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Iraqpundit: Speak Up Democrats!

IraqPundit is asking why the Democrats aren't responding to al Qaeda's, Iran's, and Syria's statements that a Democratic victory in Congress is a good thing for their cause:

Al Qaeda and Iran are both gloating over the U.S. election results. AQ's chief in Iraq, Abu Hamza Al-Muhajir, actually mocked Bush while praising the Democrats' victory in the congressional mid-term contests. According to an audio tape message attributed to Al-Mujahir, Americans had "voted for something reasonable in the last elections."

Meanwhile, Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei stated that the Republican defeat at the polls "is actually an obvious victory for the Iranian nation."

The White House has declined to comment on these statements, but what about the Democrats? Doesn't it behoove the Democrats to correct the claim that their ascension to power is good news for the enemies of the U.S.? Don't they want to move quickly to disabuse Al Qaeda of the idea that Democrats represent something that these butchers deem "reasonable"?

I'm just as amazed as IraqPundit that the Democrats have said nothing. I'd think that they'd be embarrassed to have their election to power in Congress cheered by al Qaeda. Why aren't they standing up for themselves, and for America for that matter, and refuting the terrorists' statements since the Islamofascists who want to destroy us obviously see America's choice of the Democrats over the Republicans is a sign that we are tired and giving up? But so far, not a peep.


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Neither the White House or ... (Below threshold)

Neither the White House or the Democrats should respond to these thugs. Do you think FDR responded every time the Japanese taunted him?

We are a strong enough country not to let the words of these gnats bother us.

And if the Iranians want to take us on, we've got a few thousand ICBMs we can send their way. We shouldn't lose a lot of sleep over them.

My guess is they're trying ... (Below threshold)

My guess is they're trying to figure out the right words.

You know, the words that will indicate they're serious on the WoT but won't be threatening to the enemy, that shows their determination to help Iraq yet will indicate that our patience approaching exhaustion, that will appease both the people who believe that the WoT MUST be fought and the people who can't see fighthing under any circumstances, and will satisfy their critics at home and critics of our foriegn policy abroad.

In other words, they're probably trying to craft a message that will please everyone and anger no one.

Stoop to their level. Never... (Below threshold)

Stoop to their level. Never. We're smarter than that. Adults don't get into yelling matches with children.

Well Kim, this is three of ... (Below threshold)

Well Kim, this is three of these kinds of posts in a row.

Now, I can definitely understand why you question Democratic leadership. I can understand why you are unsure about them taking control of both the House and the Senate. I really can. In the past 6 years, they have dished out more than their fair share of criticism, and have fallen pretty damn short on coming up with ANY solutions.

So ya, I hear you.

But I have to draw the line when you even entertain the idea that a win by Democrats, who are supported by MILLIONS of Americans all around you, is actually a good thing for terrorists and leaders like Khamenei.

Divided we fall.

Do you really doubt your fellow Americans this seriously, or are you just completely entrenched in partisanship.

Yes, there has been a slight power shift. I'm hoping that maybe some of the Red/Blue madness can calm down enough so that we can all start to remember some commonalities. I'm hoping that things can start heading in a better direction.

I mean: peep.... (Below threshold)

I mean: peep.

Stoop to their level or sca... (Below threshold)

Stoop to their level or scared the support provided to the terrorists over the past three years will have been for nothing. They still hat you and want to remove your head. The terrorist think or know the dim's are gutless cowards and they're rubbing their nose in the BS the dim's have spread around the world.

This is going to be one of the funniest two years in U.S. history.

With all of the terrorist threats (some will eventually happen when they find someone with a brain) I wouldn't take a job as janitor in any of the congressional building for $200,000 a year. The NYC financial district would require in excess of $500,000 per year. I'll fight in my state, but i'm not going to become an open target for cowards that will come at night with 'support from 50%' of the citizens.

Scrapster:Huh? I ... (Below threshold)


Huh? I think I missed your point.

One simple reason : <... (Below threshold)

One simple reason :

If the Democrats ignore these, they go to the big stupid quote-fest in hell, never to be seen again. Yah, we'll get coverage of them on blogs which only conservatives read, and AP will mention them once in a release that'll land somewhere deep in the Lifestyle section, below the fold.

