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Breaking: President Bush to Make Statement

Bumped and Updated with President Bush's statement:

Scroll to see updates.

It will take place in the Rose Garden at 11:35am ET right after a cabinet meeting

Maybe he's planning on keeping the new Democratically led Senate really busy next year by throwing the entire cabinet overboard.

Update: President Bush announced what he wants to get done with the new Democratically led Congress. He made this statement just before his lunch meeting with the Pelosi, Reed. And he's going on offense essentially telling the Dems what he expects from them.

He said that it's important to put elections behind them and work together. Some issues need to be taken care of before the end of the year:

  • Congress must complete work on federal spending bills for this year. Strong fiscal discipline yet able to fund the war on terror.

  • Pass the terrorist surveillance act
  • Pass the bipartisan energy legislation.
  • Complete work on legislation that will allow us to cooperate with India on civilian nuclear technology
  • Pass trade legislation that recognized Vietnam as part of the WTO

President Bush then said that when the new leaders of Congress return to Washington the cabinet is to provide for them any information they need to do their jobs.

The administration will do its part to rise above differences, which is what the American people expect them to do.

War on terror a challenge and Iraq is a central front in this war. He reminded us that currently there are more than 149,000 men and women serving there and they must have the resources and support they need to win. He's open to any ideas that will help them achieve that goal of victory. (well, that means that Pelosi, et al. will have nothing to offer him.)

Rumsfeld couldn't make it today because he's at Kansas State giving the Landon Lecture. President stated he appreciated Rumsfeld's commitment to the US and called him a loyal man and a great defense secretary. Donald Rumsfeld has agreed to stay on until Gates has been confirmed.

Comments (48)

I bet he mispronounces "bip... (Below threshold)

I bet he mispronounces "bipartisanship" at least five times.

who cares, lee?... (Below threshold)

who cares, lee?

lol... (Below threshold)


Oh Boy, right after breakfa... (Below threshold)

Oh Boy, right after breakfast with GOP leaders, and before lunch with the Dhimmicrats. This ought to be a doozy.

He's going to announce a gl... (Below threshold)

He's going to announce a global warming energy tax administered throught he U.N., a temporary worker program without border security, and a deal with Iran that if they can stop the violence, they can have Iraq.

What a schmuck.

According to my sources, th... (Below threshold)

According to my sources, the Fox television network is rumored to be launching a news sitcom series based on the upcoming last two years of Bush's presidency, titled "My Lame Duck".

Now that he's under pressure, the next two years of Bush blunders promises to be a lot of fun. I hope the butt kicking given to you Republicans on Tuesday doesn't make you guys lose your sense of humor. Lots o' laughs ahead.

"My Lame Duck"Nice... (Below threshold)

"My Lame Duck"

Nice "My Bush" reference. Maybe CC will bring the show back?

Bush will only be a lame du... (Below threshold)

Bush will only be a lame duck if the House and Senate decide to make him such. That would do no good for the country, but I don't think the good of the country is necessarily on the agenda of the new majority. Retribution is though.

Hate to break it to you Lee, but the man has been under tremendous pressure for 5 years.

This will be par for the course.

Lee, Enjoy it whil... (Below threshold)


Enjoy it while you can because remember we're not on defense anymore. We get to be on offense now.

Hey "pucker puss" (lee lee)... (Below threshold)

Hey "pucker puss" (lee lee) not near as many laughs as looking at one of your "ditto" posts.

"jdavenport"--no ,he going to announce that he is appointing you the head asskisser as you have the right pucker for it although p'p'(lee lee) has more on the job training.

"I hope the butt kicking... (Below threshold)

"I hope the butt kicking given to the republican candidate's on Tuesday does'nt make You guy's lose Your sense of humor."

Dont worry, Weve still got Pelosi and crowd to laugh at..

