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The New Direction in Washington: All Investigations All the Time

The ACLU is calling for an investigation of Donald Rumsfeld. They're claiming dereliction of duty.

The American Civil Liberties Union Wednesday welcomed Donald Rumsfeld's resignation as U.S. defense secretary.

The ACLU in a statement called on the U.S. Congress to investigate what it called "the gross abuse of power committed under his (Rumsfeld's) watch.

"Donald Rumsfeld's resignation is a step in the right direction," said Anthony D. Romero, ACLU executive director.

"Rumsfeld is responsible for the torture and abuse of detainees in U.S. military custody and must be held accountable for the failures that occurred on his watch," Romero said.

The defense secretary, who announced his resignation Wednesday, "has placed the blame on junior military members and has been nothing but derelict in his duty," Romero said. "Congress must initiate an immediate and exhaustive investigation into hi s six-year-long record of unlawful activity, violations of the rule of law and complicity in the executive branch abuse of power."

Jay at the Stop the ACLU hits the bullseye with this:

Off we go into a new direction for America. You know we are off on the wrong foot towards the wrong direction when the changes taking place are cheered by the ACLU! If President Bush thinks nixing Rumsfeld is a way to finding common ground with the newly empowered Democrats will be enough to satisfy the hunger of the left, he should think again. The ACLU, no doubt speaking the mind of the new majority, want to see his head on a fancier platter.

If you own defense stocks, you probably already know that Rumsfeld's resignation sent those stocks down yesterday.


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Comments (17)

I wonder if Rumsfeld will b... (Below threshold)

I wonder if Rumsfeld will be forced to stand trial in Iraq over the abuse of Iraqis in Abu Ghraib.

Iraqis cheer Rumsfeld departure

Many Iraqis blamed Rumsfeld for spurring the emergence of Sunni insurgents and Shiite militias by disbanding the former Iraqi army following the April 2003 toppling of the former government of Saddam Hussein.

Although that order was actually issued by former top U.S. administrator in Iraq, L. Paul Bremer, such sentiments show how widely Rumsfeld is identified with failed policies in Iraq.

"I am happy with Rumsfeld's resignation because he played a major role in disbanding the former Iraqi army. He participated in building the new army on a sectarian basis," said Louai Abdel-Hussein, 48, a Shiite who owns a small grocery in Baghdad.

Ahmed, the civil servant, said Rumsfeld should also be held responsible for crimes by American forces in Iraq, particularly the abuse of Iraqis at Abu Ghraib prison that became known in 2004.

"Rumsfeld's resignation is not enough," Ahmed said. "He should be put under investigation for his responsibility in the crimes committed in Abu Ghraib and the killings and rapes carried out by U.S. soldiers against Iraqi citizens, he said.

Oh what a tangled web we weave...

The AMERICAN Civil L... (Below threshold)

The AMERICAN Civil Liberties Union wants to invesigate alleged crimes by an American Government official against NON - Americans?

A new low, even for them. 2008 can't come soon enough!

Do you even read more than ... (Below threshold)

Do you even read more than the first line of what you link to, Lee?

pay attention:

Many Iraqis blamed Rumsfeld for spurring the emergence of Sunni insurgents and Shiite militias by disbanding the former Iraqi army following the April 2003 toppling of the former government of Saddam Hussein.

Although that order was actually issued by former top U.S. administrator in Iraq, L. Paul Bremer, such sentiments show how widely Rumsfeld is identified with failed policies in Iraq.

Yes, that makes perfect sen... (Below threshold)

Yes, that makes perfect sense, since it's soo completely obvious that Rumsfeld was at Abu Gharaib personally ordering the soldiers to abuse prisoners.

Rumsfeld bears a great amount of responsibility for things that went wrong and right in this war. Rogue soldiers would not be one of them, especially seeing as trials and convictions have already been carried out against many of the soldiers in question.

Got to love revenge politics eh?

Speaker Pelosi had previous... (Below threshold)

Speaker Pelosi had previously stated that she would force Jane Harman to step down from Harman's position in the House Intelligence Committee so that Pelosi could place Alcee Hastings as Head of the House Intelligence Committee.

From Wikipedia:

In 1989, Hastings was impeached by the U.S. House of Representatives for bribery and perjury. The Democratic-controlled Senate convicted Judge Hastings of accepting a $150,000 bribe in 1981 in exchange for a lenient sentence and of perjury in his testimony about the case. He became only the sixth Judge in the history of impeachment in the United States to be removed from office by the United States Senate.

Is this what the Democrats mean by 'bringing integrity back to Washington'.