If they answer, the New York Times and various other sundry trai media outlets will report the first quote that seems even slightly intelligent - and we're talking intelligent as defined by the NYT, here. That'll be all news chans stuff.

Good guys can afford to be stupid. Not much evolution happening on our sides, outside of once a generation. Bad guys tend to be sharks, and if you kill anything even slightly assumed to be a threat or a failure (why else would they be so pro-gun control), you end up with some damn fast steps to bigger and badder evil.

Its funny that now that the... (Below threshold)

Its funny that now that the Democrats gained some power, 'unity' has replaced 'dissent' as the hallmark of patriotism.

And if the Iranians want... (Below threshold)

And if the Iranians want to take us on, we've got a few thousand ICBMs we can send their way. We shouldn't lose a lot of sleep over them.

Typical Democratic Strategy. Ignore the problem until you have thousands or millions killed on both sides instead of nipping it in the bud today.

The first real solid proof ... (Below threshold)

The first real solid proof that the dim's don't have a plan nor a clue was when they called in George McGovern, one of the biggest idiots (matches Daschle) to ever serve in the congress.

Now we know we're in real big trouble but millions will die before the dim's admit it.

Bring it on terrorists, it'll be a walk in the park.

jpm100:ok, so what... (Below threshold)


ok, so what would you prefer to have happen right now?

And by the way, I havent just jumped onto the anti-partisanship bandwagon this week. I've been sick of this bullshit--FROM BOTH SIDES--for about 5 years now.

Scrappy:What's you... (Below threshold)


What's your plan?

All the Democrats need to s... (Below threshold)

All the Democrats need to say is something like,

"Citizens may have heard terrorists claiming our electoral victory is a victory for them. Terrorists should remember that they are the enemies of the whole United Sates, not just the Republicans. We Democrats have differences with the Republicans as to how to do things, but we will kill terrorists as surely as the Republicans will."

That's all. No shouting match, no followup, no dialog with madmen...just a simple statement of intent.

I'd love to see it, because you can't let statements like that go unanswered. Words and propaganda are weapons too.

IraqPundit is asking why... (Below threshold)

IraqPundit is asking why the Democrats aren't responding to al Qaeda's, Iran's, and Syria's statements

Uh... 'cause we, like Bush, don't give a shit about their propaganda. Why are you so insistent on publicizing their propaganda?

I've been sick of this b... (Below threshold)

I've been sick of this bullshit--FROM BOTH SIDES--for about 5 years now.

You statement assumes a symmetry that does not exist. It's the Democrats who decided to make Partisan fodder out of it. The war was begun with bad information, but good intentions and nearly everyone's support. Who was hurt, though? Saddam and the Bathists. At the time, the initial phase of the war seemed like a fair price for deposing Saddam, even to the Iraqi people from what I could tell.

Then, either through mismanagement or inevitable consequence, the occupation has evolved into something that is going take years. But are we wronging the Iraqis by staying there and giving it a chance?

Questioning the effectiveness of how the war is being run is a good thing. Proposing Phase Redeployment is proposing a Rout and does harm.

First, if it is allowed to happen, it will lead to a slaughter of the Iraqis who supported us. A great way to generate faith in current and future allies. So just the talk about it will cause our allies to be demoralized cause them to lose faith in us.

Next, Iran and Al Queda will divvy up Iraq. Creating a more powerful Iran in the Middle East and essentially giving Al Queda a state they can function freely in again. Not only will that screw over the Iraqi people, especially those who showed support for the US who will be slaughtered, it is not in Americas direct interest either. If you don't believe allowing AQ and Iran to grow in power will haunt the US, you've been asleep for the past 30 years.

This is not to mention the damage of reinforcing the Paper Tiger image. This is the very point the terrorist are making with their statements. And the image is quite meaningful in demoralizing our allies and upping the moral of our enemies and their followers. So allowing the Islamofascists to promote that image without a comment from the Democrats to the contrary, does harm the US.

Many on here genuinely see the harm in the Democratic Proposals and Behavior. If the Iraq was was a mistake, it would be like spilling milk. If you spill milk, you don't just get up and walk away and let it spoil. You clean up the mess.

