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The Republican Rout - Blogger Reaction

I'm still smarting from last night's Republican rout and will have my thoughts a little later once I get my brain cells in order. In the mean time, here is blogger reaction:

Viking Pundit:

Democratic sweep - Well, it was everything we were warned about. The House was lost a long time ago but now it looks like the Senate is also lost, from Virginia to Missouri to Montana.

Montana! Virginia! Ohio!

Oh, congratulations, GOP, on capturing Tennessee [sarcastic clapping]

I'm beyond upset. I can't express myself adequately because I'm tired and filled with wine. But, be forewarned, the GOP gave this election away. HANDED IT AWAY. So stop sending me fundraising letters. It's bad enough we lost control, but we lost it because the GOP failed to hold true to conservative values.

Just. Like. That.

Outside the Beltway:

- Several House races lost through individual scandals involving Delay, Foley, Weldon, Ney, Sherwood, and others are low hanging fruit that should be easy to recapture in '08. Still, it will take either an incredibly popular presidential nominee or Hastertesque ineptitude on the part of Pelosi and company for the GOP to retake the House two years hence.

- The Republican leadership in both houses should, of course, be replaced with fresh faces. They have failed and must be held accountable. Newt Gingrich, who accomplished much more, had the good grace to resign for much less.

- While Republican scandals, the war, and other issues set the stage for this turnover, moderates are the key. Most of the Republican moderates-i.e., those in states that trend Democrat-lost. Most of the Democrats who won, by contrast, were Blue Dog moderates. The running of war veteran, family values candidates was the key to the Democratic victory, not the ideology of the Kos Kids.

- That's going to make it very interesting for Pelosi and Reid. Not only are they going to have to ride herd on a delegation that's less ideologically liberal than they've had in a while, there are fewer so-called RINOs to pick off. That's going to make governing hard, especially in the Senate.

- There are no good losses. While there is a silver lining in that the GOP will have to find its soul again, it's mighty hard to climb back into power against incumbents. As tough as Pelosi and Reid are going to have it, their position is much more enviable than that of their Republican counterparts.

- We'll soon see if Pelosi, Murtha, Hastings, Frank, and company are as bad as the GOP propaganda machine painted them. If they are, they'll give the Republicans a fighting chance in '08. Given political prudence and checks and balances, my guess is they prove comparatively innocuous.

- Along those lines, Republicans should pray for the impeachment hearings to commence.

- Pelosi may be many things but she's not an idiot. She'll stave off any such attempts that are in the offing.

Michelle Malkin:

The GOP lost. Conservatism prevailed. "San Francisco values" may control the gavels in Congress, but they do not control America. Property rights initiatives limiting eminent domain won big. MCRI, the anti-racial preference measure, passed resoundingly. Congressman Tom Tancredo, the GOP's leading warrior against illegal immigration--opposed by both the open-borders Left and the open-borders White House--won a fifth term handily. Gay marriage bans won approval in 3 states. And as of this writing, the oil tax initiative, Prop. 87--backed by deep-pocketed Hollywood libs, is trailing badly in California.

Hugh Hewitt:

For comparison purposes, in 1986 the GOP lost eight Senate seats, and Reagan faced a 55-45 Democratic majority in the upper chamber.

The Republicans only lost five seats in the House that year, and the count was 258 Democrats to 177 Republicans.

Sure, it stings. But it is far from a wipe-out, and if you had told me in 1986 that 20 years later there would be a Republican president facing a 20 seat Democratic majority in the House and a two seat Democratic majority in the Senate --and that the Soviet Union had collapsed-- I'd have cheered long and loud.

Joe Gandelman:

How will George Bush respond? Will he throw down the gauntlet and echo the words of Vice President Dick Cheney that the administration isn't running for re-election and it'll be full speed ahead on a course it sets? Will GWB in his slated press conference today hold out an olive branch to those who seek a different approach to the Iraq war? Or dig in his heels?

