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The "militant wing" of the official, duly-elected government of the Palestinians has declared war on the United States.

Naturally, the "political wing" of the very same organization is busily establishing "plausible deniability" from the people making the threats to attack Americans and American interests around the world.

Of course, they both answer to the name "Hamas," have the same boss back in Syria, and all too often coordinate their statements and actions, but they're really not the same organization. Honest. As separate and as different as Ford and Lincoln-Mercury.

I am curious to see how this will be played out by the media and the new presumptive leadership in Congress, who have an "advise and consent" duty on foreign policy, as well as the power to declare war, as well as influence policy in other ways. It's a good test of just how seriously the Democrats take their new responsibilities.


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Don't worry, Speaker Pelosi... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Don't worry, Speaker Pelosi (eww, taste of vomit in my mouth) is on the job and will handle this problem. Solution likely to involve increased production of burquas and English-versions of the Koran.

But hey, we need to give our new Overlords a chance, right?

My boss says that since thi... (Below threshold)

My boss says that since this is a "law enforcement" problem, midnight basketball is not too far in our future!

ONE DAY after the election and already it starts? Going to be an interesting couple of years! Maybe the last two years the Dems EVER hold power!

Hamas is a political party,... (Below threshold)

Hamas is a political party, not a government.

Geez, I can't wait until you neanderthals are out of the White House. You can't lead with your head up your *ss.

2 years of this nutjob crow... (Below threshold)

2 years of this nutjob crowd running the show and the americans will be begging the GOP to take control again.

This is not good news for any democrat running for president. NO WAY the dems will be trusted with complete control in DC with terrorism an issue.

We have a problem in Iraq p... (Below threshold)

We have a problem in Iraq purely from the "Paper Tiger" reputation we gave ourselves in Veitnam and reinforced in Somolia. These election result have inspired the Terrorist to believe we'll do a repeat in Iraq and the Middle East as a whole. That's we will leave Iraq to be cut up between Iran and Al Queda. Dividing the Country as has been suggested will help Iran and AQ speed up their process.

After reinforcing the "Paper Tiger" image, no dictator will fear us. No new popular government will trust us. So invading a country to put down its dictators we mean nothing.

That will leave us with one option if we need to deal with another Saddam, total devastation of the country's infrastructure and its population. Invasion and deposing dictators and their ilk will no longer ever be an option. Putting the country into the stone age for 5-10 years and repeating as necessary will be our only military option available.

Hamas party is the elected ... (Below threshold)
Who what where:

Hamas party is the elected gov't. Did you notice the words "political wing" Lee? Pull your own head out of your ass next time.

Well the only reasonable an... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Well the only reasonable and logical thing for the U.S. to do is to declare war on Hamas. And before any liberals go batsh*t crazy over that, keep in mind that the President can request that Congress declare war without actually going to war. Not that that will happen now with a Democratically controlled Congress, but it might be worthy of an attempt by the White House to put Dems to the test on how serious they are about fighting terrorism.

WWW - A party is not a gove... (Below threshold)

WWW - A party is not a government, moron.

Oh wait, you're a Republican -- no wonder you think that way - lol! Republicans think they own the government - or did up until today.

Lee,I have seen so... (Below threshold)


I have seen some really stupid Dimwits, but you are easily the ackowledged leader.

Tell me again why it's impo... (Below threshold)

Tell me again why it's important for us to fund the scums. Here is a good way for the dims to show they can control spending: de-fund the UN and stop all aid to the Palestinians.

Jay Tea,Just a rem... (Below threshold)
Bat One:

Jay Tea,

Just a reminder. According to the US Supreme Court, in affirming the trial court's judgment in Efrat Ungar v. PLO/PA, the Palestinian Authority is NOT a recognizable government and does NOT enjoy sovereign immunity.

Hamas, of course, is on the State Department list of terrorist organizations.

Brothers and Sisters.... (Below threshold)

Brothers and Sisters.

I as a friend have always tried to explain to you'll what really the facts of life and earth are. As time passess more and more of these things will become true to you'll. Learn now and stop being brainwashed by the wrong people. Let us pray for peace and a world where money is not wasted to kill people instead to grow and make this world a better place for you and for me.

Brother Lee, I am glad that most Americans are like you. There is a lot of hope left.

Dems win the House, and Ha... (Below threshold)

Dems win the House, and Hamas declares war on the US.


Actually Hamas declared war... (Below threshold)

Actually Hamas declared war because the Israelis retaliated and killed people after that woman blew herself up in front of Israeli soldiers. I don't know how you fight a war against Hamas considering 25 Palestinians die for every one israeli.

Seriously, Palestine is surrounded by gates occupied by one of the best military superpowers in the world, and we have some reason to be afraid of hamas?

Please think about these situations. You aren't afriad of hippies or nerds, why is anyone afraid of Hamas? Thye cannot even leave that area and Israel has done a good job killing the sh*t out of them (which is the main reason for their war against the US; to get the Dems to notice the situation over there). Thye have been screaming for help and the only way to get attention is to throw a rock toward our country. Whether we should intervene that should be for another conversation, but let's have an actual discussion of issues and not the same ol' poli-bashing. Remember high school? Now forget about it. We Americans our better than that.






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