Btw, don't misread this election. Democrats weren't elected, Republicans were punished.

ryan: how about authorizing... (Below threshold)

ryan: how about authorizing the Intel services to use all methods necessary to track and arrest the "terrorists", including the wiretap program of the NSA, Oop's can't use that, the dim's already leaked it to the NYT's. Maybe track financial transactions of the "terrorists", Ooop's, same as the NSA program. Anyway there are some really smart people in the intel service now and they'll come up with something ,if authorized to use it, and they'll use it until they brief congress, then it'll be in the NYT's. They'll just have to keep digging to stay one step ahead of the dim traitors.

How about the dim's who have declared themselves in charge of the world since Wednesday coming up with a plan (the sure don't have one now) to protect America. They might make a trip to the U.K. and copy whatever MI5 and MI6 are using. Na, that won't work, they're using wiretaps and financial tracking + following several thousand known terrorists around until they screw up. Can't do that in the U.S. the police might walk up on Slick Willie getting another BJ.

My personal plans are to stay away from all large cities, maybe cities all togather. Don't need to visit anyway. Just stay home, mind my own business and laugh at the dimwits as they stammer, studder and flounder around in a very dangerous world.

If you're in the military, get the he** out.
If you were thinking of enlisting, don't.

Let the lefties join up and take a turn.

Frankly, I don't put all th... (Below threshold)

Frankly, I don't put all that much faith in what some annonomous "terrorist" says.

I mean I don't get all that worked up when ScrapIron goes off on a tear, and he seems to be about as committed to his cause as the average wild eyed pistol waver you see on TV.

Anyway, if you read and listen to the quotes that you're hearing in the international press, they are not directed at the incoming congress or the American people. They are directed for the most part at George W. Bush, personaly.

Apparently, they don't like him.

I don't eiether.

But George Bush promised to be a uniter, and I'd agree that he's done that well.


Scrapiron,I am a U... (Below threshold)


I am a US citizen living on the far side of the world (since 2002). I was born in 1965, which, thanks to the Army's recent change in recruiting age from 35 to 42, puts me just under the limit to enlist. Part of my previous life included working on the Comanche program for Boeing, before I left the States. Oh, and I have an MBA as well, from Tulane.

Recently I had given serious consideration to moving back to the US and joining up, if I could secure a billet in Intelligence. I am not in the greatest of physical shape, but could probably focus hard enough on PT to pass basic, and I am too old to fly (even if I could get a deferment for my age, I'd still have to get a deferment for my eyes, since I had RK years ago). So Intelligence attracts me, and I would have liked to do my part.

I hesitated on talking to recruiters, though, due to concerns about the upcoming election. And for good reason. The thought of Alcee Hastings gaining the chair of the House Intelligence Committee turns my stomach, and Pelosi's "situation to be solved" comment about Iraq leads me to believe that she is chomping at the bit to begin the Dems' vaunted "phased redeployment" - similar to the redeployment of US troops out of Vietnam in 1973 through 1975. Ditto on Murtha and Webb. I have a friend who was on one of the last helos out of the US Embassy in Saigon in 1975. The thought of abandoning Iraq in a similar manner is just so wrong to me on so many levels that I can't even begin to express it.

Meanwhile every one of America's enemies rejoices over the Democratic victory last Tuesday. Without fail. The last time our enemies were so interested in US politics was during Vietnam. That should tell us all something, but sadly, most on the left side of the aisle seem to have missed the message.

Democrats have staked out a position that weakens our intelligence gathering capabilities and ignores the continual drumbeat of Islamic militarism. Not to mention the emerging threat of Chinese expansion and the continual requirement of protecting the underbelly of the West, which is the flow of oil out of the middle east. And I haven't even mentioned the immigration issue.

If Carter and Clinton's derision and starving of the military are any indication, the US is in for some rough times in the world.

So no, I don't think I will be signing up. And the reasons why I won't, they sadden me.

Maybe they're busy crafting... (Below threshold)
Robin Goodfellow:

Maybe they're busy crafting a harshly worded letter? That'll show those tyrants! It always does doesn't it?

ryan said:But I... (Below threshold)

ryan said:

But I have to draw the line when you even entertain the idea that a win by Democrats, who are supported by MILLIONS of Americans all around you, is actually a good thing for terrorists and leaders like Khamenei.

