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President Bush to Hold News Conference

Scheduled tomorrow at 1:00pm. Pundits are speculating that he will be conciliatory and reach out to Democrats.

By the way, President Bush sees a Democratically controlled House as a positive development for his immigration reform. Hellooo open borders and amnesty.

Update: Mark Steyn on Bush's immigration reform:

Did Tony Snow really say he thinks a Dem House will be a help in passing comprehensive immigration reform? Oh, well. I guess if you're going to further alienate the base two years to the day before the next election is probably the best time to do it.

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He will probably bloviate a... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

He will probably bloviate about working together for a comprehensive amnesty, oops, immigration policy.

George...the GOP is bleeding tonight, stop turning the blade, please.

Anyone want to take bets on the number of days until Conyers begins impeachment procedings? I'll say late December, early January.

Merry Christmas, and we can all go back to our post 9/11 slumber now.

Well, the only Republican i... (Below threshold)

Well, the only Republican in a contested race who ran on an enforcement-only immigration policy was Randy Graf in the 8th CD of AZ, and he was steamrolled.

The key issue here was Iraq. People are dissatisfied with our lack of progress there, encouraged by sniping from the Democrats from the start. Do they now follow through with a bug-out, or do they attempt to offer an alternative plan to stabilize the situation - at the risk of alienating the moonbat left, without whom they wouldn't be where they are today?

I'm gonna go with the Saigo... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

I'm gonna go with the Saigon and helicopters scenario. Perhaps disco will make a comeback shortly thereafter.

"Anyone want to take bets o... (Below threshold)

"Anyone want to take bets on the number of days until Conyers begins impeachment procedings? I'll say late December, early January."

The sooner the better!

"Perhaps disco will make a comeback shortly thereafter."

That should fit well for the right wing dingbats. They're all living in the past anyhow.

They're all living in th... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

They're all living in the past anyhow.

Um, I think it's been the left who's been bleating about IRAQ=VIETNAM now for the past few years.

The sooner the better!

You know, now that I think about it...the chance to see the House/Senate Dems make asses of themselves and show how unserious they are about national security...perhaps I could agree with you there. Should be fun...perhaps we could get Clinton to finally testify at a impeachment hearing after all.

Impeachment?You're... (Below threshold)


You're missing the big picture.


Ok all you asskissers you g... (Below threshold)

Ok all you asskissers you got the floor now--give us a plan. Oh I forgot. There is something called a VETO.

Our withdrawal will remove ... (Below threshold)

Our withdrawal will remove the main justification and support for the insurgency and force Iraqis to take responsibility.

Iraqi politicians are far better informed and far more competent than the coalition administrators and, indeed, American politicians and voters believe.

They are able to control their militias and strike deals with their rivals.

This was demonstrated in late October when leaders in Najaf and Baghdad brought a burgeoning civil war in the city of Amara under control within two days. Most Arab Iraqis - Sunni or Shiite - do not wish to divide their country into different nations.

Withdrawal will never feel comfortable. Iraq will almost certainly become an Islamist state that implements authoritarian policies and is not particularly friendly toward the West. But there is nothing we can do about this. These are the parties selected by Iraqi voters. Our enemies will describe our withdrawal as weakness. But they already interpret our current position in Iraq as a defeat.

We cannot continue to throw away lives, money and strategic interests in the vain hope of impressing Al Qaeda. Every day that we remain, more American and Iraqi lives are lost, more enemies take up arms against the United States, and the anarchy spawns increasing horror.

Our best defense against terror is to allow Iraqis to rebuild a functioning state while keeping troops nearby to destroy terrorist training camps if they emerge.

Who controls the House and Senate today is immaterial to the question of what to do in Iraq. Withdrawal is coming. The sooner it happens, the better for Iraqis and for the United States.






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