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Michael Steele As RNC Chair?

According to Ian at Hot Air, that may be the case.


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Perfect. Sign him up.... (Below threshold)

Perfect. Sign him up.

Ditto.... (Below threshold)


Please let it be true!... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Please let it be true!

No, No way. Have Chaney res... (Below threshold)

No, No way. Have Chaney resign for health reasons and put Steele in as VP. He'd walk away with the presidents office in 08. Plus it would be a great comedy to watch the dim's shoot themselves in the foot every day for two years.

Great strategy!!! Put a do... (Below threshold)

Great strategy!!! Put a double digit loser in as the RNC head that's only purpose is to actually WIN elections.

Good way to lose your south... (Below threshold)

Good way to lose your southern base.

Go for it.

Scrapiron, did you p... (Below threshold)

Scrapiron, did you play with matches for the hell of it as a kid?


I knew I liked things you wrote before, but...damn. I think I want to be more like you when I grow up.

I was just thinking that Steele reminded me of 24's David Palmer. Palmer was cast as a Democrat (his party affiliation is hardly mentioned, but that seemed to be the tone of the storyline), but the kind of conservative Black man whose combination of compassion, values, and understanding of global national security issues made him - as a character - so "electable", at least in theory.

Reality is much harsher, though. The MSM went in circles about Harold Ford not being elected in TN, but almost completely ignored Steele's race because he was not a member of their chosen party. Chris Matthews ("Hardball") practically wept when Ford conceded; however, he had virtually nothing to say against voters who sided with Cardin over Steele, vs voters who sided with Corker over Ford.

Voters who sided with Corker were smeared by Matthews as being "racist"; but not a peep about voters who sided with Cardin.

So yes, I believe you have a lovely solution there: let Steele finish out the Veep's term, and have the RNC groom the man for greater things. Involvement with national security issues and reforming the three-letter agencies would be the place to start. And let the position of RNC chairman go to someone else. Hell, Dana Irey would run circles around "Yeeeaaaaarrrghhhh!!!" Dean, for that matter.

And the Dems' racism against conservative Black Republicans would be dragged viciously into the open.

Bring. It. On...

Derrick, you mean like the ... (Below threshold)

Derrick, you mean like the way Howard Dean lost the Democratic Party Nomination for President in 2004, much less the general election that Kerry lost? And yet Dean-o is the head of the DNC...

I told you guys last night.... (Below threshold)

I told you guys last night. Crist is the smart one -- he knows how to campaign.

Good way to lo... (Below threshold)
Good way to lose your southern base.

Go for it.

Posted by: Lee at November 9, 2006 01:43 AM

Ahh, the subtle racism of it all...Lee, unlike you are your party, we don't keep black Americans under our thumbs to use as a voting bloc every 4 years.

"Great strategy!!! Put a do... (Below threshold)

"Great strategy!!! Put a double digit loser in as the RNC head that's only purpose is to actually WIN elections."

Democrats put Dean in has their chair, and he could only win one state his own. I'm from Maryland, and Steele ran a good race. A ten point lose running as a conservative in 2-1 democrat to republican state is not bad. News Flash: candidates lose election just and their party loses elections. Democrats were out of power for 14 years, and now they are back.

"Good way to lose your southern base. Go for it."

It was that same southern base that wanted Janice Rogers Brown nominated to the Supreme Court. It was that same southern base that support Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court.Its hard seeing southern Republicans leaving the Republican party if Steele becomes the chair. Republicans have promoted more black to higher offices then the Democrats have in the last thirty years. They haven't left yet. This may come as a surprise, but most republicans aren't backward thinking, redneck, driving pickup trucks, waving confederate flags, watching nascar, living in trailers, with a hound dog, wearing buck teeth, marrying their relatives, wearing klan hats. It funny when people who claim to be so tolerant have stereotypical views of others.






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