(See? I finally learned how to cut and paste.)

I think you're misreading Kim's post. She didn't say that a Democratic win was good for terrorists and their supporters. They did.

All I have to say is bring ... (Below threshold)
Moonshine Runner:

All I have to say is bring it on...those 72 virgins can't be kept waiting you know...

Kim/InstaPunditYou... (Below threshold)


You folks watch Sean Hannity way too much. That's the same kind of dumb shit attempt at a "gotcha" pseudo cross-examination question he asks. Of course, the loons of the right who are the denizens of this site think it's a big piece of red meat and they, like dogs, attack it.

Who gives a shit what a terrorist says, wants, feels, thinks or believes. Their constant communiqués does say one thing. Bush has been useless in getting rid of them.

I will enjoy the next few years reading the utterly inane threads like this one and watching the rabid dogs eat the red meat folks like you toss at them.

I have been on the "Partiso... (Below threshold)

I have been on the "Partison" side of things for a long time. When the Republicans had the power, they squandered it. And for that I hold them responsible.

Now is a new day and I am going to go out on a limb and wish the Democrats well. I do so in hopes they truly recognize the situarion we are in and will face up to it with resolve.

I hope they have been on the back side of this conflict in their way of playing the role of the "loyal opposition." And now that they are the ruling party, they will exercise that power to the benefit and protection of this country. I love and have given too much for this country to want otherwise.

So, how to respond to comments from thugs like this. Show them we can kill terrorists just as easily with Democratic leadership as with Republican. And, here's a hint Democrats, do it better than Republicans and you will keep this power for years.

"And if the Iranians want t... (Below threshold)

"And if the Iranians want to take us on, we've got a few thousand ICBMs we can send their way. We shouldn't lose a lot of sleep over them."

jpm100 is 100% correct.

Dems bash Bush for fighting terrorists ON THEIR TURF. But what they want is for ANOTHER 9-11 to occur so that MILLIONS of us are killed so that they can kill MILLIONS of them.

Typical liberalism. Kaz, think before posting.

Actually Hugh, I'd be more ... (Below threshold)

Actually Hugh, I'd be more worried about your precious democrat party lurching to the right after this election. Unless every single one of those "conservative" democrats loses their spine, this country is moving to the right faster than you think. and Reid & Pelosi will have a little rambunctious party on their hands. Which is fine.

Ignore it all you want (or stick your fingers in yours ears), but this country is more right of center.

The truth is that the situa... (Below threshold)

The truth is that the situation in Iraq couldn't be better for Iran. Iran is mostly Shi'it and now the Shi'its in Iraq, who are a majority, are in power. Iraq, Iran's enemy for so many years is now a weak and chaotic place and clearly gives them more power because a major enemy has been neutralized. Iraq, furthermore, is draining us, just like Afghanistan helped drain and bring down the USSR. Iraq has also tied our military down so that we couldn't be more threatening to the Taliban. All our Arabic translators had to go to Iraq when we need them in Afghanistan.

Truly sad every other coun... (Below threshold)

Truly sad every other country sees the Dems for the sniveling wimps that they are.

My personal plans ... (Below threshold)
My personal plans are to stay away from all large cities, maybe cities all togather.

Good God! I've never seen such a bunch of sissies in my entire life. You all can cower in your bunkers for the next twenty years (as long as the Dems are likely to hold power) but the rest of us are getting on with our lives.

Some of your right-wingers seem to have forgotten how YOUR side supported a Democratic President when he (Clinton) launched a cruise missile attack in an attempt to assasinate bin Laden in Afghanistan. Here's what Dan Coats Republican Senator from Indiana said:

While there is clearly much more we need to learn about this attack [on Osama bin Laden] and why it was ordered today, given the president's personal difficulties this week, it is legitimate to question the timing of this action.

I'll bet that statement put the fear of God in bin Laden!!!

I usually try to avoid ad h... (Below threshold)

I usually try to avoid ad hominems when I disagree with someone...but Kaz, I think I'll indulge this once.

