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The Senate Officially Belongs to the Democrats

Updated - Conrad Burns also concedes. Scroll for update.

George Allen is going to concede in a public statement at 3:00pm. According to CNN, Allen is "shell-shocked" at his loss:

As the canvassing continues in Virginia, Sen. George Allen, R-Virginia, is sequestered in his home, "shell shocked," and going through "a nightmare," during this period of limbo, a senior Allen staffer tells CNN.



Update: Conrad Burns also concedes the Montana Senate race:

Montana Sen. Conrad Burns has conceded the U.S. Senate race to Democratic challenger Jon Tester, according to a media report Thursday. "I stand ready to help as Montana transitions to a new United States Senator," Burns said in a statement provided to the Associated Press. "We fought the good fight and we came up just a bit short." Burns served three terms as senator.

It's honorable on George Allen's and Conrad Burns' part that they aren't dragging their races out. The Republicans' losses are hard, but the only way we can begin working our way back is to accept reality and move on.


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Comments (22)

"As the canvassing conti... (Below threshold)

"As the canvassing continues in Virginia, Sen. George Allen, R-Virginia, is sequestered in his home, "shell shocked," and going through "a nightmare," during this period of limbo, a senior Allen staffer tells CNN."

He's hiding under the covers at home, and someone actually suggests this guy had "presidential prospects". Oh yeah.

Lee, it takes a smidgen of ... (Below threshold)

Lee, it takes a smidgen of character to be a magnanimous winner. Obviously, no smidgen in you.

I think he, like the others who lost, trivialized their campaigns and stumbled into various "macaca" moments. Next round, let's be conservatives and leave name-calling to the other side as they do that best.

Congrats to the Dems. Now, let's see if you can govern.

Lee equates being at home s... (Below threshold)

Lee equates being at home surrounded by loved ones to hiding under the covers. You must be a very sad, lonely little person, Lee.

Allen was a potential Presi... (Below threshold)

Allen was a potential President mainly in his own mind and the punditry class', assuming that his conservative voting record would attract conservative support in the primaries. It was never going to happen, and this campaign demonstrates - clearly - WHY.

Burns is another buffoon. If he hadn't insulted out-of-state firefighters late in the campaign, he would have been reelected. One gaffe too many. It's Montana's sorry luck that the price of getting rid of him is six years of Drew Carey in the Senate.

I'm glad they both apparently are showing the decency to just accept and concede a close loss, rather than bleat about "stolen elections" and run to court with an army of lawyers to subvert the vote. As sorry as both these men are, at least they aren't THAT low.

And do you think if the Dem... (Below threshold)

And do you think if the Dem was the one who was short votes that he wouldn't demand a recount? I have never seen a Dem miss a recount chance in the last 12 years (within 1% final), whereas the Rep's move on for the better of the community.
Lee, this was your one time to be gracious, and you cannot even do it now after you won.

Please, folks, Lee's a Demo... (Below threshold)

Please, folks, Lee's a Democrat. You can't shame them. You can't embarrass them. They're human cockroaches.

But look around, Lee - Republicans lose close races and they bow out. No screeching about rigged machines. No lawsuits. No whining about "atheistland." No crying jags. No post-election depression syndrome. No teary vows to move out of the country.

Sure, I'm calling you all a bunch of traitors and hoping like hell the terrorists do strike now that their best buds control Congress so I can watch you all wail "why, Osama, why? We hate Bush too!" but guess what? I'm a partisan. I hate every one of you disloyal bastards. The pros handle defeat with grace and class, unlike the wailing, diaper-soiling babies on your side, Lee.

Not that I expect you to care. None of you do. But what Allen did is what adults do when they lose elections.

You ever notice "cmd" that ... (Below threshold)

You ever notice "cmd" that when you break one off in old "pucker puss" (lee lee) that he runs and hides for awhile like the coward he is. he he

People seem to be forgettin... (Below threshold)

People seem to be forgetting that Kerry did not contest the 2004 Ohio results despite the reports of long lines and irregularities.

Al Gore's situation in 2000 was unique because the confusing butterfly ballot in Palm Beach county caused people to mistakenly vote for Buchanan instead of him. Had those voters correctly cast their ballots Gore would have won the state. He should have just focused on that county in his legal battle however. There was no reason to recount other counites. And besides, recounting rarely changes the totals very much.

This FL-13 House seat looks to be shaping up similar to the 2000 Florida battle. There was clear undercounting of the votes for that seat in a single county that leans Democrat. Apparently, this could go to the House of Representatives which (under Speaker Pelosi) can decide who to give that seat to.

All in all, I have to say I'm thrilled that George Allen and John Kerry both WILL NOT be candidates for the Presidency in 2008. Both clearly haven't got what it takes.

I pretty much despise Allen... (Below threshold)

I pretty much despise Allen but both he and Burns have shown a great deal of class in gracefully conceding.

Eh, jhow, Lee and the other... (Below threshold)

Eh, jhow, Lee and the others are like punching bags to me right now. I'm furious at our loss, and need to vent for a little while. Soon enough it will be time to cowboy up, clean out our rats' nest and take over again.