Will Bush return to the model of governing for which he was famous in Texas as Governor by reaching out to the opposition party and trying to work in bipartisan mode? Granted, harsh words were exchanged during the campaign. But stranger things (such as Lyndon Johnson running as Vice President with rival John F Kennedy) have happened in American politics.

When the detailed analyses are made, and the lawyers have finished their scrutiny of the votes and any recounts are concluded, the key fact will remain: parts of the Reagan coalition came apart on election day 2006 -- and independent and moderate voters overwhelmingly deserted the GOP.

Captain Ed:

Republicans have to go back to the basics -- and I don't mean the base. They need to settle on some First Principles before they calculate how to convince voters to trust them with governance again. Republicans have traditionally stood for fiscal discipline and a strong defense above all other issues. The GOP needs to return to those values first and keep them foremost when creating their strategies for 2008. They need to elect clean leadership, and Tom Coburn's phone should be ringing off the hook this morning if Republicans want to get serious about rehabilitation.

They have two years to atone for whatever mistakes led to their defeat last night. They'll need every single day to rebuild the trust lost from the 1994 revolution.

Ace of Spades:

Liberals blame voters for their decisions. I don't want to do that. But if politicians have to live with the consequences of losing their voters, voters have to live with the consequences of losing their politicians, too. According to early estimates, perhaps one-third of previous evangelical voters flipped and went for Democrats. If scandal and such put them off, fine. But if John Paul Stevens now retires, and Bush cannot get anyone but a liberal (of a moderate stripe) through the Senate, they will know precisely what that defection cost them. Can't say it's their fault; if the Republicans alienated them, such is politics. But I'm not sure evangelicals will find their choice in their own interests.

Update: Karl at Ushanka.us put his analysis of the MSM's coverage of the campaign on video.


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Comments (41)

Boortz,who is happy today a... (Below threshold)
Florence Schmieg:

Boortz,who is happy today and others, many who post here, are in for a rude awakening. What his goals are can never be met by a Democratic majority house and senate. Never. His momentary glee will come back to hit him in the face. This is a disaster for the country. There are more important things than controlling spending. We will never get another conservative judge through now. That is a legacy that lasts for 30 years!! We have dramatically increased our likelihood for a terrorist attack. We will chicken out in Iraq and underscore the terrorists' belief that we are a country that is a paper tiger. And for all of you immigration types. Most of your guys lost in Arizona, including Hayworth. Thanks a lot.

I agree.Every cons... (Below threshold)

I agree.

Every conservative who is feeling smug this morning, from Michelle Malkin on down, has earned my anger.

Because "House Speaker Nancy Pelosi" is *such* a victory for conservatism, yassir, yoobetcha.

Sheesh. If and when we get helicopters off the embassy roof in Baghdad, attacks in the US, the economy tanking due to tax increases, and all the rest... will these 'true conservatives' accept any share of the blame?

As far as I'm concerned, everybody who didn't vote for the Republicans to win yesterday has forfeited all right to complain later that the Republicans lost. If you didn't want somebody to lose, GO VOTE FOR THEM.

Hey look at the bright side... (Below threshold)

Hey look at the bright side, we now can have all encompassing guest voters and never have to worry about electing a Republican again. The fence died last night, the fake is in.

Bush can slam his pen all he wants, but now the real fun begins. It was Bush and the amnesty crap that broke the camel. Hope Bush enjoys the trial.

Congrats Dems - terrorists ... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Congrats Dems - terrorists everywhere are firing their weapons in glee while oppressive dictators sleep more soundly. Meanwhile, the despotic star chamber known as the judicial branch will solidify its defacto rule.

No doubt a very good night ... (Below threshold)

No doubt a very good night for the Democrats. My thoughts...

I'm not too bummed out. The GOP ran a very poor national campaign this year. Their overall theme was "Vote for us, we're not Democrats!". Fortunately for the GOP, the DNC's theme was equally bad ("Vote for us, we're not Republicans!") or it could have been worse. Negative selling ("Buy a Ford because Chevy's are junk") isn't an effective way to persuade people.