Your statement about Dan Coates' comment, and your attempt to compare it to current activities regarding the MSM and Democrats to Bush, is just plain stupid.

Not once, to my recollection, did we EVER give away any plans that Clinton might have used against the "enemy" (yes, I'm putting that word in quotes, because the peoples Willy "fought" were not actual enemies of the US, save OBL), BEFORE OR DURING THE FACT. Compare THAT to how NYT, ACLU and others have given away, or praised those who gave away, information and tactics on how Bush was applying current strategy to fight the GWoT.

So yes, AFTER THE FACT, we questioned Willy's pitiful attempt at assassinating OBL - in no small part BECAUSE it was so damned pitiful to begin with.

Goering lost the Battle of Britain because he assumed wars could be won without boots on the ground, but hell, at least he used lots of airplanes to attack England. Willy, however, thought that he could take out al-Qaida with nothing more than a couple Tomahawk missiles - and to add insult to such a pitiful attempt, he made sure everyone around knew about it in advance (via a warning to the Pakistani government given before the attack), thus assuring that his Tomahawks would be doing nothing worse than pounding sand.

So go ahead and get on with your life, as long as you have it. Between open borders and signals to the enemy that the US is truly a paper tiger, it won't be a quiet life for long.


/rant off

WanderlustIf Clinton... (Below threshold)

If Clinton's actions were pitiful, what then of Bush's 8 months before 9/11? Also republicans, like Orin Hatch, said Clinton was being stupid to worry about al Queda. The Battle of Briton being lost had something to do with those "Few.." who fought so well and bravely and to the pluck of the British people. Bombing the cities was supposed to power their will to fight but made them mad as hornets. There is a lesson there.

The Dem response top this a... (Below threshold)
Proud Kaffir:

The Dem response top this as been the Dem response to Islamic terrorism in general. Put your head in the sand and pretend it does not exist.

It's funny to see the Dems are suddenly lost for words on an issue.

Our trolls here have decided instead of answering the question to simply attack our host. If you don't like what our host says, simply proceed to another blog. It's the fascist left that deems to tell others what can and cannot be discussed.

The reason Desm won't respond is simple. They don't want to offend part of their base who support the terrorists.

Steve:I know that ... (Below threshold)


I know that reality is difficult for the loons of the right to grasp. The country wants the middle. not the fringe of either side. Conservative? Like the loons who write the silly tripe here? I think not.

47% identified themselves as "moderates" in this election. Did ya ever stop to think that's why your side lost? Oh,sorry, I forgot. The loons never stop to actually think about anything.

Anyone think you could have... (Below threshold)

Anyone think you could have threads like this over at the kos kiddies or du? If you try to say boo -- BANNED. Threads on those sites look like a circus with the elephants holding on to each other's tails except that each poster there has his nose up the next posters ass. That is the reason you see so many liberals with crooked noses. Someone stopped and those behind him didn't. Wouldn't it be hilarious to see the lefties on this blog in person to tell "where" they use to roam.

Kaffir, I gave an answer. ... (Below threshold)

Kaffir, I gave an answer. The hard fact is there are more terrorists in Iraq than ever before. We are in great danger of being bled to death in Iraq and Afganistan.


9/11: Five Years After
Why al Qaeda Hasn't Hit the U.S. Again
John Mueller
The myth of the omnipresent enemy.

1. If al-Q is "just bidding their time," this article shows numerous instances where it really doesn't take much time or skill to make an attack. Example: T. McVeigh's attack in Oklahoma City took less than a year.

2. "Although some Arabs and Muslims took pleasure in the suffering inflicted on 9/11 -- Schadenfreude in German, the most common response among jihadists and religious nationalists was a vehement rejection of al Qaeda's strategy and methods. When Soviet troops invaded Afghanistan in 1979, there were calls for jihad everywhere in Arab and Muslim lands, and tens of thousands flocked to the country to fight the invaders. In stark contrast, when the U.S. military invaded in 2001 to topple an Islamist regime, there was, as the political scientist Fawaz Gerges points out, a "deafening silence" from the Muslim world, and only a trickle of jihadists went to fight the Americans. Other jihadists publicly blamed al Qaeda for their post-9/11 problems and held the attacks to be shortsighted and hugely miscalculated."

