here.

"San Francisco Values:" living the dream and coming to the House!

Update II: Chuck Schumer just said this on O'Reilly in response to Bill's statement that Nancy Pelosi can only be judged by her district:

She may vote her district, but she's going to run the Democratic party in a way that's pragmatic.

So, if a Senator or Congressman sponsors a bill like Jessica's Law that's federal in scope, does that mean that Nancy Pelosi would vote against it just as her district did?


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Comments (18)

Can we just call her SNP? H... (Below threshold)

Can we just call her SNP? Hard to write Speeee...ahem...speaaaaak....dam....Speaker NNNNNNN....

Sorry can't do it.

Here comes the right wing s... (Below threshold)

Here comes the right wing shit machine. Stay out of its path.

Just call her Queen Bitch.<... (Below threshold)

Just call her Queen Bitch.

EelPeople like you... (Below threshold)


People like you are despicable. Learn to have respect for women or yourself for that matter.

Filty animal!

I have respect for those wh... (Below threshold)

I have respect for those who deserve respect. It has nothing to do with her gender, race, etc. It's that she is a lying, hypocritical bitch.

You called me a filthy animal. Is it because you have no respect for men? You called it as you saw it. So did I. Deal with it.

This is news? It's common... (Below threshold)

This is news? It's common knowledge that terrorists kill babies. Why would they vote to protect them?

9 out of 10 perverts suppor... (Below threshold)

9 out of 10 perverts support Pelosi, joining the 9 out of 10 terrorists supporting Dems...

What do you expect from NAM... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

What do you expect from NAMBLA Nancy?

After Clinton, I didnt' thi... (Below threshold)

After Clinton, I didnt' think that ineptness could come to new lows. It's just a guess as to when Polosi will pull it off!

I say we put the monicker o... (Below threshold)

I say we put the monicker on her of Captain "Stretch" (can't stretch any further as her eyes would be on the back of her head.)
"only area"--that where all the queers live so that would explain it.

Pelosi supports NAMBLA, her... (Below threshold)

Pelosi supports NAMBLA, her district doesnt protect kids and she lies and says its about the kids?

Great, I'll bet $100 to anyone out there that she WILL NOT address Social Security benefits for 'these kids' in the first 50 days of her reigh.

My wife and I have a 1.5 yr... (Below threshold)

My wife and I have a 1.5 yr old. We live in San Francisco. It's not that hard.

Quit your whining. If you don't like living in SF, move out. Oakland, San Jose, Fremont, Marin, San Mateo are all quite nice too.

God bless San Francisco!!</... (Below threshold)

God bless San Francisco!!

God doesn't bless hell.... (Below threshold)

God doesn't bless hell.

If terrorists ever struck t... (Below threshold)

If terrorists ever struck the flamer capital of America, watch how quickly these uberleft fools would all of a sudden support the military. Then again, they could kill all terrorists with their feather boas.

How sad is it that they feel a man has a 'right' to prey on young boys. You deserve Namlba nancy!

Just relax. The country is... (Below threshold)
Sal Manella:

Just relax. The country is not about to go lurching to the left just because of Nancy Pelsoi. You people really need to get a grip on your emotions.

Hey did,nt BILL CLINTON pas... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Hey did,nt BILL CLINTON pass gun control to save the kids then he vetos a bill to ban partial birth abortions then sends in his imperial storm troopers to kiddnap ELEIN GOZNALAS from his reletives in florida to return him to CUBA as a favor to bills good buddy busy whiskers castro? and then look at WACO and the BRANCH DIVIDIANS and yes i come from SISKIYOU COUNTY at the top of the state and we voted 70% in favor of JEEICAS LAW bill clinton is still a draft-dodging antiwar 70s freak war monger and CHILD KILLER and RAPIST

Hmmmmm --so that's where 'r... (Below threshold)

Hmmmmm --so that's where 'robert" is from.






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