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Saddam's New Strategy

He's throwing himself on the mercy of the court - literally. Jim Hoft has the story:

The following is a translation by Haider Ajina from the Iraqi Buratha News of November 7, 2006:

Saddam collapses and asks for leniency and mercy from Judge.
By Muhsin Aljaberi

It seems that Saddam is using a new approach in dealing with the court. It reflects his desire for forgiveness for his crimes. This new approach only started after he was sentenced to hang for his crimes in Dujail. Sources in the high criminal court handling Saddam's cases said that the dictator did not anticipate this verdict or the seriousness of the court.

Saddam believed the lies of his fellow Baathists media and propaganda (which was directed by his defense team under the leadership of Khalil Alnuaimi), which was saying that the USA wishes to negotiate with him and that Rumsfeld wished to reinstate him to stop the violence and other such lies. Thus the court's sentencing him to hang came as a big shock to Saddam.

The media did not report his behavior since he reappeared, Saddam's legs were shaking and he could not stand a number of times when called upon. The sources said that the video filmed for the court shows that the bailiff had to help him stand, and that he was wobbly once he stood up, and when he was spoken to he appeared bewildered and did not know what to say except invoking God's mercy. As Saddam was escorted back to his cell he sends word to the judge Raauf asking for mercy and clemency. This information was confirmed by the court today.

Now that it has sunk in that he really is not the Iraqi president anymore and that the majority of Iraqis can't wait to see him hang, he suddenly changes his tune. Interesting that he's asking for the mercy he refused to show his victims. I have no sympathy for him.

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Have mercy on his soul whic... (Below threshold)

Have mercy on his soul which only leaves the body at death. Works for me.

Hang him on international T... (Below threshold)

Hang him on international TV. Let the world watch.

Saddam took lessons from Te... (Below threshold)

Saddam took lessons from Ted Kennedy and figures that if a Kennedy can get off without jail time for the death of someone, he could too.

I think it's time for a 60 ... (Below threshold)

I think it's time for a 60 Minutes special edition: "Saddam: A Confessional With Mike Wallace".

NOW THERE IS A LEADER!!... (Below threshold)


Bawling his eyes out to the judge like the Democrats do to the terrorists.


If innocent people weren't killed, he and the Democrats would be the same joke.

I suspect that the drawn-ou... (Below threshold)

I suspect that the drawn-out nature of the legal proceedings reinforced the idea in his mind that he'd get off with a relatively light sentence or acquittal. The fringe types in the West who were advising his legal team probably had something to do with that, even if it was inadvertent. All the more reason for his collapse after the sentencing.

I guess that he forgot that it was Iraqis that were handing out this justice, not the "effeminate" West. Rather like the terrified reaction of the Abu Gharib prisoners to the new Iraqi administration, rather than the more benign US prison authorities.

I gotta tell you, the idea of Saddam crapping his trousers in public and begging for mercy, well that just warms my heart. Let him twist and turn slowly in the wind...

Coward.Just like t... (Below threshold)


Just like the Dems.

The one regret in all of th... (Below threshold)

The one regret in all of this is that there is no way to have Saddam suffer in death as his victims did ... one death for each victim, the same way they were killed, he should suffer too ... one hundred fold.

So what are the 'bangers th... (Below threshold)

So what are the 'bangers theories about what will happen in Iraq now? I predict: at least something (finally).

Ok, that was weaksauce but seriously, I think that the congressional shift will be good to force some movement either way, which the U.S. will react to. That alone will be nice. But I have no idea what the change will be.

My own random observations for today came from reading the free Sun Times paper "RedEye" on the L going to and from work. I saw the least vitriolic reporting that I can remember in years (and I've been reading a Chicago daily newspaper since the late '90s). Strangely, where the obligatory 'Bush is the worst because...' article would be, there was something about terrorism. I didn't see that as a bad change of pace, really.

Even though I voted for the Republican party (but in Chicago so to no avail), I say fine: let the Democrats drive the damn bus for a while and see how they like it.

