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May God Rest You, Ed Bradley, and Give Your Family Solace

Ed Bradley, one of CBS' most famous newsmen, has died at age 65 of Leukemia. I took this news without much emotion at first, because it was difficult to sort out what I felt. On the one hand, I have long regarded the figureheads at CBS, and especially at "60 Minutes", as enemies of truth and justice, willing to give up any ideal for the chance to hurt conservatives and advance their top story, whether true or not. The problem, of course, is that this kind of thinking comes from diminishing a person to one-dimension and losing sight of them as a human being. The political fights come and go, but the people are always what matters. Sixty-five years may not seem young to many people, but it's a tragedy for someone to be taken from full health to death so quickly. Ed deserved a chance he did not get.

Perhaps, having heard ominous news from my own doctors just last week, I am more sensitive than I used to be to dangers like cancer. I got lucky, Ed did not. Is it really that simple, that cavalier? I think not, though my own views are largely immaterial to the people who mourn the passing of their friend and family member. To Mr. Bradley's family, his colleagues at CBS, and to his many friends, I offer my condolences, and wish you comfort and solace in this time.

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Would god want anything to ... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Would god want anything to do with these secular journalists anyway?

May he rest in peace.... (Below threshold)
The Exposer:

May he rest in peace.






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