This is just a quick summary of a very interesting article. The article does not deny that there could be another attack and the freelance jihadists trained in Iraq, when and if, the war ends, may try to come here, but that they probably will attack American friends overseas and our interests. Lastly, to also keep in mind that the odds of being killed by a jihadist are about the same as being hist by a comet, 1 in 80,000.

anon (he that shit for brai... (Below threshold)

anon (he that shit for brains) tell that to the people that vanished in the towers.

jhow66, What in that pos... (Below threshold)

jhow66, What in that post would offend o towers victim? The truth is the best way to fight radical Islamist is with the aid of the Muslim community, just like England does and with great success.

kaz, the election is over. ... (Below threshold)

kaz, the election is over. You dont' have to campaign anymore and the terrorists are dancing in the streets. go dance with them.

the USA is history as our forefathers created it.

The liberals can deny what ... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

The liberals can deny what they want. The fact remains that the terrorists and their Iranian sponsors consider the Dem win is a victory for them. It is up to the Dems to prove them wrong. Their actions so far don't give me much hope. I am sad at the election result, but that what the majority of American electorate wants. So now all I can do is to hope for the best for the Iraqui people and for security of this great country.

Jihadi propaganda tells us ... (Below threshold)
Proud Kaffir:

Jihadi propaganda tells us a lot about the enemy and should not be ignored, especially when they are threatening to destroy us.

The Dems could even take a veiled swipe at Bush in their response. They could say, "We plan to fight terrorism aggressively AND INTELLIGENTLY, working with the support of our allies and all freedom-loving people around the world. The enemies of peace and freedom are seriously misreading the electorate and the Democratic Party if they believe this election will advance their goals. Quite the opposite will be the case."

The Dems have to decide in the next several months who their enemy is: Is it al Qaeda or Bush? We already know who the extremeist moonbats think is the enemy. The elected Dems need to let us know though.

The silence in repsonse to this provocation from al Qaeda speaks volumes and bodes very ill for our nation.

The silence in repsonse ... (Below threshold)
Fall of Because:

The silence in repsonse to this provocation from al Qaeda speaks volumes and bodes very ill for our nation.

That's totally correct, because we all know the Democrats and the terrorists love and support each other fully. Reid, Pelosi, the whole lot of them, hate America and want to see your children die at the hands of Al Qaede.

Even the preznit himself told his flock, if the Democrats win, the terrorists win.

I didn't know half the country are America hating terrorist sympathizers, even though I missed the Al Qaeda Paypal link at Dailykos.

Seriously for a second, why do you believe a damn thing the terrorists say? Of course they will say whatever they want to, because they are trying to divide us. Do you really believe if the GOP won last week, they'd say anything different?

"Wherever one looks in the ... (Below threshold)

"Wherever one looks in the Middle East today, the specter of Iran hovers like Banquo's ghost at Macbeth's table. Quite inadvertently, the U.S.-led invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq empowered Iran by eradicating its two most potent enemies, the Taliban and Saddam. And for the first time in history, Iraq's majority Shiite population, which is far more sympathetic to Iran than were the formerly dominant Sunnis, has taken the reins of power. At least partly as a consequence, Iran has become much bolder in challenging the West over its nuclear-enrichment program and in offering gratuitous advice on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict."

Anon: I beg to disagree wi... (Below threshold)

Anon: I beg to disagree with your assumption about the number of terrorists in Iraq. If you wish to exclude Saddam's Feyadeen, the Revolutionary Guard and sundry other branches of their military and torture enthusiasts pre-2003, then fine. But in my mind, there is no distinction between government sanctioned, indiscriminate torture (and I mean the kind of torture which leaves one without limbs or any lifelong debilitating disfigurement, not turning the air conditioning up or sleep deprivation) or killing and that which is done by various factions of autonomous groups.

But hey, that's just me.

Oyster, You make a good po... (Below threshold)

Oyster, You make a good point I haven't thought of. Saddam's henchmen were not at least our terrorists. For the time being I think we should whip al Queda. Al Queda apparently has taken up arms with the Sunnis in Iraq. Also, the torture you speak of, "not turning the airconditioning up," is a little misleading, but thats a whole new debate and I'm not going there.

