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Semper Fi

I stole the incredible picture above from Mary Katharine at Townhall.

The following is an excerpt of something written by my husband on November 10, 2004 in honor of the Marine Corps birthday.

I am often asked if I believe that the deaths of our Marines are worth it. Well, let me put it this way, for 229 years the best of the best have been putting their lives on the line for the administration in office, and for 229 years we have died for the crisis of the time. We as United States Marines understand that that is what we do. Since we were brought into being way back in 1775, in a bar, we have done what needed to be done.

The Marine Corps brothers have done just that since their conception. We may argue and fight amongst ourselves, but we are family. The ones that fought in WW I, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and the ones that died on one of the darkest days of the Corps, in a barracks in Lebanon, and all the ones that served from the cooks to the mechanics, are all, as we say, 0311 basic riflemen.

I write this with a sense of guilt that I am not with my brothers on this day while they fight and die in a foreign land once again. I love and respect every Marine that has ever served, because we knew when we signed up that we might be called on to give our lives for the country that we love. I only have one more thing to say and it comes from the bottom of my heart and soul, SEMPER FI.


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Comments (12)

For soldiers like your husb... (Below threshold)

For soldiers like your husband we should put forth an honest and well guided set of policies. Perhaps we can head that way now that the sea change has happened.

Lorie says a couple of weeks ago:

"Violence in Iraq will continue to get worse until the November elections. The terrorists are very media savvy and are determined to influence our elections."


"Sunni Arab guerrillas detonated massive car bombs in two largely Shiite markets on Thursday, killing 16 persons and wounding dozens. Wire services put the death total at 45 yesterday, but of course this is a fraction of the true number.

A wave of other bombings shook the capital and left scores dead and wounded. Guerrilla violence as returned to Tal Afar in a big way, with several police killed by a bombing. People got killed in Baquba, as well."

Reuters + Irish Examiner

jp2, As a Marine, ... (Below threshold)


As a Marine, I reject your attempt at yet another threadjack.

I say this knowing that 99.9% of my Marine brothers feel the same way.

Read the last paragraph again; we all feel the same way -- something that you could never and will never know.


Happy Birthday, Marines.

I am often asked if I be... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

I am often asked if I believe that the deaths of our Marines are worth it.

Worth what? Today with all the sense of entitlement that many Americans have, too many feel that we deserve every freedom without risking or sacrificing anything. If we as a nation are unwilling to risk anything in the GWOT then we deserve to sink into obscurity like the Greek, Roman, and other past significant civilizations.

I am sure the Marines (and largely the other military services) step to this sense of duty. I'm not sure that the rest of us do (enough).

God bless your husband, all... (Below threshold)

God bless your husband, all Marines and you too Lorie. I don't agree with prtetty much anything you post. But I do agree with this one.


When storing your head in y... (Below threshold)

When storing your head in your ass and sodomy converge, you get people like jp2.
CM, mesablue.

(correction) ...step up to ... (Below threshold)

(correction) ...step up to this sense of duty...

Few know what the word "hon... (Below threshold)

Few know what the word "honor" means anymore. The marines are honorable and I thank them all - past, present, and future.

jp2 - do you really not get... (Below threshold)

jp2 - do you really not get it or are you ignoring what is happening in Iraq? The terrorists in Iraq stepped up the violence hoping to influence the elections (remember Madrid?). Now they think it worked so they will keep it up to try to speed up our withdrawal. They know they can't beat us in a fight so they want to break our will. This is what happened in Vietnam. This is what Osama predicted. The democrats desparately want it to happen again and blame it all on Bush. You dems cry about all the innocents killed in this war. What do you think is going to happen if we leave? Are you old enough to remember the results of our abandoning SE Asia? Whether you agreed with the war or not, we are there and have to finish it with a victory. The military can do it, but only if they have the support of the American people AND the enemy knows they have that support. The Marines, soldiers, sailors, and airmen in Iraq are the best of America and we owe them our gratitude and support.

Every night, before I go to... (Below threshold)

Every night, before I go to sleep, I thank God for so many of the wonderful things I have in my life; my family, my freedom, the wonderful (although somewhat flawed) country I live in. I try to remember to thank God for the men and women who have made this possible for me, in the past, the present and the future.

"No better friend, no worse enemy"
1st Marine Division "The Old Breed"
US Marines, USMC

Happy Birthday, Marines! </... (Below threshold)
Marine Gunner:

Happy Birthday, Marines!

I'll add that Marines fight for each other, too, regardless of the war. We can argue all we want on the Internet, jack threads/posts, talk trash, etc. But, at the end of the day, US Marines fight for each other, their country, their loved ones, their Constitution. They are beholden to intangible concepts little understood by those who never served: Duty, Honor, Courage, Fidelity. Those ideals become fully understood by those who served and especially by those Marines and other soldiers who gave the greatest sacrifice. Regardless of how you feel about the war in Iraq, rest assured that the Marines are damned proud to serve! This isn't an Oliver Stone movie. There's no one running around smoking weed all day in the desert, out of uniform, being belligerent, long-haired, losing their bearing.

Go to the USMC's official site for the Commandant's Birthday Message.

The National Museum of the Marine Corps is now open in Quantico, VA. Visit when you can.

Semper Fi



So your hubby feels guilty, but not guilty enough to actually be there. That's truly honorable! he's quite a man!

I just wanted to say that m... (Below threshold)

I just wanted to say that my boyfriend is a Marine and i am very proud of him! When those recrutes recieve their Eagle Globe and Anchor emblem they take on the duty of serving their country and to protect us. I may be young but i know that those men and women who fight for our country need all the support from home that they can get. No matter how you view the war in Iraq, if you are for it or against it, we need to continue to support our troops!






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