The next two years are going to produce a lot of very interesting political theater. For starters, the Democrats are "The dog that finally caught the car"... now they have to figure out what to do with it. When then GOP came into power in 1994, it had a clearly defined action blueprint that they sold to the voters. The DNC doesn't have such a plan. Voters were promised a "new direction" but the details up to this point are pretty thin. So now the power struggle within the Democrat party begins. The Kosacks will be screaming for retribution and start calling in their chits (though their poster child Lamont went down in flames), there will be calls for Impeachment, etc. We'll see if the Dem Leadership can keep the left wing in check.

We'll also see if we have a replay of Post-1994. The GOP thought it had a clear mandate from the voters to go to "war" with Clinton. The conventional wisdom was that Clinton was "dead meat" in 1996. They were wrong on both counts. There's even a bigger chance for legislative overconfidence this time around because last nights results were more about a vote against the GOP instead of a vote for the Democrats. It was about dissatisfaction about Iraq and scandal (real and perceived) instead of an embracement of the DNC platform. There's little evidence, particularly when you look at the state ballot proposal results, that the country has shifted to the Left. The Democrats also have to square things like the while surveys show that people in the US want troops out of Iraq, surveys also show that people want us to "finish the job" there too.

So, I'm going to pop some popcorn, sit back, and watch what the dog does with the car. It's going to be interesting, whatever happens....

The spotlight seemed to be ... (Below threshold)

The spotlight seemed to be on three or four republicans that committed criminal acts.
That's funny to me since dozens of dim's committed criminal acts in the 90's a lot of them are in prison or skipped the country. The dim's just can't help themselves and will immediately get back to their criminal activities.

The voters just voted themselves a 20-25% tax increase in federal taxes and an unknown amount in several states. Makes sense only to an idiot. Several states will now have left wing leadership which means they will become extremenly high tax states where the average working class people cannot afford to live. They have abandoned the liberal northeastern states by the millions because they couldn't afford to live there. Now they bring their liberal tax increases to the state they moved to. Soon they won't be able to live here either. Makes sense only to an idiot.

I'm going to sit back and watch the implosion. Combined federal and state taxes will increase by over 40% withhin a year. Come back and tell me I was wrong after a year. Get your money out of the stock market and hide it. If you're in the military get the he** out, if you're planning on joining, Don't.

Terrorist attack. Expect an... (Below threshold)

Terrorist attack. Expect another one soon. By voting for Democrats, American voters have proven their disdain for this country and their support for terrorists such as Saddam who killed innocent women and children. American voters have now proven their fear of terrorists by voting for a cut-and-run change in congressional leadership against our policy to stop them. This will now inspire and energize the terrorists to do MORE harm to the US, not less. Like school yard bullies, we will now let them beat more innocent people to death (literally!). The clock is ticking. There will be another terrorist attack and this time we have only ourselves to blame. And when it happens (and it will - mark my words) those that voted for the terrorists better not come crying on my shoulder. How soon we have forgotten 9/11. No more sypathy or donations from me. Layoffs will begin Monday and there will be more to follow. I have cancelled a flooring project and have cancelled other projects (except those that are already underway) as I believe the animic economy will soon now collapse. I will be making calls to my two real estate brokers and will be informing them that I will no longer be interested in expanding my lease space. My flag is at half staff and will stay there until the traitors are removed from congress.

I will begin to do EVERYTHING for myself and NOTHING for anyone else as that is what the liberals have done and it now appears that it works. Lying, misrepresentations and deception will now be the order of the day as voters don't seem concerned about it. Voters can now be their self-centered selves that they are openly. Who knows? We may even have TV shows like "Who wants to be a millionaire" and "greed". After all, we ONLY care about ourselves and money and the FREE stuff our elected officials can give us - such as health care. And while we're at it, spit on the flag and the freedom it stands for because we are AGAINST freedom. Freedom for innocent women and children to live and freedom from terrorism as we cut and run.

South Canada is where we live now and we better get used to it.

