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Ed Bradley Has Died of Leukemia

Just reported on Fox News.

Update: The CBS website has just posted a story on Bradley's passing and on his body of work. His last interview, of Duke lacrosse players, was just two weeks ago.

Mike Wallace is giving an emotional interview right now on Fox News about Bradley's mother and his years working with Bradley at 60 Minutes.

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Rest in Peace - he was a wo... (Below threshold)

Rest in Peace - he was a wonderful reporter, and a seemingly wonderful man.

Yes, quite a loss. He will ... (Below threshold)

Yes, quite a loss. He will be missed.

RIP, Ed.My condole... (Below threshold)

RIP, Ed.

My condolences to his family and friends.

60 Minutes has been unwatch... (Below threshold)

60 Minutes has been unwatchable in recent years, but I always enjoyed Ed Bradley's reporting on that show, as well as other CBS News programs. Blowing the lid off the Duke rape hoax is just one of many great stories he reported over the years.

He got his start in Philly at WDAS, which was the radio station of my youth. Always thought of that connection when I watched him.

He's gone way too soon.

Ed Bradley was my favorite ... (Below threshold)

Ed Bradley was my favorite 60 minutes guy

He certainly broke through ... (Below threshold)

He certainly broke through the male-earring barrier.

The weird thing: I got the sense he had a liberal bias, but he kept it out of his stories for the most part.

The Neville Brothers must be in mourning. He gave them the best press they ever had.

Wonder what a leftist websi... (Below threshold)

Wonder what a leftist website would be posting when a conservative, say, Hannity would pass.






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