Do you really believe if... (Below threshold)
Proud Kaffir:

Do you really believe if the GOP won last week, they'd say anything different?

The part about killing us and Israel would be the same. Thar's a stock part of the speech. But if the GOP had won, the head-chopping terrorists would be condmening the decision of the American people, not calling it "reasonable". The irony, of course, is that they are saying that they will continue their jihad against us until we are destroyed anyway, but they want us to "be reasonable" and stop fighting.

In light of what these people do, condmnation is a badge of honor, while praise should lead to a re-examination of what you are doing wrong.

I would scream out in indignation if any murderous jihadist offered me praise and called me reasonable. If I am reasonable to them, something is seriously wrong.

Unless every single one ... (Below threshold)

Unless every single one of those "conservative" democrats loses their spine, this country is moving to the right faster than you think.

That's just crazy talk. The country clearly moved to the left on Nov. 7. Perhaps not as far left as Cindy Sheehan would have liked, but far enough for most Americans, and without a doubt far to the left of where Republicans have taken us. Is the tick mark to the left or right of center? I don't really care. Moderation is fine with me.

I have a newfound respect f... (Below threshold)

I have a newfound respect for Ed Morrissey and increasing disgust for Kim for pushing this bullshit.

Actually, Zarqawi's successor had a lot more to say about America and Americans. He also called George Bush the "most stupid President" in history, and he requested that Bush stick around in Iraq because AQ terrorists hadn't killed their fill of Americans. It's the kind of stupid rant that makes radical Islamists and their sympathizers swoon with delight, but is filled with hyperbole and crude attempts at psychological warfare and propaganda. They try to play into the mood of their enemies, and they demonstrate their ability to monitor news feeds in their attempts to provoke Americans across the political spectrum.

That's one reason why it's a mistake to allow them to succeed, but there are more as well.

Radical Islamists want to divide Americans in order to defeat us. They will play on our differences, stoking the fires of resentment and generating more hatred between us than we have against our enemies. AQ understands that the only way they can possibly beat the US is to get us to grind to a halt with partisan warfare at home, paralyzing our ability to fight them on the battlefield and sapping our will to put them out of business. This video is transparently calculated to give enough ammunition to both sides of the political divide to do that job. Besides, if we take Abu Hamza at his word about the Democrats, then we have to take him at his word about Bush as well, and about our troops.

The partisan sniping has ceased to be germane. We've already had the election, and the Democrats are in charge -- and they will be for two years no matter what. Obviously, we will watch closely to ensure that they do not surrender to terrorism, but I'm not going to take Abu Hamza's word that they will before their majority session even starts. They are Americans, and Americans put them in charge, and they have earned the right to show us how they will face the enemy now that they control the agenda. If they fail, I'll be the first to castigate them for losing ground to the terrorists. However, I'm going to base that on their actions, and not on the word of a murderous thug who couldn't care less whether their American victims are Democrats, Republicans, Greens, Libertarians, or LaRouchists.

The reality is that we cannot win the war on terror without the Democrats after these midterm elections. Rather than continue with antagonizing rhetoric, we'd better find ways to engage them rationally in this effort if we want to survive. I'm hoping we can find common ground with them now that they have the responsibility to govern. If we can't, then let's criticize them for their actual failures, and not get so intent on grasping at any way to attack them that we start becoming repeater stations for the ravings of genocidal lunatics.

Ed is absolutely right. Kevin, why do you continue to let this brainless, no-talent scum write on your website? It's one thing to mindlessly repeat Republican talking points, but she's moved on to repeating and approving of terrorist propaganda.

Kim, I know you don't like me cursing at other Wizbang commenters, but how about this. Fuck you.

Wanderlust,The fac... (Below threshold)


The facts speak for themselves:

Number of cruise missiles fired at Al Qaeda targets by Democrat Presidents prior to 9/11: 75

Number of cruise missiles fired at Al Qaeda targets by Republican Presidents prior to 9/11: 0

Anon and kaz ... (Below threshold)

Anon and kaz seem to have missed the plot here.