Make that North Mexico. H... (Below threshold)

Make that North Mexico. Habla Espanol?

By the way. Lets save som... (Below threshold)

By the way. Lets save some money on the southern border. Now that we'll be pulling out of Iraq and the terrorists start to scatter, let's just welcome them all with open arms. No need to spend money on homeland security either. The terrorists love us now because the Democrats KNOW what to do.

The people that are the big... (Below threshold)

The people that are the biggest winners and are the most satisfied are the Worldwide Terrorists Organizations, not the American people. They (terrorists leaders) poured their 100% support behind the dimwits and now they can commit acts of terrorism without fear. The dim's have supported the terrorist to kill as many Americans as possible in Iraq for political purposes, now the support will pay off with attacks on America. They have the green light and don't have to fear any action against them.

Terrorists attack that kill thousands will just be one more thing the republicans can watch with satisfaction and say, we told you so. None for 5 years, not they will pour it on.

My favorite quote from Capt... (Below threshold)

My favorite quote from Captain Ed:

However, in terms of policy at least, the American people have spoken. The majority endorsed these views, and now we have to see them play out. We can certainly criticize it -- and we will -- but we have to respect the voice of the American electorate. They wanted a different direction, and now they have to experience its consequences.

Accepting the consequences is what this is all about. Unfortunately, this is one of the reasons people shouldn't vote for liberals: they don't accept responsibility. The American people want out of Iraq. OK. It dissolves into civil war, and big chunk of it turns into a Iranian satellite state. It's Bush's fault. Terrorists are emboldened and become impossible to remove in Afghanistan. It's Bush's fault. Terrorists recruiting goes way up because they are winning. It's Bush's fault. Terrorists strike the US again. It's Bush's fault.

Am I bitter? I'm mad as he... (Below threshold)

Am I bitter? I'm mad as hell at both parties. One for their constant shrill opposition to even good ideas just because it wasn't their idea and the other for abandoning their principles.

The Republican politicians got what they deserved, but I don't think we the people did.

I can't wait to hear bin Laden's next video speech.

RE: Conservatives who are a... (Below threshold)

RE: Conservatives who are acting happy about this
They are either whistling past the graveyard, or they are idiots.

First of all, illegal immigration mess may come back at us in reverse. Democrats could put together an amnesty bill, and President Bush will sign the stupid thing! This gives Democrats a huge voting block of illegal votes in key areas. Secondly, Democrats are in a position to "reform" the voting process to make their kind of cheating (illegal aliens, felons, and corpses) easier to do and harder to catch. (The GOP should have gotten much more serious about solving this problem long ago.) And finally, the Democrats just took over the majority of the state houses in the country for the first time in a long time. This is going to make winning the 2008 election very, very difficult as Democrats twist - sorry, "reform" - the election process to benefit their party.

OK you RINOs and cut & run ... (Below threshold)

OK you RINOs and cut & run republican, you just woke up in bed with the democrats, Nancy Pelosi and the terrorists.

talk about coyote ugly...

The U.N. wasted no time in ... (Below threshold)

The U.N. wasted no time in claiming victory for they're one world government drive and the right to tax the American people without accountability for where the money goes. Add another 5-10% for the U.N. to the 20-25% tax increases planned by the dim's. With coming state tax increases most, if not all, Americans can look for up to a 50%+ increase in their tax bills in the next couple of years. I can handle it, can you.

If you're in the military, get the he** out. If you're planning on joining, Don't.

Hm, I've been checking the ... (Below threshold)

Hm, I've been checking the news outlets this morning... I think this is possible the first election in six years that had no fraud, no racism, and no questionable practices.

We can be happy about that, right?

Christ, what a bunch of fuc... (Below threshold)

Christ, what a bunch of fucking crybabies you people are! Have I inadvertently stumbled into the Daily Kos? I guess Conservatives can be pussies too!
The Republic will survive. It survived nearly 70 years of Democratic rule, it will survive this. Now, instead of whining on and on about how we're dooooomed, dry your little eyes, have some weak tea and focus on winning in '08.
'Nuff said.

