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How did this get past me?

Somehow, I neglected to perform my every-couple-of-days check of Bill Whittle's site, and he sneaked out yet another amazing essay.

Once again, Bill captures the sort of thing I clumsily struggle to express. And the "pull quote" he singles out says in two elegant sentences something I've butchered countless virtual trees to say:

Doves think the choice is between fighting or not fighting. Hawks think the choice is between fighting now or fighting later.

Go. Read. Learn. I'll be in my cups over my inadequacies yet again.

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Dems think they can say the... (Below threshold)

Dems think they can say they are the party of kindness and peace, etc and that'll solve everything.

Of course, Dem run cities are also the most dangerous in the US.

This is possibly the most e... (Below threshold)

This is possibly the most eloquent piece I've ever seen written about Bush and his detractors. Wow.


Bil's site has RSS. All my... (Below threshold)

Bil's site has RSS. All my political-blog RSS feeds are in a folder on my Firefox toolbar, so I check it every time I run through my RSS feeds, which is many times a day.

While this quote doesn't carry the weight of the one above, I did get a kick out of, and it's something I think even Bush's supporters would agree on: "What George W. Bush is, however, is inarticulate. English is his second language. From what I can see he does not have a first language."

I meant to say also that Be... (Below threshold)

I meant to say also that Beldar's still on my RSS list. I keep hoping he'll return, even though it's been a year since he posted. Not even his Longhorns winning the MNC in football brought him out of whatever hiatus he's on.

I need to put Bill on my RS... (Below threshold)

I need to put Bill on my RSS too, because I wrote this post on Nov 5th.

Bush's first language is no... (Below threshold)
vote for change:

Bush's first language is non-verbal: smirks, chuckles, gestures,..

Brilliant essay! Notice "v... (Below threshold)

Brilliant essay! Notice "vote for change" - attacking the messenger.






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