My wife and I had big discu... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

My wife and I had big discussion about his death sentence. She's absolutely against it; I am for it. With a few exceptions, I am not normally for the death penalty. I do believe we should be playing God, saying who lives and who dies; only God ihas that power.

However, when it comes to the death sentence for mass murderers like Saddam, there is little other justice that would be more fitting to the families and the nation of Iraq.

Maybe it has "sunk in" for Saddam and what he's done to not only his people but the world at large. Perhaps that's a good thing; it shows he has some remorse. (Then again, being a psychopath his weakness in court may be just an act self-preservation, only Saddam knows.) In the end, perhaps even God will forgive him. I, however, cannot. But, as a Catholic, I will not revel when his death sentence is served, either.

For me, it will be justice, solemnly served.

Sorry Tony, but it the dim'... (Below threshold)

Sorry Tony, but it the dim's drive the bus they will run over you like an ant. Doesn't the fact that they are responsible for 3 to 5 million deaths in Southeast Asia and approaching 50 million babies in the United States tell you something. Just like Terri, they care nothing about human life, they're always on an ego trip, or maybe they're always tripping out on some drug.

Letting the terrorists kill a million people in the United States will mean no more to them than their plan to kill 5 to 6 million Sunni Iraqi's by withdrawing after the war is won. Yes,it will be the democrats that kill them and the dim voters are just as guilty as the politicians. Same old tactic as Vietnam. They have murdered so many people and have so much blood on their hands they're all like drunken Ted, it doesn't matter. They say it gets easier after the first murder, this proves that right.

I don't know Scrap, I guess... (Below threshold)

I don't know Scrap, I guess I slightly disagree. I think that most folks still understand that we need a substantial anti-terrorism mechanism for our country. The Dems that ran and won seats ran as centrists who supposedly understand that. If they don't, the Democratic victory will be very short lived indeed. Or, we all win because our representatives aren't complete loons. I also think that if a bomb goes off, it will more likely go off in Israel or Iraq.

..oh and I'm not saying tha... (Below threshold)

..oh and I'm not saying that I don't care if a bomb goes off somewhere else, I don't want a nuclear bomb to ever go off anywhere on this planet ever again. But America acts in our interest first, and we'll still be protecting ourselves (I hope).

Hopefully the Dems don't dr... (Below threshold)

Hopefully the Dems don't drive the bus over the cliff and take us all with them.

"Hopefully the Dems don't d... (Below threshold)

"Hopefully the Dems don't drive the bus over the cliff and take us all with them."

Does Chappaquidick ring a bell?

He also said that his Baath... (Below threshold)

He also said that his Baath Party should elect a leader and join the political process.

He must be scared out of his mind.

Saddam's screwed and he kno... (Below threshold)

Saddam's screwed and he knows it.

Of course he's throwing himself on the mercy of the court.

If he was an american politician, he'd be begging for bipartisanship (because he knows he's screwed).

Payback. It really is a bitch.

"Does Chappaquidick ring a ... (Below threshold)

"Does Chappaquidick ring a bell?"

OK, that one made me laugh. Well done.

Saddam Hussein never was... (Below threshold)

Saddam Hussein never was the Iraqi president; he was the Iraqi dictator.

... the end, perh... (Below threshold)

... the end, perhaps even God will forgive him ...

Biblical nutshell: If Saddam repents, asks forgiveness, and seeks Christ, he will have everlasting life.

Personally, I think Saddam is suddenly confronted with his own mortality. In addition, he knows the EU and other liberal bastions don't think he should be executed.

I will bet a paycheck it's an act.

If he is a devout Muslim, he knows he won't be getting greeted by virgins.

Perhaps the US Congress can... (Below threshold)

Perhaps the US Congress can pass legislation to restore Saddam to power in Iraq. Some Democrats have said that the folks in Iraq were better off when he was running things. Now they can prove they were right.

May his God have mercy on h... (Below threshold)

May his God have mercy on him because there is no place on this earth for him.






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