"Add another 5-10% for the ... (Below threshold)

"Add another 5-10% for the U.N."

I am an American, not a UN-ian. The Benedict's have torn up the Constitution to take power in congress but I will fight and die to keep the Constitution intact before they get one cent from me.

Nice post Scrapiron

Gee, Sorry for being upset ... (Below threshold)

Gee, Sorry for being upset at the potential economic disaster a Democratic congress has. I guess I should just ignore the fact that tax increases could really screw my family right now. You know what, dude? For some people this is a very REAL issue. Grow up just a little bit, okay?

I agree with the posters li... (Below threshold)

I agree with the posters like scrapiron and theexecutioner on this thread. to come back from this defeat, we need to take some real action. We need to do a better job of controlling the media, especialy in a time of war. It neest to be under complete government control. The government needs to approve all content, so the pussy American public does not turn against our troops.

Our military is not broken, and we can fight and win wars fought on multiple fronts. We need to invade Iran, and nuke Korea, and go after those commie dickwads in south american. Coulter was right as well, Canada is lucky we don't kick their asses as well.

We need to keep strong leaders and stop blowing the peoples money on education and handouts to lazy lying liberals. And Hellery health care.

Nancy Pelosi is going to be the largest disaster for the American people ever! A woman as speaker is ridiculous. Whats she going to do, have PMS all the time and go crazy with everybody? And those liberal judges are going to finish the job she couldn't do.

Get ready for the end times.

Don't feel bad, Kim. This i... (Below threshold)

Don't feel bad, Kim. This is just a breather, an opportunity to expose the left for what they are. Look for tax increase proposals, attempts to re-insitution of the marriage penalty, a stab at impeachment and consequently, several W vetoes.

It sets the stage for the return of the Republican majority and a Republican president in 08. Let America remember why they voted the Democrats out. And hey- if the economy turns south, we'll know exactly who to blame. If we're not out of Iraq by then, we can blame the Democrats. They promised to get us out. Might as well hold their feet to the fire, eh?

It's positively Rovian.

I look at the stunning defe... (Below threshold)

I look at the stunning defeat as an opportunity for the GOP to rebuild, retool, and get renewed for 2008. By that time those who had voted the Dems in will end up having a big throwing up party after 2 years of what the latter has done. Look for the GOP to go back to its conservitive "roots".

Hm, I've been chec... (Below threshold)
Hm, I've been checking the news outlets this morning... I think this is possible the first election in six years that had no fraud, no racism, and no questionable practices.

If the Democrats had lost, the media would be awash with such claims.

"Get ready for the end time... (Below threshold)

"Get ready for the end times."

I don't have to worry about that. I live in a blue state and OBL promised that only bad things would come to red states. Remember?

Chill. The world has not co... (Below threshold)

Chill. The world has not come to an end.
Although I'm a pissed of Republican, I voted a straight ticket and sent a few campaign contributions.
The lesson for Republicans is a simple one:

1-Be a Republican not a RINO. Voters that for RINO's also vote for blue dog Democrats. Promises, principles and ideology is what will get you elected and re-elected. Keep to them. Otherwise Republican voters don't need you. And Democrats are not going to vote for you anyway.

2-When in the majority act and govern like your the majority and don't temporize. When in the minority act in principled opposition. Not as supplicants to the overlords.

Although there is no way to spin this defeat, and even if there were, there is no value in self-delusion, now we will see if Bush can be a decisive leader on domestic matters and if the Congressional Republicans will check the far left Democrat excesses. After all they do not have a veto proof majority. The Congressional circus hearings will begin and the budget shenanigans as well. But if the Republicans get tough, act firm and if Bush doesn't weaken it will be two years of bad theater and some missed opportunities and we will come out victorious in 08. All things considered it could have been a lot worse.