Bush will announce his new ... (Below threshold)

Bush will announce his new cabinet:

State James A. Baker III
Treasury Nicholas F. Brady
Defense Gates
Justice Richard L. Thornburgh
Interior Manuel Lujan, Jr.
Commerce Robert A. Mosbacher
Labor Elizabeth Hanford Dole
Agriculture Clayton K. Yeutter
HHS Louis W. Sullivan
Education Lamar Alexander
HUD Jack F. Kemp
Transportation Samuel K. Skinner
Energy James D. Watkins
Veterans Affairs Edward J. Derwinski

Daddy to the rescue.

I think that the problem is... (Below threshold)
Mark Blahut:

I think that the problem is the president - To bad he doesn't have the balls to step down. Only when the neocons are gone , will we be safe !
Miss kim - How do you keep blogging when you were so wrong . I am looking for apoligies from all wizbang writers. You all were wrong - You hurt our country .
Please go away .

Hard to believe Bush was un... (Below threshold)

Hard to believe Bush was under pressure with a rubber-stamp House and Congress at his beck and call. All he had to do was look the other way while the House and Senate Republicans lined their pockets with lobbyist money and they gave him whatever he wanted, including shredding the U.S. Constitution.

Corruption was number one on the "F*ck the Republicans" hit parade Tuesday at the polls (not that you can believe those exit polls - lol!) - so my money says George will announce a bipartisan move to clean up the corruption in Congress.

No, that's too smart a move -- he'll do something stupid instead.

I bet he mispronounces "... (Below threshold)

I bet he mispronounces "bipartisanship" at least five times.

While only trying to use it in the speech once.

Of course, if spoken eloquence was truly a significant sign of leadership, integrity, and intelligence then Clinton might've been a great president instead of being impeached for lying under oath.

"Maybe he's planning on ... (Below threshold)

"Maybe he's planning on keeping the new Democratically led Senate really busy next year by throwing the entire cabinet overboard.

Taking the Republican defeat well, Kim?

Democracy really sucks when the outcome doesn't go in your favor now, does it?

Oh look, the Dow is up...

Alcee Hastings would be a g... (Below threshold)

Alcee Hastings would be a great start to showing the Republicans how its done, wouldn't it Lee?

Maybe he will announce that... (Below threshold)

Maybe he will announce that his advisors have reminded him that, yes, he can in fact veto bills.

"Now that he's under pressu... (Below threshold)

"Now that he's under pressure"

You mean trying to administer the Unites States, fight a global war on salafist islamic fascism and keeping the economy at an all time high, all while being denigrated by a hostile liberal media and back stabbed by an openly communist and hostile "democratic" party at every turn (national security be damned) aren't pressure enough?

The Socialists took the majority in the House and Senate, that's true but it doesn't make Socialism "right". What's going to be entertaining is the open treachery, treasonous acts and disdain for average American values that the likes of Pelosi and Dean are going to commit over the next two years. After they take credit for the economy and abandon Iraq and the WoT of course.

The biggest mistake the GOP made over the last 6 years was not grinding the Dhimmicratic Party into dust while they had the chance. Republican leadership should have set your Socialist agenda's back by decades but they were too interested in playing "nice", I bet the Dems won't return that favor and a lesson will be learned.

See you in two years, we'll see how things are going then.

According to my sources,... (Below threshold)

According to my sources, the Fox television network is rumored to be launching a news sitcom series based on the upcoming last two years of Bush's presidency, titled "My Lame Duck".

I actually liked that, Lee.

Perhaps he'll start Impeach... (Below threshold)

Perhaps he'll start Impeachment proceedings against himself in his new spirit of co-operation with the Democrats.

Lee,Hard ... (Below threshold)


Hard to believe Bush was under pressure with a rubber-stamp House and Congress at his beck and call.

Less than a year into his presidency the most devastating attack on U.S. soil occured. He has had to conduct an unpopular war as a result, and bear the brunt of limitless criticism and jokes for 6 years...and has had a mock-documentary made of his assassination. He's been charged with preventing another attack on this country, which he has done, only to be accused of ruling by fear. If you think he hasn't had some of the most thankless, difficult and horrible decisions in his time in office, you're wrong.

