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A Tribute to Donald Rumsfeld

Brit Hume closed out Special Report with part of this spoof that is really quite funny.


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Comments (19)

I watched that earlier and ... (Below threshold)

I watched that earlier and I couldn't stop laughing. It was hilarious. They edited and chose the clips really well.

I saw <a href="http://www.p... (Below threshold)

I saw this one awhile back and thought it was pretty funny as well.

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! So funny!!! ... (Below threshold)

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! So funny!!! Even funnier then Kerry's joke!!! And almost as funny as Bush's no WMD's joke. HAHAHAHAH.....haha...ewe boy...


I'm sorry for you muirego, ... (Below threshold)

I'm sorry for you muirego, it must be difficult to not be able to have humor.

Oh, while your busy biting at your keyboard like a madman, learn how to use the forum functions.

When you post a link, instead of strecthing the entire forum page out of whack with you retartedly long link...select the appropriate text, click 'URL' and paste your link into the box. Pretty easy huh?

Thank you for not giving us... (Below threshold)

Thank you for not giving us a maudlin actual tribute. He did his job. He served his purpose but we need to win the war and he ain't cutting it

"We need to win the war"</p... (Below threshold)
Proud Kaffir:

"We need to win the war"

Sorry, don, but the electorate conceded the war on Tuesday. The only options to be considered are cur and run now, cut and run in 6 months, or cut and run in one year. Gates is being nominated to pull the troops out.

Of course, we will probably need to return and fight a bigger war after the next mass casualty terrorist attack on US soil, but that's not in consideration right now.

As a former Marine, on the ... (Below threshold)

As a former Marine, on the eve of the Marine Corps birthday (November 10...for all you heathens) I can tell you I FIRMLY believe that this election means we WILL have to fight a much bigger and MUCH more costly war...MUCH sooner!!

I think Ferguson might be t... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

I think Ferguson might be the only conservative comic on TV today, and he is very funny. And I will miss Rumsfeld's refreshingly candid approach to press conferences. I am sick of this dancing around bullshit that everyone does just so they never get accused of saying the wrong thing.

Muirgeo, to quote a hero of mine, go fuck yourself. You contribute nothing to this forum at any time except linking to obscure liberal and communist websites. I have decided from now on to never address you by name again, I have tried to be civil, but you refused, which is certainly within your rights. I hope your bitterness passes someday, but I won't be holding my breath. I would call you a sore winner, but I doubt you would even consider yourself a winner, only a victim.

pardon the language (or not... (Below threshold)

pardon the language (or not) I am celebrating the Corps' birthday a bit early!!!

JT can vouch I did a still ... (Below threshold)

JT can vouch I did a still Photoshop of DR doing a one-handed version of the last frames back in 2001. That one had him in front of a B-2 bomber "sending a message to terrorists worldwide." Sad to see what message his departure is now sending...

Muirgeo, to quote a hero of... (Below threshold)

Muirgeo, to quote a hero of mine, go fuck yourself.

Posted by: John F Not Kerry

Some hero you got their..what 12% approval ratings? And Pelosi holds his nut sack firmly in her left hand...her grip is tightening...he'll be squealing soon.

Hillarious tribute.<p... (Below threshold)

Hillarious tribute.

I have a tribute in my own fashion tribute at OTB.

Spelling/grammar primer for... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

Spelling/grammar primer for moron trolls:

There : generally used to refer to a place

They're : contraction for "they are"

Their : possessive pronoun for "they"

I guess "someone" cleaned u... (Below threshold)

I guess "someone" cleaned up my language...so you might as well clear out my "apology" too!! :)

Semper Fi anyway!!

"mun-go"-+12% is a lot more... (Below threshold)

"mun-go"-+12% is a lot more then your -100%
Yeah she is good at holding "nuts" as she represents the QUEER capital of the world. ROTFLMAO

The funniest thing about th... (Below threshold)
Jim C.:

The funniest thing about that clip is that all of those things are more worthwhile than answering loaded questions from the press.

The Pentagon press corps is... (Below threshold)

The Pentagon press corps is celebrating tonight.

Rumsfeld regularly exposed them as complete idiots. Perhaps Gates will exhibit more tact, and treat them as if their questions show some intelligence.

If that is his intent, he better have taken some acting classes while he was at A&M . . .

Somebody get the paper towe... (Below threshold)

Somebody get the paper towels. Muirgeo just piddled on the carpet again.

thought you might enjoy.</p... (Below threshold)

thought you might enjoy.

my "tribute" to rumsfeld is a bit different...







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