The irony of Rumsfeld being... (Below threshold)

The irony of Rumsfeld being on trial in Iraq is priceless. I suspect they would use the same, high security courtroom they are using for Saddam's trial.

Vagabond - I intentionally ... (Below threshold)

Vagabond - I intentionally threw you guys a bone. Don't choke on it.

Lee....oh me too. I intenti... (Below threshold)

Lee....oh me too. I intentionally responded that way.

"pucker puss' (lee lee) you... (Below threshold)

"pucker puss' (lee lee) you just showed what a lowlife son of a bitch you are. You are nothing more than a un-american traitorus piece of dog shit. If you have any balls at all (which all queers don't) you would go waste a bullet to blow your pea size brain out (be sure to stick it up your ass first so you will be sure to hit it). If you would like my phone # and address we could have a "little" face to face talk. That last sentence was a waste of time as knowing you as I do from your post, you would be about as certain to do that as having the sun rise in the west.

The rules have changed and ... (Below threshold)
Vegas Vic:

The rules have changed and the enemy is among us and we better start fighting like we intend to win in 2008!

We take no prisoners!

I intentionally threw yo... (Below threshold)

I intentionally threw you guys a bone.

Oh, and I intentionally ignored it 'cause I knew that you did. Yeah, that's the ticket.

What a putz.

Hey Lee, have fun with your... (Below threshold)

Hey Lee, have fun with your freudenschade while it lasts. It ain't gonna be a soft landing.

jhow66....the face of the c... (Below threshold)

jhow66....the face of the current Republican party. And you guys wonder why you lost?

Lee, How many Iraqi'a cheer... (Below threshold)

Lee, How many Iraqi'a cheered. A thousand terrorists (not Iraqi's) who think they are now free (they really are) to visit NYC and beyond again. I'll wager you get your news from CNN or the terrorist news network. The Iraqi leader of the Kurds said there is no difference, terrorists news network/CNN one and the same.

Rumsfeld quit not because of anything he did wrong or anything he failed to do. He quit because there is an ingrained hate in the democratic party that will follow, and hasten the trip for, all of you to the grave. A lot of hate has already turned to insanity and thousands more will be visiting the shrink in coming years.

I haven't heard of any republicans coming down with the dim's favorite disease 'PEST' and spending millions, actually being conned out of millions to treat a non-existant disease. It was made up to remove the green stuff from the feeble minded dim's pockets, sad thing is it worked to the tune of millions of dollars.

Finally got the numbers, and from a democrat that wants to be president in 08. After Jan when the dim's take over and cancel the tax cuts every American can add 22% to their federal taxes (that's what the presidents tax cuts amounted to, 22% for the working class, not just the rich). You pay $2,000 in tax this year, make it 2,440.00 next year even with the same income + the coming tax increases.

Remember, they are going to take from you for the common good of the rich democrats. Isn't that a direct quote (common good) from the Communist manifesto that came out of Hellary/Peloshi's mouths?

Actually this has been and will continue to be a fun time. Watching the dim's cut the throats of themselves and their families to soothe a wounded ego. The fun will continue for at least two years, even watching the dim's squirm when the terrorists, who now know they will not have to pay a price, visit the shores of America, and blow the he** out of several large cities. The dim's are responsible from Tuesday on, just like the 90's they will be cowardly, do nothing, and another 9-11 will happen. No longer do we have the capability to stop the attack or punish those that attack, the Gorlick wall will be back up soon. The terrorist aren't stupid, they know they are now in the catbirds seat and supported worldwide by the 'Entire democratic party'.

Did KOS slit his wrist, set himself on fire and jump from a tall building when comeback Joe beat the idiot he was backing. KOS endorsement has became the kiss of death.

I guess it doesn't count th... (Below threshold)

I guess it doesn't count that under "Rumsfeld's watch" perpetrators of torture were/are investigated, tried, convicted when found guilty and sentenced. But hey, that's just a niggling little aside.

"hugie"--the asshole of the... (Below threshold)

"hugie"--the asshole of the democrap party-no wonder they stink they are lead by people such as Speaker "Stretch", John "Coward" Murtha, Harry "Mafia" Reed, Dick "Nazi" Turbin Durbin, Chuck "Beaknose" Donation Schumar, Hillary "I didn't know Billy was screwing around" Clinton and on and on -----oh yeah ,I forgot -up your dumbass.

Maybe the ACLU should conce... (Below threshold)

Maybe the ACLU should concentrate on its fight to enable grown gay men to prey on young boy. These fools seem to be getting back to its Communist roots.






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