As far as the shredding of the Constitution, I think we would have noticed something like that, wouldn't you?

America lost the war on ter... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

America lost the war on terrorism Tuesday and Bush and Chaney have lost most of their political support. Rather than presiding over the retreat of American forces from the middle east, maybe Bush and Chaney have the courage to resign and congratulate Pelosi as the first woman president. Normally that would bother me, but I don't think it matters much anymore.

Oh look, the Dow i... (Below threshold)
Oh look, the Dow is up...

The dow has been up you fool.

I bet Lee is a bitter, unha... (Below threshold)
the wolf:

I bet Lee is a bitter, unhappy little person.

The Dow is indifferent beca... (Below threshold)

The Dow is indifferent because Wall Street thinks we just got a dose of gridlock in Washington with the exception of the dumping of illegal and legal immigration based cheap labor on the American labor market.

If they believe the gridlock part, they are in for a shock.

Oh look, the Dow is up..... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Oh look, the Dow is up...
The newly elected democrats don't take office yet.

Democracy really sucks w... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Democracy really sucks when the outcome doesn't go in your favor now, does it?
Think we don't know that? We survived eight years with Bill and Hillary.

I really don't see what Dem... (Below threshold)

I really don't see what Democrats are crowing about. They won because we're in a war, and people voted for them to make a statement, NOT because they agree with Democratic policy and socialism. I predict that we'll see the pendulum swing back to the right side next election. Let's just hope the Democrats don't make things worse in the meantime.

James:If you tthin... (Below threshold)


If you tthink the pendulum is going to swing right why, then, did 47% of the voters describe themselves as "moderates?"

The truth is that the country does not embace the left nor the right. They want the middle.

Because, Hugh, Democrat con... (Below threshold)

Because, Hugh, Democrat control of congress is NOT middle ground. For there to BE middle ground, it's going to have to swing back toward the right at some point. I didn't mean to imply a Rep takeover (though of course, I personally would much rather have a Rep control than a Dem... the thought of socialism makes me sick, as do a vast majority of Dem causes.) I was hoping for a congress of shared power, myself.

"As far as the shredding... (Below threshold)

"As far as the shredding of the Constitution, I think we would have noticed something like that, wouldn't you?"

You would think conservatives would have been up in arms - but they stood by silently instead. I guess those tax cuts, and the tax breaks for the oil and pharmaceutical industries -- which flowed back into Republican pockets through lobbyist's bribes -- really did the trick at buying off their silence.

No wait - it's Jimmy Carters' fault --- my bad.

Democratic control of congr... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Democratic control of congress is not middle ground, but the voters that placed them there largely are. The winner is one that creates the perception that their position represents the larger part of the middle, as well, as their own left or right ideas.

Brings Disraeli's quote to mind: "I must follow the people. Am I not their leader."

I don't think its a given that this will automatically swing back right in just two years. It could take longer.

I would have been up... (Below threshold)

I would have been up in arms if the constitution had been "shredded". It wasn't.

As for you second paragraph, those accusations have been leveled before and they've been argued over before. Got anything new?

>> "Oh look, the Dow is ... (Below threshold)

>> "Oh look, the Dow is up...
> The newly elected democrats don't take office yet.

And just yesterday Kim suggested that the market was down because the Democrats had won the election.

Can't have it both ways... If you guys truly want to work in partnership with Democrats, you are going to have to become reality-based before that can happen.

WHAT IS THE IRAQ SOLUTION S... (Below threshold)
LCDR MacKay:

WHAT IS THE IRAQ SOLUTION Speaker Pelosi??? We are on Day 2 of your victory and yet our troops are still slugging it out in Iraq. What is your better plan that you promised all those sods out there that voted for your party??? No more blaming the GOP now. Put up or enjoy your 2 years in power.

Thanks for the update Kim.<... (Below threshold)

Thanks for the update Kim.