<a href="http://www.trade... (Below threshold)
Look, I agree with Malkin, ... (Below threshold)

Look, I agree with Malkin, the Republicans handed this away. The votes were very close in many races. I don't think the Republicans could have screwed up many more things and then expected to win!! Hastert, Frist, etal were poor leaders. These people never lead as a majority party, they always were coming from the position that the Democrats would take control again someday, and guess what, they did, primarily due to their lack of leadership. I agree we will survive. Let's let Pelosi and company start their 100 hour drive. If the Republicans return to their core principles I think the voters will be back. Only 2 years to 2008.

"Even Shorter Whiztards:<br... (Below threshold)

"Even Shorter Whiztards:
Posted by: MyPetGloat at November 8, 2006 11:28 AM"

Exactly. Don't come crying to me when the terrorists blow up your house and family.

Man, you know, I'd love to ... (Below threshold)

Man, you know, I'd love to see the people who helped vote in Speaker Nancy Pelosi take one damn bit of responsibility for their vote on their own damn selves, instead of blaming Republicans, the media, or anybody else.

It's one bad apple that rui... (Below threshold)

It's one bad apple that ruins the bunch. These last few months, Republicans had to deal with many, many bad apples. How many scandals coupled with a VERY unpopular war could the American people take before thinking that the current path is not the best? I don't think the Dems really won, as much as the Republicans beat themselves. Now that the Dems will need to switch gears and perform instead of criticize, I can only hope they make good. We'll see...

"I can only hope they make ... (Below threshold)

"I can only hope they make good"


The Republican Congress has... (Below threshold)

The Republican Congress has been behaving like a bunch of spineless wimps ever since the departure of Newt! They keep wanting the freaking Dems to LIKE them, for heaven's sakes! Get a clue you idiots - they will NEVER like you - but had you wielded your power intelligently and firmly, they would have RESPECTED you! I blame Bill Frist who is a complete wuss and I blame every single Republican who supported him.

If there isn't a nickle's worth of difference between the two parties, how does a person decide? Clearly the TERRORISTS know the difference! And as long as GWB is president, they will be cautious. But if that flaming b**ch Pelosi and the ever unlovely Conyers have their way, GWB will be tied up in specious impeachment nonsense and won't be ABLE to govern.

Nice going all you people who sat on your hands.

Gayle,Just a bit o... (Below threshold)


Just a bit of history, but Hastert wasn't looking for love from the Democrats. He controlled the house agenda, and refused to let any Democrat sponsored legislation come to the floor.

And congress spent too many of it's meager 100 annual workdays on important issues like flag burning... You seeing much flag burning in your neighborhood? Boy, that was an important one...

And my last bit of history... The "terrorists" certainly were not cautious around GWB. Recall, that 9-11 happened on GWB's watch. He had been elected 10 months earlier, but he spent the summer on vacation, not paying attention to the intelegence information or the outgoing transition team. And doing photo ops and reading "My Pet Goat".

For what it's worth...Even ... (Below threshold)

For what it's worth...Even thinking the Dems get both houses, I don't feel nearly as bad as when I went to bed sick to my stomach in 00 and 04 thinking Algore and M. Heinz had won. Reagan had to deal with Dems, although he wasn't as weak as Bush seems to be. I wonder, though, what we'll see in Bush's polling over the next few months if he works with Dems on a few key issues w/out abandoning security...the moderates and moderate R's have given the free-spending, overly confident R's in Congress their spanking, even if they agree with the President about most big issues, wonder if they'll start to poll in favor of Bush again instead of polling against him as sign of dissastisfaction on a few issues (of course polls are pretty bogus anyway, for instance I was unable to say I was satisfied with Bush's handling of the economy on a poll, but it was only because of spending, not with his general stewardship of the economy...regardless that goes into the tally as someone 'unhappy with Bush' - you don't get to clarify your position)? I dunno, should be interesting.

Hey, has anyone seen any leftists posting that Rove is already planning on cancelling the election in '08 to keep Bush in power and away from the unstoppable Democratic surge?

Anyone want to count the li... (Below threshold)

Anyone want to count the lies in John's post there and his made-up history?