1. It was because there were no "boots on the ground" that Goering lost the Battle of Britain. Without infantry to press the gains initially made by the Luftwaffe early in the battle, the bombardment of the British Isle came to nought. Lesson: aerial assaults must always be supported by infantry and armor on the ground to be successful.

2. Ditto for kaz's silly "who fired more cruise missiles" statistic. Never mind that 8 months for a new Republican administration that couldn't get key cabinet posts filled because of Democratic party obstruction in Congress (then the Senate as well, thanks to Jeffords) is hardly an honest comparison to 8 years for the previous administration to deal with the issue.

Poor kaz. Can't face the fact that Willy himself admitted that he "failed", and that Scheuer also admitted that Willy had several chances to get OBL, but screwed them all up - for fear that OBL's death might cause him "problems"...sheesh.

I will readily agree that this administration has made two fundamental errors in fighting al-Queda: first, you do not fight an enemy while trying to be "sensitive" to religious and local custom; and second, you do not withdraw to fixed bases while the enemy is still mobile.

Rummy's chief flaw seems to have been in not being able to switch from a framework of aggressive fighting to that of holding a country that had (has) a significantly mobile low-level insurgency.

Meanwhile those 75 cruise missiles kaz brags about did 3/8's of f*ck-all (love that local phrase) to prevent the 9/11 attacks on US soil, but they did cost the taxpayer the better part of $100 million. Pennies compared to the costs of Operations Northern and Southern Watch, perhaps (now there's two shining examples of completely failed military strategy), but still a lot of wasted money.

Wanderlust,What I ... (Below threshold)


What I am trying to get you and all the other hypocrites in here to realize is that Republicans do not have a monopoly on the use of force:

Warplanes aboard the USS Enterprise, combined with more than 200 cruise missiles from eight Navy warships, converged on Iraqi targets at 5:06 p.m. EST (1:06 a.m. Baghdad time). Over a four-day period, reports U.S. Marine Gen. Anthony Zinni, who oversaw the Iraq attack, 300 strike fighters, bombers and support aircraft flew 600 sorties, more than half of them at night. Another 40 ships took part in the attack, with 10 of them firing cruise missiles. More than 600 bombs were dropped, 90 cruise missiles fired from the air and another 300 from ships at sea.

These air strikes ordered by President Clinton in 1998 nearly led to the collapse of Saddam Hussein's regime. Many analysts believe that immediately after these strikes the Iraqis destroyed the remnants of their WMD programs.

So, President Clinton, with air strikes alone, actually accomplished what GW thought he was accomplishing by launching a massive ground invasion and sinking America into a quagmire of occupation that will last for decades.

So the next time you want to tell me how brilliant your Republican hawks are, why don't you read a little history?

Hey Kaz (or is that Kos) I ... (Below threshold)

Hey Kaz (or is that Kos) I have read some dumb statements before but your last one would make dirt look smart.

kaz, if I am a hypocrite, y... (Below threshold)

kaz, if I am a hypocrite, you are an idiot.

There is only one way to win a war from the air, without boots on the ground.

One way and no other.

Wars from the air alone, using conventional weapons, do not succeed because the enemy's forces will always survive them.

Aerial bombardment can pound an enemy, yes. But alone it will not destroy the enemy, because some enemy forces will always live.

So kaz, your "almost" means nothing. As do you.

A missile strike can be eff... (Below threshold)

A missile strike can be effective. Remember Mr. Quadafi anyone?

You can tell a lot about a ... (Below threshold)

You can tell a lot about a politician by who their supporters and detractors are ?

The Democrats supporters:
France, Iran, Al Qaeda.

mantis:<... (Below threshold)


Kevin, why do you continue to let this brainless, no-talent scum write on your website?

You're being too hard on yourself. You probably have some talent, but it's just never revealed itself.

"An appeaser is one who fee... (Below threshold)
Quotes to remember & heed:

"An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last." - Sir Winston Churchill

"In any compromise between good and evil, it is only evil that can profit."-- Ayn Rand

"In any compromise between ... (Below threshold)
...he who has ears, listen...:

"In any compromise between good and evil, it is only evil that can profit."-- Ayn Rand

An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last." - Sir Winston






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