Sounds like he's serious about working with the new majority. Excellent. Now we need to see if the new majority will work with him, or continue to make demands and call for investigations for the very sake of calling for investigations and keeping the administration tied up.

Now that the spotlight is more centered on Madam Speaker Pelosi, I'm very eager to hear the brand new super-secret plan that they've had for the last three years. I've been told (by the Democrats) that they can do it better.

Show me.

Constitution shredded? Ple... (Below threshold)
Proud Kaffir:

Constitution shredded? Please cite specific examples. In a country where you can show a documentary showing the fictional assassination of the president, how can any fool state that Bush has usurped Constitutional principles? Try the same in Cuba or Venezuela.

If you compare today to past wars, you will see that there has been minimal interference with peacetime civil liberties.

Lee blathered:<block... (Below threshold)

Lee blathered:

If you guys truly want to work in partnership with Democrats, you are going to have to become reality-based before that can happen.

Some of us are already there. I seriously doubt you'll ever join us.

Does anyone but me find it ... (Below threshold)

Does anyone but me find it outrageous that it's November and the top thing on the agenda is federal spending bills?

It would seem that running the country is the most important things that congress should be doing, and the spending bills should be out of the way before they start mucking about in gay marriage, flag burning, and all the other posturing crap that they have spent time on over the summer.

Maybe we need a constitutional amendment that says "Eat your vegetables first (do all the budgetary stuff), then you can have dessert (play to the galleries)."

I understand Harry and Nanc... (Below threshold)

I understand Harry and Nancy are still celebrating. So are the terrorists.

Don't worry about the DOW n... (Below threshold)

Don't worry about the DOW now. Let's agree to meet back in a year and see where the DOW, unemployment and interest rate are. Savvy?

I'm glad Bush at least stil... (Below threshold)

I'm glad Bush at least still looks steady, while everyone else is overwrought with powerful emotions.
It gives me a glimmer of hope that he's still being misunderestimated.

non-reality-based thinking:... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

non-reality-based thinking: Mistaking a flip response to a flip comment as a serious discussion.

Rodney - I agree.... (Below threshold)

Rodney - I agree.

Isn't foreign policy and co... (Below threshold)
Marine Gunner:

Isn't foreign policy and command of the military the responsibility of the President? I know they hold the purse strings, but why is there this irrational notion that Congress, and not our President, will somehow pull the troops out, i.e., "cut and run"? Further, I'd expect a plan for Iraq from a President, Democrat or Republican, with check/balance from Congress.

If this were a Presidential election and a Democrat was elected as President, then we can rightfully demand a "Plan for Iraq." With all the Dem-bashing here, you'd think some folks here will readily concede powers to branches of government the Constitution clearly states they do not have.

Chill out. I'm certain President Bush will get us through this in a manner that's in the best interest of our nation. After all, foreign policy and the command of the military is his responsibility.

Marine Gunner,Hold... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Marine Gunner,

Holding the purse strings is the ultimate power when it comes to protracted military operations. Just check how many times in the past two years Congress has needed to pass more funding for the war in Iraq. Cut off the funding and the President has to either let the troops wither on the vine without proper supplies, or bring them home. Tuesday the American electorate voted to cut and run. There's a news piece on CNN titled "Iraqi insurgents: GOP losses 'a great victory for Iraqi resistance'" and here's an excerpt:

The Islamic Army in Iraq on Thursday called the Republican losses in the U.S. midterm elections that turned the political tide in favor of Democrats "a great victory for the Iraqi resistance."

The Iraqi resistance resisted the establishment of a democratically elected government in Iraq and is now resisting it's survival. These terrorists are telling us that a vote for Democrats is a vote for terrorists. Tuesday's election was important; too bad most voters didn't understand that then, but they will come to understand it with great regret for their spineless vote.

As long as they can stay aw... (Below threshold)

As long as they can stay away from guns, taxes, and what they might think is immigration "reform"... we might be safe until 2008. Maybe.






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