These Republican epiphanies... (Below threshold)

These Republican epiphanies are interesting. Though conservatives have been telling you this for years. You've just ignored them, branded them RINOs, or worse, traitors. Now you see what your blindness and arrogance have wrought. Yesterday Republicans were all-good. Today they have flaws. Is your insight so shallow that you only concede your flaws when presented with them objectively?

Perhaps if Republicans became conservatives again, you will have a better future.

SadinMO:I agree. Se... (Below threshold)

I agree. Sen Frist and Rep Hassert were terrible. I'd also add President Bush to the list. At a time when the country needed real leadership, they let us down big time. I've liked what Gingrich has been talking about for the last couple of years.

Two things are missing for the GOP to come back from this. First, they need to find good leadership. Second, they need to take their principles and turn them into an agenda that Americans can vote for. The GOP failed because they didn't give anyone any reason to vote for them accept an unpopular war.

I agree. The House and the GOP agenda went into the weeds when Gingrich left.

I agree that Hastert wasted time on stupid legislation and not concentrating on the important things. In fact, from now on the GOP will really regret not working on election reform.

I disagree that terrorists were not cautious around Bush. For one thing, OBL got very upset when the timetable for the 9-11 attack was going to be postponed (again). He was very concerned that the attack would be discovered and stopped, so he pushed hard for the attack to be carried out ASAP. Secondly, I recall that Bush did the right thing in rejecting the initial proposal for dealing with OBL. Specifically, he didn't want to launch a couple of Hellfire missile attacks to strike back; he insisted on a plan to wipe them out the entire Al Qaeda organization. Kill Bin Laden, and someone takes his place.

I think (or at least hope) ... (Below threshold)

I think (or at least hope) that this will be a good thing for the Republicans. Wide majorities make lazy parties. This should force the GOP to take a good hard look at its behavior in the past decade or so and make some needed changes. That, or it should perish. At least, that's what I blogged about today. (Good God, three blog entries in three days? I'm on a roll here!)

Well, when you run an incom... (Below threshold)
sal manella:

Well, when you run an incompetent administration, you can expect BIG losses. What can I say, the country has spoken. Conservative voters too apparently. Rumsfeld out, what does that tell you about the real thinking within the White House?

Hey Sal6th year pr... (Below threshold)

Hey Sal

6th year presidencies typically lose 25 seats.

Those who do not learn from history look really stupid to those of us who have.

Was that Santayana, or Santana?

Abraxis, bro!

Well I am pissed off at all... (Below threshold)

Well I am pissed off at all the sniping and infighting that has been done since the primaries. Leading the way was Michelle Malkin and Polipundit and others who even just as recently as early October threatened to sit this one out all because they thought Bush wouldn't sign the fence bill!!

All the carping since the primaries only helped seal our own demise.

Republicans won under the "Big Tent" for 6 years and I guess everyone became so focused on "policies" and special interests that we lost sight that all the polls for ONE YEAR OUT clearly spelled our DOOM! Yet we continued to attack and eat our own!

We continued to rely on the "polls are all wrong" meme even though the robo-poll Rasmussen correctly called every Senate race very accurately (he called Talent to win - proof that ACORN fraud surely pushed McKaskill over the top). We counted on the fact that the squishy "middle" would wake up and be revulsed by the Democrats even though they recruited moderate candidates we ignored it.

Yes our Congressmen were corrupt (but not any worse then Dems for sure) but more importantly they ran limpless campaigns.

And they abandoned the President. This sent a sure signal to Americans that Republican stewardship was "not working".

Overall it was a referendum on the war. Even if that fact was overrrated, it is being PERCEIVED as the main cause. So let it. Republicans better not shoot themselves in the foot by all of a sudden trying to fix Iraq when all this 3 years they were content with letting the President take it in the ass alone.

I for one am proud of my Senator, Rick Santorum. He knew he would lose so he ran a doomed campaign and talked the theme of the 21st Century: Islamism on the rise.






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