But until then it will be lovely watching the left implode as they suddenly discover that governing means more than screaming "BUSHITLER!" every day.

The ones I feel sorry for (other than the Iraqis, who will soon learn the bitter lesson that when a Democrat says 'we support you,' look out for the knife) are our troops. Hope they get all that new body armor they've been asking for, because they'll need it for their backs.

cmd: I think hoping that we... (Below threshold)

cmd: I think hoping that we're attacked for ANY reason is over the top.

I don't think you Republica... (Below threshold)

I don't think you Republicans should count on getting back into power any time soon. We are likely to see more than a few Republicans in the House deciding to retire in 2008. It's no fun being in the minority and very difficult to deliver the pork. That means a lot of currently Republican districts will be open in 2008.

And, in the Senate, the Dems had twice as many seats to defend this year. In 2008, it'll be the other way around.

So my advice to you is get used to being in the minority for a while.

kaz: and how have you dete... (Below threshold)

kaz: and how have you determined that District 13 leans Democrat? In the '04 electios they voted 56% Bush(R) over 43% Kerry(D) and 55% Harris(R) over 45% Schneider(D). Prior to that Dan Miller(R) was the 13th District congressman for I think ten years. This election was closer, but historically, I don't see the evidence for what you claim.

Eel slithers: "Lee equat... (Below threshold)

Eel slithers: "Lee equates being at home surrounded by loved ones to hiding under the covers. You must be a very sad, lonely little person, Lee."

I'm probably the happiest person you'll ever come across on this blog, Eel - but my equation that he's hiding under the covers has nothing to do with me - and is based on this quote from Kim's post.

As the canvassing continues in Virginia, Sen. George Allen, R-Virginia, is sequestered in his home, "shell shocked," and going through "a nightmare," during this period of limbo, a senior Allen staffer tells CNN.

""shell shocked," and going through "a nightmare," during this period of limbo"

Poor baby....

last time I remembered, Geo... (Below threshold)

last time I remembered, George Bush was the President of the United states and makes decisions on war, not the dems. Don't forget your Civics class because you were blinded by Pelosi west-coast liberalism. Be a true American, and let's solve this problem.

Let me know when Bush suspe... (Below threshold)

Let me know when Bush suspends the elections of 04 and 06 and instills martial law and when corporations in the pockets of republicans start tampering with voting machines to assure a republican win in 06...I'll be waiting over here for my notice that Bush has reinstated the draft...

Oyster: not whole whole dis... (Below threshold)

Oyster: not whole whole district. Just Saratoga County where the undercounting occurred.

Megan: Article One, Section Eight of the Constitution says "Congress shall have the power to ... declare War,"

All federal spending bills must also originate in the House.

So, Congress controls both the ability to declare war and the spending on the war.

The President is the commander-in-chief so the military reports to him, but he cannot start or fund a war without the approval of Congress.

Senator John Warner (R-Virginia) raised the prospect that Congress might have to reauthorize the Iraq War since it has now devolved into a civil war. This isn't the same war the Congress authorized in 2002.

As for working together on Iraq, I think that is essentially impossible. Rove and Bush used the Iraq War in 2002 and 2004 to get Republicans elected, and the Democrats used it this year to pay the Republicans back. I don't see any prospect of unity on this until Bush abandons his "victory" talk since it is simply not possible for us to "win" Iraq's civil war. That fight is between the Sunnis and the Shiites; our troops are just caught in the middle. There's nothing for us to "win" in Iraq anymore. We got rid of Saddam and gave them a chance for democracy. If they want to blow it by massacring each other there's not a lot we can do about that.

"So my advice to you is get... (Below threshold)
John S:

"So my advice to you is get used to being in the minority for a while."

Does it matter? The Dims keep bleating that America wants change but they just elected a House that's more conservative than the one they threw out. Look at who the Dims had to run in order to win: of the 35 new Congressman, a majority are Red-State Rush Limbaugh conservatives. Why do you think Charlie Rangell is sounding so conciliatory? It's because he knows Moonbat Pelosi can't control the House. But Bush and the minority certainly can work with the majority. If these are the new Democrats, bring them on!

kaz: There is no Saratoga ... (Below threshold)

kaz: There is no Saratoga County in Florida. You may be referring to Sarasota County where just four years ago registered Republicans outnumbered Democrats by more than 2 to 1. That gap has closed a little since, but a cursory glance through Google shows there are still 117K republicans to 77K Democrats (47K have no party affiliation). So I'm still having a bit of trouble where you're getting your idea from.

I wouldn't talk about "pres... (Below threshold)

I wouldn't talk about "presidential aspirations" Lee, when, no doubt, 2 years ago you had huge presidential aspirations for one incredibly idiotic John Kerry.

George Allen's presidential... (Below threshold)

George Allen's presidential ambitions didn't "collapse in fiery heap." No, instead, they fell into deep macaca, where they shall forever remain.

Kerry makes Allen look like... (Below threshold)

Kerry makes Allen look like a friggin' nuclear scientist. If I were a Dem., I'd not only be ashamed of my party's embrace of Clintons, but also Kerry, the monotone idiot with undergrad grades below Bush's.






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