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Bloggers Discuss New House Leadership

I just got off the blogger conference call organized by N.Z. Bear to get blogger input on the race for House leadership. Several of those on the call are going to be working on getting some conference calls set up with those running, similar to the calls set up in the last leadership race. I will post additional information as it becomes available.


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Comments (7)

Good luck on the conference... (Below threshold)

Good luck on the conference calls. Hopefullly the Republican leadership will figure out its future course.
I just wanted to see if anyone else saw this here. Faithful Democrats is saying that Republicans don't stand up for justice and that Democrats win can be contributed to faith. Unbelievable crap.

Yeah, putting the Vegas mob... (Below threshold)

Yeah, putting the Vegas mob's man in charge of the Senate is a great start for "justice," all right . . . where do these "Democratic faithful" congregate, anyway? Around a pentagram under a full moon?

On the leadership, we need to clean the House . . . I like both Boehner and Blunt, but they didn't get it done. It's time for new leadership, top to bottom.

didn'tseethiscoming<p... (Below threshold)


What the hell is unbelievable about the Democrats faith?

You must be blind in one eye and can't see out the other. Look at the hypocrisy of the Republicans! Foley, Ney, Rove, Haggard, and whoever. They were hiding behind religion and God exposed them all. Such fakers.

Yes, it was the Democrats' faith and God rewarded them. What God hates most is a hypocrite!

The Democrats are going to lead this country in a new direction. You need to get onboard. The Republican didn't work with the Democrats while they were in power and treated the Dems bad. But, the Democrats are going to work together. Sounds like Godliness already! Calm down and come aboard and give them your blessing.

'58--yeah new direction--to... (Below threshold)

'58--yeah new direction--to the rear with their tail between their legs like an old cur dog.

One of the funniest things ... (Below threshold)

One of the funniest things in the world is to hear the liberals try to look like they're embracing christians and Christianity.

Really. It's hilarious. And needs no explanation.

JoYou have no idea... (Below threshold)


You have no idea of what Christianity is. Just look at what sorry Republicans did while hiding behind religion

Mark Foley.....e-mailing explicit messages to underage boys (disgusting)


Haggard......faking being born again, while entertaining a gay male prostitute and buying Meth


Hypocrisy is when you pretend to be one thing and do another. This is why the American people threw the BUMS out. Yes, threw the bums out on their sorry ass.

Say whatever you want about Democrates:

We're in control now and Republicans are eating crow

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